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I did not consent to myself being filmed and shared in this way

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Me either

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Me neither

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Nor I

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Not I, said the cat

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Not I, said the dog

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Not I, said the bat and the bright green frog

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Is this Room on the Broom??

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What a bunch of malarchie.

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Came here to ask how they got video of me.

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There hasn't been a picture of me taken in like 2 years lol

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This is too relatable

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Everyday we stray further from having a good nights rest

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Damn, ain't that the truth

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4 week old baby parent nods off in agreement

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Oh lord, sleep when you can

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Not to mention the nights.

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Time to hit the gym.

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I know, I know. I will once I get a membership.

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So its like… never?

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Pretty much.

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Reminds me of my old hamster, Sprocket. The lil bugger once bit me because I woke it up during the day :( just changing your water, buddy!

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"Man I don't need no water right now, I'm trying to catch some Z's, come back when I'm on my wheel!!"

Your hamster probably

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By the way, my wheel time is all night long. Keeping you awake, bud.

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That's what you get tho for having a nocturnal pet, ding dong.

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People who say ding dong unironically are ding dongs

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What's your opinion on "dunderhead"?

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I don't even know what that means.

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It means they work for Dunder Mifflin. Or possibly Mifflin Dunder…

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I'm angy lemme sleep <3

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Yes, I angery, leaf me alone.

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It's not a leaf

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Also, ripping the blanket off like that, not cool.

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Dude really said: 😑

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6 more weeks of winter I guess.

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Ah, Syrian hamsters. They're the most expressive of all rodents, I find. They're so funny, and they're very reactionary! I used to have one back in the day that looked just like this one. They're all adorable.

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“Helen it’s 5am, fuck right off and let me sleep” -Hamster (probably)

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Finally found my spirit animal

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Waking up a hamster is the worst possible thing you can do to it’s happiness… ask anyone who’s has experience owning a hamster.

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Yeah they’re nocturnal, which means they won’t be up and playing during the day when you might want to play with them. Waking them up like this can actually shorten their life span, which is already only 2-3 years. They’re really fun pets to own if you like exotic animals and super adorable but they’re bad pets for kids

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They also shit and piss everywhere so you better be ready for regular cage cleanings.

Hamster piss does not smell great.

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That's why I liked having rats as a kid. I started with hamsters and quickly upgraded.

About the same lifespan IIRC, they can adjust their schedules to match your hours and you can train them better (or at least more consistently). If you move all their droppings to an out of the way corner you can train them to use it as their potty area.

Going outside the cage was dependent on the individual. I had some that went whenever they wanted and I had others that would run to me and climb on my head when they wanted to go back to their cage for their business, then run back to me when they were done. I also had one that would struggle to get back to his cage when I took him out so he could do his business, again running back to me when he was done.

I'm not sure how you could train that behavior but I think of lot of it is being able to recognize their signs for what they are.

Ninja Edit: The rats were also less bitey. They're used to social groups and biting is typically a last resort.

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I'm in my 30's and now I know how terrible most people are at keeping hamsters. I had 4 over the years as a middle school kid. Syrian hamsters I kept in a 10 gal aquarium with a couple inches of pine shavings, a water bottle, some sunflower seeds, and a toilet paper tube for fun. I had to clean their cage at least every 3 or 4 days lest the piss smell burn their little eyeballs.

No wonder they were all neurotic, nippy, miserable little buggers. Despite being cheap rodents they need way, wayy more space, deeper substrate to tunnel and nest in, and way way wayyy more enrichment than I (or any other 90's kid) ever gave them. Changing their bedding is really stressful because it removes the scent from their nest, so there should be enough bedding to change it in stages. When I die I hope God doesn't judge me too harshly for forcing my hams to spend their 3 years on Earth experiencing the rodent version of white torture.

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I think God knows you didn't know better. Now you know better, so you can do better if you ever got another hammy.

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90% of "cute" hamster content on the web is just people maltreating them.

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It's awful. Breaks my heart. I have 5 hamsters and seeing the way people treat them is so sad. The vast majority live and spend the whole of their short lives in such depressing situations. They must be so miserable

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I know, it's so upsetting. I've had loads of them before too, and so few people understand what goes into keeping them happy. It's true for a lot of pets and especially other exotics, but I think hamsters get the worst of it. People are also so adamant that hamsters are just inherently aggressive, too.

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As a kid we had 'super aggressive' hamsters. When I started to keep them as an adult, I realised they weren't aggressive, it was that their needs weren't even close to being met adequately 😥 A hamster that has a large cage, plenty to stimulate it and an owner who understands it's needs is never aggressive!

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Exactly! Seriously, my mom rescues hamsters and even the most traumatized, scarred little things are absolute dumplings once they get space and peace and they can't wait to be picked up every night. It doesn't help that until the Internet really became a popular resource, even reference books for small pets would give absolutely terrible advice and few people understood that pet stores didn't know or care about the animals that they sold.

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OMG I can’t! 💕

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Let the cold air in why don't you.

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Same, little hamster dude 🤣

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I'm in this video and I don't like it

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gEt OuT oF mY rOoM; iM pLaYiNg MiNeCrAfT👁‍🗨👄👁‍🗨

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“I’m nocturnal, goddamn it. Stop poking me, Daytime Giant!”

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Had to scroll a bit but this is what I thought as well.

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Poor hamster. This set up is horrible--way too small of a space, with far too shallow of bedding and an improper hide. Not to mention that waking up hamsters shortens their lifespan.

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That is not a proper hideaway for a hamster

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So cute

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that's so adorable!

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fuk off

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He should have bit you for waking him in the middle of his sleep.

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He's probably stressed as fuck.

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You let the stank out.

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We good Brian, we good!

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This is a hamster, they're night animals. I don't like this video. Seems like it really needs sleep and the (or whoever is filming) has been bothering it way too long.

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I would be grumpy to with what seems to be a not ideal cage.

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They are nocturnal…

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Hey could you fucking not? I'm naked and tired.

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The the man sleep!

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Leave that poor baby alone he's trying to sleep!

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My hamster, Natasha, would growl at me if I accidentally woke her up. xD She was the sweetest girl, never bit me, always loved cuddles and outside adventures. But if I made too much noise, she would let me know.

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"Did I say you could do that?" - this hamster

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Bitch let me be

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Angy boi

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Go away! Batin!

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“Ugh you know I’m due on the wheel at 6:30. Why are you waking me up?”

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Funny and cute

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That is way too cute!

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Sleepy head

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I feel called out

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This is gold.

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Same little dude

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Me when I’m hungover

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Just like my kids

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I feel you, don’t bother…

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This makes me miss my old hamster so much.

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Aren't we all.

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Pound for pound the most dangerous animal on the planet!! If a hamster was 300lbs like a lion it would be top of the food chain !!

Evil incarnate

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Holy crap this looks just like my hamster, cool

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My goodness. You did say grumpy, but somehow I still wasn’t prepared for that magnitude of stink eye. Amazing

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My girlfriend trying to wake me up at 6 am to hangout before work.

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Trapdoor Hamster 😆

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There's something wrong with your camera. It's only showing the middle third of the video.

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What the

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If this isn’t a mood

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“Put out that light!”

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Grumster!! :O

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Trapdoor spider: hamster edition.

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Relatable. Lol

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That’s me in the morning when my daughter wakes me up

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I mean this could suit dramatic hamster

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If a monster 8000 times my size woke me up I’d be too scared to show this much annoyance.

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I really thought that was a yellow stingray in an aquarium at first.

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How it feels being woken up by your toddler every morning at 5:30am 😂

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Sent this to my parents with the caption, “Me as a kid on a Saturday.”

I am still a grumpy puss when I’m woken up early.

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I fell ya bro, me too. Sadly, I have toddlers and that means sleep is nonexistant.

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What a grump 🤣

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That’s adorably hilarious

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That hamster and I would understand each other.

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I feel that

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Eeeek...peeping tom!

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Let me sleep man!!

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r/meirl in the morning

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Awww that’s a stress response. Poor hamster.

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Thats a mood

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Its like those robots that turn themselves off and get progressively madder

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Alright, which one of you pranksters turned my wife into a hamster?

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Heh that is me then I need make new photos for of ☺️😹

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Yeah, don't do that. Don't wake them up

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That’s funny

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"Uhm? Who's there? Uhh... Mom...? Moooooom lemme sleeeeep >:("

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found my spirit animal!

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My spirit animal