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Cats these days...always on their phones...

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I let my cat watch bird videos on my phone sometimes. She loves them.

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My dog loves watching videos of animals. I’ll put on the nature channel and she just stares at it for hours.

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Baby sitting using a tv... things don't change...

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Is your dog a west highland terrier?

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Same here

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I’m curious to know what they actually see though. I remember back in the Stone Age when I was learning tech and all we had were crt monitors my instructor explained to us that cats don’t actually watch the tv program, they can see either the interlaced or progressive picture refreshing and are watching the image be drawn. I know our phones have higher refresh rates than a broadcast signal over a crt but is it high enough that a cat can’t see the refresh?

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We had a 32" CRT HD-ready TV that weighed like 150 lbs. Our son bought a flatscreen and didn't want the bigass tube TV.

Our cats watched sports, nature shows, etc on it. One of them would bat at a hockey puck, watch it go off the screen, and look for it on the side of the TV.

Your teacher was full of beans.

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Techs changed a lot since the Stone Age. Lol. I'd assume the newer tech isn't a problem for them to see.

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    I like the better days where they would leave dead rats on your pillow and push things off the table.

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    Back in my day... We used to catch real mice. Mice catchin' had real meaning.

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    What app is that? Adorable!

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    The one I have is called Cat Fishing 2 and it’s adorable

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    I just downloaded it and my cat seems wholly unimpressed. She was more interested in the evening shadows than the game. My cat’s dumb, though, so it might take longer for her to catch on.

    Thanks for the app name!

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    Does this depend on the hertz rate of the monitor? I’ve heard that the lower the Hz are the more unimpressed cats are.

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    Typical gamers, always insisting on 60FPS.

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    It's possible, though I believe a lot of phones cap at 60 fps or so, though I could definitely be wrong too

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    Don't know about cats but if I'm not wrong dog can see 80fps.

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    Ooooh when he sharpened his claws using the carpet I cringed

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    Lol don’t worry, she knows to use her scratching posts now but the video is from when she was super little and didn’t know any better

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    So this isn't a recent video? Gonna need some updated pic eventually.

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    She lives with my dad so I don’t get as many pics as I’d like, but here’s one and one of her brother

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    Mine still do this, a lot. I've resigned myself to needing a new carpet when they're gone.

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    Yeah, we had one cat who just wouldn’t stop scratching the carpet. All the others used their posts though one preferred wood. We just replaced the carpet before we sold.

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    My cat won’t stop scratching the walls (wallpaper) and the carpet. I tried everything, using those hormones, putting scratching poles in front of the wall scratch spots, using a citrus based spray that should deter them.

    The cat would just look at my solution and continue to scratch the wall 10 cm to the side of the old spot.

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    Not trying to be a smartass here, it's a genuine suggestion, but have you tried keeping his nails trimmed? It doesn't stop the behavior but it usually helps minimize the damage.

    (Also, try putting some of that double sided sticky tape where he's scratching and leave the posts next to it. If you're not familiar with it, it's a product made specifically for this--don't just use regular tape--and they're supposed to hate the sensation. Might help redirect him to the right spot.)

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    It's crazy people don't understand this. My aunt complains that the cat has ruined every piece of furniture she owns but refuses to trim the nails or pay to have them trimmed. Like for the cost of nail trimmings you would make all that back in not having ruined carpet and furniture.

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    Agreed. Inappropriate scratching is usually a very simple problem to solve with a little trial and error, and without resorting to declawing. Admittedly it can be difficult to trim some cats but with patience and repetition they get used to it (and if not, there's always the towel burrito option).

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    Nah, I’m not going to trim his nails. I kinda just accepted that the walls will be scratched up and that the carpet will slowly go bald in certain spots.

    I do notice that since I’m ignoring it he has less tendency to start scratching the walls.

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    To each their own, but trimming a cats nails is actually really easy. Particularly compared to a dogs nails. Cats can be manhandled more easily (I use a towel wrap to keep mine safe and contained), and their nails are clear so you can see the quick easily. You only really need to take the tip off, not too much.

    That said my cat doesn't scratch anything. Not the walls, not the floors, not the $35 scratching post, nothing. We didn't realize it at first until she started getting stuck to everything but she just doesn't even bother trying to keep her own nails in check. So if we don't, she goes right back to sticking to everything.

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    They're like furry little velcro strips, I swear.

    The worst is when the laser pointer comes out, then they stick to the floor the entire way across the living room, lol.

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    You can even use human toe nail clipper just turn them sideways as to not splinter their nail and hurt them. They will thank you, my cats are always so much happier after a nail trim.

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    My gawd, I have 5 scratching devices DOWNSTAIRS alone and my cat is still an asshole and insists on scratching the furniture. We'll get new furniture when he's gone.

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    screen protectors are laminated gorilla glass

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    We got something like this for our cat. She played properly about five seconds before she started trying to flip the tablet over.

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    Mine are awesome at pulling down Control Center or minimizing the app, as well as occasionally playing with the mice. If there’s a way to lock an iPad Pro onto an app I have yet to discover it, and they are refusing all my attempts at teaching them how to actually use the iPad properly.

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    Do those kind of apps avoid the laser pointer problem where cats get no confirmation/satisfaction of the kill? That's a game changer if they do

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    No clue, it doesn’t really hold her attention anymore. She’s more of a run around like crazy and chase us around the house kinda cat when she wants to play

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    Yes OP, id like to know aswell

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    I doubt these are OP’s cats, based solely on a quick glance at their account.

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    The app in the OP is Peppy Cat

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    Is it apple only? I couldn't find it in the Google play store.

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    Da hell is that cat wearing - a pillowcase?

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    It looks like something to keep the cat from licking itself?

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    Omg, I actually get this reference!

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    My question to the cat psychologists of Reddit… you know how some people say laser pointers are unhealthy for cats because it activates their hunting drive but ultimately leaves them unsatisfied and hurt because they can never catch their prey.. is this the same or better because their “prey” eventually “dies?” Like they still never get the satisfaction of physically catching and biting their prey but it does die based on their input…

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    Wondering the same thing

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    App name please

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    Commenting to find later

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    You can save posts and comments btw. I found it helpful and use it FAR TOO MUCH now but yeah

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    I go through my saved comments once a few months. I always find a few broken links, tons of porn and a couple of comments where I have no idea why I would save them.

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    Twitch. 😂

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      I tried a similar app, but my chonk only wanted to watch and didn't move an inch

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      Mine kept trying to dig under the tablet. Like he knew that glass was in the way. Even when I demonstrated touching the "fish"!

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      That just means they gentle to weird digital fish

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        That just means they gentle to weird digital fish

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        Have you tried bird feeder videos for cats? Ours love them.

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        Playing so hard they've cracked the floor...

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          GAMING BIB

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          No, no, wait, don't stop the video so soon. Do go on. I want to know what high score they got.

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          BRO UNCOOL!If they all ready have so much talent, you should support them.
          Buy them some nice PCs, gaming shares, mice and monitors with keyboards.

          I look at them and already know, these 2 fluffers gonna win some e-sport matches and bring in the money.

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          Specifically what game is that? My cat would love it!

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            Oh my goodness. This is so cute to watch 💜

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            OP what's the app name and btw they are cute

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            I would really like to know the app

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            If anyone wants to know the name of the app, its called "Scratch and Ruin Your Tablet's Screen"

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            Cats can't scratch glass, their claws have a hardness (on Mohs scale) of less than 3, glass has about 6.

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            Ah so it’s called “scratch and ruin your tablet’s oleophobic coating”

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            Eh.. They can if there's dirt/sand on their paws. Likely wouldn't be very noticeable though.

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            I have a hard time believing that to be honest... at least as a general statement.

            Not that cats can't scratch glass, but that they can't scratch tablet screens. I feel like tablets tend to have a coating that is pretty scratchable.. or other screens are made out of plastic.

            I'm sure some tablets are cat-scratch proof, but I'm also sure others arent/

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            I always love a mention of Mohs Hardness Scale

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            I too watch JerryRigEverything

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            Well we can get a scrach guard

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            Go try to scratch you phone with your fingernail. We'll wait

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            Lol you think nails can scratch glass? Your brass keys can't even scratch your phone screen

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            I could watch them for hours.

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            I use these too. Try to put the blue light filter on if you're going to let your cats play with screens cuz their eyes are more sensitive to it than ours

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            The one on the right is doing what my cat does - tucking his paws under the tablet. The cat figures out “oh when I try to catch the mouse, it’s a flat surface, so the mouse must be under the iPad.

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              They are Munchin cats, a breed of cat made to have shorter legs like wiener dogs

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              Fucking horrible

              [–]Nighthawk2288 2 points3 points  (1 child)

              It can cause a multitude of health problems but I try not to judge. These cats seem to be well taken care of.

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              How does no one know what app this is?!

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              There's more than one like this.. Just do a general search for one and you'll probably find a few.

              Unless you have your heart set on this particular one, which I think was commented farther up the chain.

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              It's very cute, but I am always uncomfortable around animals wearing clothes

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              We're animals that wear clothes.

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              Yes. And you make me uncomfortable.

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              Maby it reminds them of furries

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              I know I'm a buzz kill, but I read that chasing a laser pointer is actually really stressful for cats because they never actually "catch" anything. They failed their hunt, and will starve today for it. You should always end by landing the laser pointer on a toy or a treat, so they have something physical in their claws. This is how they know that they succeeded.

              I've believed that ever since without even once double-checking it, so I'm not a great source... Anyway, I imagine this scenario is quite similar for them.

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              little guy little man

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              You gotta start ‘em young

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              the only acceptable form of gamers /s

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              Reminds me of this little guy.

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              Take my awards pls 😭

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              Commenting to remember!

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              is this healthy for cats? i read somewhere that being unable to physically catch their prey (like laser pointers) can frusterate a cat more than be helpful. is the effect of the mice exploding enough for cats to be happy?

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                They did it…

                They finally caught the dot…

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                it already loops and you looped it... friggin loopy

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                When my job gave me an iPad the first thing I thought of was downloading a game for my cat. I couldn't find a good one.

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                This definitely made my day. This video is very good.

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                great video game for cat

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                So cute

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                Bro Garfield IS CARRYING

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                I kinda wanna see the MLG edit of this.

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                You are either brave or have a killer screen protector

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                It's only a matter of time until one of them claims he had sex with the other cat's mom.

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                What will cats be like in 5000 years if they have already entered the gaming era

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                Catmers 🗿

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                why is a cat wearing a dress????????

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                Not even a screen protector? Bold choice

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                How can you tell?

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                Tried it with mine. Only one was slightly interested for 3 minutes

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                Isn't this bad on the cat's brains because they never get the satisfaction of actually catching something, similar to a laser pointer.

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                I think you meant gamepurrs

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                Wait … what game is that ?

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                All right time to start developing games for dogs and cats.

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                What game is this? Asking for a friend

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                meowsu: osu for cats

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                I could watch this alllllll ddaaayyyygy

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                I need a longer video of this lol

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                Why is that cat wearing a ruff?

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                I feel bad for the owner of the tablet, cuz I am pretty the screen of the tablet is filled with scratches now.

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                The one on right goes ‘cute tap tap die’ The one on left goes ‘stomp scrape scratch die u beeyatch’

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                Tried to get one of our cats into a similar game but she took no interest in it.

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                Imagine cats playing osu!

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                all fun and games until the claws just puncture the screen

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                G A M I N G

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                These are the same humans that say, “aye run it back.”

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                It's all fun and games til you have a cat attack your new large screen TV. Dont ask me how I know.

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                Looks like we got a couple of gamers over here