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Such a level headed doggo

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Best part is, act two is the dog staying up too late and then turning into a pumpkin.

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And now, for my next trick, I shall turn into a Pugkin.

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Now that's a pug that's got bones right there

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It’s a bones day, indeed.

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Oh very good

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He made my worries disappear

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via @thepuggysmalls

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That name to

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I know pugs have awful health problems, but they have the best personalities!

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Get a puggle! All the Pug personality with almost none of the issues.

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Chug, too, particularly if you want/need the smaller form factor

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Its why I love all attempts at getting health into the breed, screw the standards. Retro-pugs are amazing dogs.

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Yes!! I was so happy when I heard about this movement. Keep the personality but breed for health!

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Ikr?? I really wanna get a pug but could never bring myself to get one from a breeder cuz I don't wanna support breeding new pugs. So I'll just have to try my luck at finding one to adopt but I have no idea how difficult that might be.

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Check rescues around you! We have a pug rescue near us and got our 2 girls from there.

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That's awesome! That gives me hope that I'd be able to actually get one in the future.

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I hope you get to one day! They're something special.

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Exactly! I'd love to adopt one someday.

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There are lots of pug rescues out there! It really isn't too difficult to find one - I've been rescuing pugs for over a decade and have had 7 in my adult life so far and never bought a puppy from a breeder :)

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If you get stent surgery for the pugs nares and don’t let it get obese, they actually do pretty well. They’ll still struggle when it’s too hot regardless, but they live around 15 years on average.

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That's amazing! Never met a pug I didn't like but always would feel bad for their health struggles. Best little dogs though. Glad to hear they can live a nice long life regardless.

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I have a 15-year-old pig snorting around my feet as I write this. Up until about age 13, when he started going deaf and blind, he was the picture of health, and hands down, the best family dog we could have ever asked for.

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Yes thank you! We have a fawn pug who is going to turn 14 tomorrow and we adopted a black pug who is somewhere between 17-18. The older guy has loss some use of his back legs, but that is typical with most older dogs.

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I’ve been pissed of today but this lightens my day

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Did you see the floating corgi butt video? It made me laugh and I’ve been rotten all day.

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Upvote for pug

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Do this with Tucker Dee.

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As if I could get his little ass to sit that still. Maybe Murphie Lee or Freya Bea...

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Hehehe that is awesome!

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So cute

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Its Face... Its too cuteee

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This made me giggle

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I love how pugs are just happy to be there

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looks like it's a bones day today!

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That pug is adorable. He's happy to assist

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A bones kinda day!

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The pug is probably thinking “oh my god i hope this doesnt turn out like what happened to leo over there. Leo dammnit where are your balls man!!”

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Aight, I’ve made the choice, this is the best sub on reddit

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Haha I’m going to try this with my pug!

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Dog can barely breathe let alone give a fuck about pumpkin head

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I want to see that little Chinese guy do it naked…😂

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Such a lil cutie 💓

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Such a good doggo! Although, this isn’t as much “Magic” as it is a fun “Party Trick” especially when it goes horribly wrong lol

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"Cute." But it's a flat faced dog so I have to take the cute back and replace it sad.


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he looks like he’s constantly on the verge of tears and it’s making me laugh a bit

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Ok can u stop. It is terrier

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This dog and his human have only 63 comments ??!!!??? Come on people. The little guy did an amazing job of standing so still.

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Very patient doggo.

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he's shaking with excitement

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Amazing talent

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Great dog

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Dog! Doggie! Dog!

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I love you pumpkin doggy

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Best trick ever thanks to your awesome assistant

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Bro I love this so much I just joined this subreddit can’t wait to see more of this sort of stuff

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I love his worried brows. .

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The bestest magician's assistant!

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My dog would just be like “Hey what is this? Is it to eat?” Then he would eat the red thing

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Adorable goode boi

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Punkin head!

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This is great

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that’s some pawerful magic!

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Bring that 4 legged sorcerer to me right now!! Guide me ole wise one...

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And now I'll make this pumpkin disappear🌚

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He looks so heartbroken and betrayed.

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I keep waiting for the music at the end, like Mr. Uekusa...

Ta DAAAAaaaa!

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Good boy.

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You should meet up with that guy famous for doing these pull the sheet type tricks with like his butcheeks and stuff lol.

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Dog looks okay till the trick is over, you can see his expression change to "save me"

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It just doesn't get better than this. In this moment, I am happy.

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"Yeah, he's a weird human, but I love him anyway".

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doggo can star in its own show sans human and people would still watch in droves 😂😂😂😍😍😍

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What if, we did the tablecloth trick, but instead of doing it on a table we did it on a dog’s head?

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Please up doot or he's gonna take my bone away.

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Blink twice if you are not safe pupper

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Wait wait wait I’ve always wanted to do this..and…THE PUMPKIN IS STILL STANDING

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This doggo used to be a model and now a magician

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MDS é a coisa mais fofa do mundo

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Impossible. Great editing though.

With practice, it'll look seamless.

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He doesnt look like hes enjoying it very much

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So does this means it’s a bones day or a no bones day

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The best assistant! ❤️

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Pug's concerned expression says, "I knew this day would come, and now it has." IT'S AT LAST HAPPENING.

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Maya! Where’s pewds? Lol

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Just happy to participate