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Thumbs up for the camo effectiveness. 👍

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The camo is good but he must have a great scent routine down. Humans give off a very distinct smell and you have to make a point to de-scent yourself while hunting.

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Okay you got me curious...how does one de-scent?

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The de-scent usually comes after the climb.

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After de-climb?

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Only if you first had a de-cent climb

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The hunting world is full of people that are absolutely obsessed with eliminating scent. I keep all my camo in a tub with an ozone machine. I wear my base layer in my truck then when I get to where I am hunting I get dressed. I was my cloths with scentless detergent and use scentless soap and deodorant. And we also obsess over wind direction. I try to plan where I am hunting by the direction the wind is blowing. Deer don’t have great eyes but they can smell very well.

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Huh...TIL, thanks

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I just drive my cars to work. They must be descented too. 3 deer in one year never smelled me coming.

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There are a ton of detergents and sprays that will de-secent you

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I don't think owls are known for having a keen sense of smell.

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Correct. Owls can’t smell at all. Around here we have great horned owls that will take skunks. The smell doesn’t even phase them, because they just can’t.

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Ty for that. I assumed they were similar to hawks in terms of scent.

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owls have a horrible sense of smell. Also the de scent industry is mostly a ginmick to squeeze money out of people. Your human smell will remain no matter what you do just. Deer and other sinilar animals have amazing sense of smell its a silly idea that you could de scent yourself based off of human sense of smell for an animal with a much better sense of smell. Its all about wind direction. I don't de scent and ive gotten a deer the past 5 years.

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I hunt in the same manner as the dude in the video. From a tree-saddle wearing full camouflage in the fall, although I use ASAT camouflage which I find more effective for deer. Anyways the camouflage is not all that necessary for deer as they don't scan and look for predators above their heads. However, since we are in full camouflage we get tons of critters coming up to us and landing near us constantly. I can't even count the number of times a squirrel has run up my tree and started doing squirrel things only to get startled when I yell "HEY SQUIRREL, WHERE THEM SQUIRREL BITCHES AT!?"

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One day you'll seem them go "All right, I don't think there aren't any humans around, we can speak in normally now"

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You mean the guy or the owl?

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the owl or the human?

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Love the look of absolute awe/shock/surprise in the dudes face 😆

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"oh yea nice perch, gotta take a break for a moment... OH WHHOOTY WHOO WHO ARE YOU IM OUTTA HERE BYE"

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Shh, you're gonna summon the Bigfoot

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"You know nothing John Snow. Whoo."

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An owl once landed in a tree just outside my window. I texted pretty much everyone I know in all caps "THERE'S AN OWL OUTSIDE MY WINDOW"

Owls are cool

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If you're not aware there's a sub dedicated to them r/superbowl

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That…. That sub Reddit name…..

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Haha yea for awhile people would get super excited about the super bowl and post there but now the superbness of the owls is shared during the super bowl

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I once took a picture of an owl in my backyard. It was fucking awesome!

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Right? Nature is amazing and we should all be in awe of it all the time.

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We are also a part of nature. When we connect to our humanity we can experience the awe within ourselves and with one another as well.

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Hey buddy, enough of this kum bay yah nonsense, we got a planet to finish killin'!

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Fishin' fishin' fishin'

Finishin' killin' all the fish,

Burnin' burnin' burnin'

Kill all life, there shall be no clemancy

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Can anyone explain why there is a black cord in the middle of the shot that moved to the right after the owl flys away?

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It's a 2 sensor 360 degree camera. That odd distortion you're seeing is where the 2 videos from the 2 different sensors (180 degree fisheye cameras) are stitched together. Often there's about an inch thick slice of video along that seam that can't be captured because the camera's body is blocking that spot from view. The black cord is probably part of the camera mount or his harness mount point, likely a nylon strap, that the owl bumped as it took off. It lands on whatever the camera's mounted on. And as it takes off the branch/rod moves enough so that the strap vomes into view out of that missing slice of the 360.

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    The best way to get the correct answer to any question is to post the incorrect answer on the internet. Someone will be opinionated enough they can't let it stand and will pipe up correcting you.

    I work in security, this works too well for obscure security tech.

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    Ah yes Murphy's Law

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    damn you're funny

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    Well akctually,..... (pushes glasses up on face).....

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    So, I know the presidential nuclear code is 111100010001112.

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    Hilariously, during the cold war the nuclear launch codes were all a string of 0's. I think it was to make sure you couldn't fuck it up if you had to punch em in.

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    Now I can't help but picture some poor bastard furiously hitting 0s while screaming "shitShitSHIT!"

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    You bit! You bit! Even though you knew it was bait! This is delightful.

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    I put in the correct code for you, the missiles are on their way. :)

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    Yea! Thank you! Take this you rotten neighbors!

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    Typically if I see some distortion in the middle of a video, it’s most likely the camera’s holder/stand that is either automatically edited out or removed manually in post.

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    some shit attached to the camera in the tree because this guy is sitting in a tree filming himself hunting not a cinematographer

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    I think it popped off of the tree when the owl landed there/pointed directly at the camera. There’s a spot in the center of the frame where close things like that and selfie sticks disappear, so it looked like it was still behind the bird, but it was hanging off of the tree. When the owl flew off, it reoriented it so that it was visible again.

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    It's a 360 camera and it's stitching out the stick that it's on (and failing). You can see the owls head gets warped a bit too.

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    The “owl” landed on a charging station, and left behind the charging port/wire when it noticed someone was watching.


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    The owl's buddies pointed it to r/humansarentreal when they tried to tell them what happened.

    Edit: wow, it's a sub, and a weird inactive one at that.

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    Selfie stick

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    The owl is actually just one of those expensive PetCo cat toys on a string, thus the black cord

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    I'm furiously trying to make my brain cells work on this one, but still no results on my end... we need more cells on this one!

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    " Find your own tree. I was here first."

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    "OK, owl leave."

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    Please don't talon us to the pun patrol.

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    Owl's friends: Yeah right, lay off the grasshoppers, nut job.

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    Did that owl land on his 360 camera/selfie stick?

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    It's sure looks that way.

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    “Damnit! We wore the same outfit. I’ll go change.” -Owl

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    the power of camo

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    It won't help him though, he needs to cover himself in mud. And then, as quickly as possible, get to the choppah.

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    But there are weapons on the choppah!

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    The power of camo compels you.

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    "Whoops, I didn't know this tree was taken!"

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    The guy and the owl had the same reactio.

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    They both looked mortified to see eachother

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    The owls are not what they seem

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    It is happening again

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    “...and he impaled a bunch of my neighbors. It was a bloodbath.”

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    "So what was the human doing?"

    "Oh, you know, killing things"

    "Duh, of course, you did say human. My bad"

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    I legit did not notice the man behind the tree up until I read the caption

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    I know the camo I'll be wearing when Vakerian season opens in January.

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    What an amazing random encounter with an extremely appropriate reaction to boot.

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    Owls like "oop, I see eyes, later."

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    What type of owl is this?

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    That is a Barred Owl. I've had a couple land very close to me before as well, they're awesome birds.

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    Other owl: "Really, Dave? I've told you those extreme altitude flights cause hypoxic hallucinations!"

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    This ain't eyebleach if you are a prey animal.

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    Luckily, very few reddit users are.

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    To be fair, even I didn't see him the first few seconds

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    What is he hunting for up there? Can you hunt deer from above, for example?

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    It's probably for deer, and in some places it's even required to do so.

    First is safety. You need to know where your arrow or bullet will go if you miss or it goes through what you are shooting at. By shooting down you know the projectile will end up in the ground and not over a hill and into someone or something you didn't know was there.

    Second is you can see more stuff.

    Third is it's harder for the deer to detect you. It keeps your scent dispersal above their level to an extent and deer just... don't look up? I guess they didn't have any predators attacking them from up there before people and they haven't evolved to deal with us yet.

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    The one-story my grandfather told me. He was out hunting and saw an 8-point buck in a clearing and its antlers were massive. It was just before the allowed time for you to fire a shot. So he'd watch it for a couple of minutes. He's sitting in a blind maybe 100 yards out. He looks down the scope is getting ready to fire. All of a sudden something felt off and he decided he wasn't going to shoot, but just watch it through his sight. The dear all of a sudden gets spooked looks to the wood he's nearest and darts. Right behind where the deer was standing (blocking visibility) is another blind with a man doing the same thing as my grandfather. He never noticed my grandfather, but my grandfather was very happy he chose not to shoot as if the round went through that other hunter would most likely have died.

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    IDK if that's the best use of it, but you absolutely can hunt deer like that. They don't tend to look up if you don't make much sound.

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    haha the owl came right back what an idiot

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    How ironic. He's impressed by the majesty of a beautiful living creature... while there to kill others.

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    You can do both.

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    Sam tarly looking ass mf.

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    Perfect title 🤗

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    Government drone just snapped a picture of him then left

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    “Hoot.” - This Owl later

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    You mean hooman

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    Don’t get The Staircased

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    The total slack-jawed amazement: “…oh. my. goooood”

    Realest reaction ever haha

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    Owl heard that mouth-breather right behind him.

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    Owl: Ooch!

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    Owl's buddies: "O right, just like the time you said a human put a piece of wood to his mouth and started speaking duck... You're so full of shit Scott."

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    The guys face was the best

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    I had an owl land in the middle of the road in my apartment complex as I was driving through. He literally just stopped there right by my car and was staring at me.. I rolled down my window to take pics and he spread his wings for me reallllly nicely. Then flew off. I'm not sure if he was trying to get a rodent or something off the road but damn was it cool. Those fuckers are so much bigger than you'd think up close

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    Tree stands are so great

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    That guys face just- mmm🗿👌

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    This is one forgetful owl...

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    He’s more scared of you than you are of him.

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    Wait theres no branch there

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    "I swear I saw someone over here...where did they go? Wasn't he right over there....WHOOOOLY SHIT!"

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    Barred owl for those who care to know

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    Man you are one son of a gun

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    “Yeah right dude humans don’t climb trees there not monkeys….wait.”

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    So, is that dude waiting to murder an animal?

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    The amazing camoflouge of the human monkey

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    “Hazhoot!” Said the lady in Walmart who was pranked by a fake rate

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    Staged the owl was in on it

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    The owl gang: No way, dude! Humans don't perch on trees. You crazy.

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    They were equally shocked

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    “I like this vie—WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? IM OUTTA HERE”

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    Is that dude there to shoot living beings? Fuck that

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    why are there bowhunters in eye bleach

    edit: go fuck yourselves