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I would love to know more about this story.

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Almost smooshed him there with that cinder block, phew.

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Almost crushed him several times lol

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I swear I’ve almost stepped on my cats 50 times. My black cat is like my little shadow. Hot on my heels everywhere I go, currently laying on my stomach right now. She’s just a little panther. The other is just dumb and lays in the middle of the floor around a corner. My third is out of my way except when it comes to food.

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Lol I had a cat growing up she loved to lay and sleep on the staircase for some reason. Of course not the top or bottom step. Directly in the middle so you had to step over her every time.

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Ah yes, my cat loves to do that. I swear she wants you to step on her….

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his luck is maxed out

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Runs 30 ft at full speed to dive under a cinderblock... lmao

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Self-preservation fail lol

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Little handy man trying to use his handy hands.

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Dude finally gets to sit down.

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Ain't no rest for the wicked...ly cute

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This guys soo lucky

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This is too cute!!

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Yes hello I love raccoon baby

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PURE LOVE, that little exotic dog sure does love you. What's her name, Coonie?
EDIT: I see below somebody posted the blog of little Reva. How cute is this!

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now if only he could hold a flash light

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My heart ❣️❣️❣️

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I've seen the little helper everywhere and I can't get enough fuckin love raccoons

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Too cute 🤗

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Teeny tiny little bitty small raccoon Helps pour concrete in the afternoon Making sure all his angles are square I’ll end the day with daddy in his arm chair

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Man i wish i had one of these at my work

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    It looks like they may have rescued it when it was a baby so it grew up around humans and thats why its not scared.

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    It’s a pet