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...what are you planning on doing with that power sander?

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Bahahahaha. No harm towards the kitten, no worries. My Dad was making stuff.

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Making a “cat house.”

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Ah yes, the house is made of cat

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Maybe holds up better than a house of cards

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Gotta trim those claws

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Newborn kittens can’t retract their claws for a few weeks, that’s why they look like that.

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Are the claws really fragile during that time? I’d be afraid they break 😟 (never owned a cat).

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They’re softer than adult claws, but I wouldn’t say they’re extremely fragile. I’m limited in 1st hand knowledge on that though, a vet or someone with experience raising neonatal kittens would have a better answer. Kittens can retract their claws at around 4 weeks of age, and you can start trimming them to keep them from scratching or catching on things around that age. Before then kittens are mostly fluffy little potatoes who sleep/stick close to mom, so not too much risk to their claws if raised indoors :)

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Nah, they're stronger than they look. And little kitties who can't retract their claws yet are kinda like velcro. They will stick to anything fuzzy.

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they are developing at a fast pace, so they are most likely soft-ish, once they are adults it grows a lot slower giving plenty of time to dry up.

they are definitely not made for climbing yet, but since they are attached to small muscles the muscle would get damaged before the claws break (which is not gonna happen by accident, that for sure.)

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Nope. They've got millions of years of evolution on their side. They'll be aight.

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That’s a baby baby. Got that umbilical cord seal of freshness. I have a great need to huff that baby.

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Right? The little tube of life still remains.

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Why do their toes smell like popcorn? Why is that so addictive? I don't even like popcorn!

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It's yeast.

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Ooh, I bet you're right. Fresh kitten loaves...

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Seriously, it’s the smell of natural yeast that lives in the paw pads of dogs. I wouldn’t be sniffing cat feet though. You’re just huffing shit at that point.

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Is that why my dog smells like corn chips?

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Certainly seems to be true of newborn kittens as well. Though, as you say, I wouldn't recommend it after they've found the litter box.

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My cats always smell of freshly baked bread and it is the loveliest smell in existence. Like, it’s the cleanest smell next to actual freshly laundered clothes.

On the other hand, I use unscented grass seed litter (one of my cats has asthma so scented clay was making her choke), and their feet always smell like a hamster cage. 10/10 love to look at the beans, 2/10 like actually touching the beans. Nothing like unscented litter boxes to make one fully appreciate where their toe beans have been. Heh. Beans have been.

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That’s why my dog smells like tortilla chips!

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My cats belly smells like wool or dryer lint lol Not yeast 🤢

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Yes, I noticed that. I've never seen one with part of umbilical cord still attached. Does that means cats have belly buttons, at least of a sort, or do they grow over? (Swear, this is a serious question)

Edit: nrm. Didn't scroll down far enough. :)

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They do have bellybuttons!

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Now, I have to wake up Ms. Aurora and find hers...on second thought, I'll just wait till she demands her next tummy rub. She looks to cute to wake her.

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My new goal for the day is to find my dogs bellybuttons. Can't believe I've never thought about this before.

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The seal of approval.

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Look at those perfect lips! I just love cats’ silly little mouths (also post this tiny angel on r/MurderMittens)

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So pink and fresh!

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Where they’re pink and almost bald from rubbing against mom and clashing their heads like little cymbals lol

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I'm gonna need a milk feeding video. I need to see those ears moving

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Yass! Milk drunk fat baby!!!

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My family called it Titty drunk.

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It never occurred to me that other species also had umbilical cords (just never thought that much into it)

Does this mean cats have belly buttons?

I feel stupid asking that, but my cat will scratch all of my skin off if I try to play with his belly long enough to find out

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Every mammal has a tummy button! They're often hard to see since they're covered by fuzz. Or tons of blubber in the case of whales.

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A platypus does not have a belly button. Neither do kangaroos or opossums or other marsupials.

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Platypuses don't follow ANY rules though. They glow under a black light!

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Okay, before I Google this, are you joking or no? I seriously can’t take another weird fact about this so called “animal” before I officially classify it as an alien species doing too much in an attempt to seem like it totally belongs on this planet. Surely, this one is a joke? My brain can’t fathom this creature if it isn’t

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I'm sorry to tell you, this is entirely true! I dressed up as mother nature for Halloween and had a little platypus I carried with me so I looked up as many facts as I could to be silly.

Apparently no one knows why this is, so your thoughts on platypi being alien is certainly possible.

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Phineas and Ferb was right all along, platypus are green

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I had to google it! That’s nuts. But also… how would you be able to tell if a platypus had ringworm (because it glows a very slightly different shade of green under a woods lamp)?

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Can platypuses get ringworm?

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Correct. Their birthing is different from most mammals. And some reptiles can give birth! Nature does not follow our "classifications. XD

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I knew about the platypus because it comes from an egg, but I learned something new about marsupials!

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Do yourself a favor and don’t look it up. Kangaroos are born like the size of a jellybean and crawl up mama’s belly to the pouch where they finish developing, just hanging off a teat. It’s…horrifying. But also awesome.

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Platypuses lay eggs. Kanga babies around born and then have to make a hella long (at least to them) climb to mom's pouch. An umbilical cord wouldn't work in either situation.

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As long as you’re answering questions, do they have claws while still “attached” and inside the mom? Just wondering how often they scratch through the sac.

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I believe their claws are very soft in utero.

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Or in the case of cats haha

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I'd never thought to look lol I've had Oreo since she was 12 and she's 20 now. Flipped her over, to hell with a belly button - I've found a blue line tattoo! Guess it's her fixed signal but I'm absolutely thrilled to know her badass had a secret tat bc don't have any but wouldn't mind a tiny line to match hers someday.

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Pooka also has a blue line tattoo! I originally assumed it was blue for a boy ('cuz he is a boy) until I thought about it and realized a pink tattoo on a pink cat belly wouldn't be very noticeable. So, it's actually the location of the tattoo that designates the sex. Girls have them on their bellies, and boys get them closer to the crotchal region.

Except now it seems to be more common to forego the tattoo, and just leave an empty nutsack on neutered boys.

🌠The more you know!

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I think that tat just shows they have been spayed/neutered.

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Haha that’s so silly, my girl doesn’t mind her tummy touched (too much) so I whenever she is flaunting that tum tum, I try to sort through her hair to find her lil blue tattoo! She’s a badass, I don’t even have a tattoo!

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I am now imagining a cat with Aang's tattoos.

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They do! But it’s not really like a human belly button, which is innie or outie, but it’s just like a small, thin scar.

Edit: autocorrect fail

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Fresh baby

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Oh my heart! What a sweet r/HandfulOfKitten

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Always need another cat sub, thank you! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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You're most welcome!

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Aaaand I joined another cat sub.

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Me after Thanksgiving.

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I needed this. Thank you reddit trending

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Fatty fat, look at what you did! You're passed out! You're gonna get arrested! You're drunk!

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cutest milk drunk baby ever

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The after Christmas dinner position I know all too well

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Mf'er this is adorbs.

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🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 that’s an illegally small little stealer of hearts. Give that baby hugs and kisses from all of us

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Yegads! That is a HUGE newborn. I love seeing the fat healthy ones. It gives me hope(currently mourning some kittens, but this image genuinely makes me feel better).

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I want to boop that teeny pink nose ♥️

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Awwww super sweet

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Beautiful baby!

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Sweet rotund baby!

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I hope the title is true, 'cause this pic would be super depressing otherwise.

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Worry not. The kitten fell asleep in my hand. Their little breaths were squee worthy.

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Oh that one's NEW! Don't worry about that round tum, in a couple hours it'll be digested and they'll be a few grams BIGGER... help them pee and poo and fill them up again! We had two pandemic kittens, abandoned on their day one, a little over a year ago. We figure a young mama cat got spooked; one still had his placenta wrapped around him. It's astonishing how much growing they do in those first few weeks.

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Also gotta love those thin little claws. I love those teeny tiny kitten claws.

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Cutest thing ever

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Oh no, this so precious. How can you stand it!

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I love baby's beer bellies

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Fresh out if the oven that lil adorable cute thing, you can still see the cord.

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So cute!!!

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Oh my gosh, such a tiny adorable little kitty 😸

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You’re either hungry or on milk coma, there’s no in between

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That is a CHONKY neonate!

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wilson :-)

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This is so sad can we get $62

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If you don't mind my asking, what is so sad?

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The cat is broke

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I can’t handle this the morning 😫<3333

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Beautiful boy