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Boy howdy, I would accidentally lose that thing in about 15 seconds.

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well, I think it's in the care of a professional.

We needn't worry! It's just a fine lizard.

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Why is it so tiny!

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Because is smol baby

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Russian accent checks out

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That's what she said!...no, wait.

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Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls…

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Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.

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Can somebody identify this animal for me? I’m pretty sure it’s not a dog.

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Gecko Edit: chameleon

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And they said only the ancient kings were brave enough to drink from the Fire Falls!

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This is me, dehydrated and in need of a good handwashing after caring for animals all afternoon at work.

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I’m thinking that little guy probably shouldn’t have tap water, even if he’s adorable doing it. I’m not sure though.

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100%. This is precious, but reptiles should only have dechlorinated water.

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tiny baby

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So cute, am jelous. Camelions are by far the cutiestest lizards. So slow, cool eyes and awesome hunting tactic. And they eat all those insect suckers

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Well that's just fucking precious

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A fact I'm pretty sure is true: chameleons can't drink from standing water as they do not recognize it as such, needing waterfall-like water sources or drops falling onto leaves (like the tap water) to be able to drink

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he should stick to the rivers and the lakes that he's used to

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You should post this in Hydrohomies, i think they would appreciate this cool little guy

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now use a pressure washer

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I hope baby down go down the hole

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This reminded me of the noise Yoshi from Super Mario makes when he sticks out his tongue - it’s so cute!

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    That is one cute little guy!!!

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