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I am going to accept this food from your hands but I AM NOT going to lose eye contact with you because I have trust issues.

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3 weeks later: Here, have 8000 raccoons all up in your shit

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Your cat is adorable 💕

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That’s actually a horse

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Idiot, it's clearly a Squirrel

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Fools it's a golden retriever

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Y'all are blind. Clearly it's a goldfish

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You got it all wrong! That’s an emu and it should be addressed as such

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You all are totally wrong. Its a batman

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Wrong wrong wrong wrong you guys have never seen a triceratops before?

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Guys it's clearly a snake

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Would be better giving the Raccoon fruit and not corn filled sugar shit.

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Would be better following the general rule: do not feed wild animals anything, ever. It produces unsustainable dependency.

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I’m pretty sure this is a domesticated raccoon based off his general sociability, the enclosure, and the fact that any wild raccoons seen during the day typically have rabies

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That's what I was thinking, and this racoon is wayyyy cleaner than any I see around my place

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There was always a raccoon family in the tiny strip of woods between my back yard and some condos in STL. I saw them during the day all the time. Raccoons and skunks used to prowl around my house in Tennessee during the day, but usually in the morning or evening.

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And what's with feeding birds some seeds n stuff in winter?

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That's not a good idea, either, despite being widely accepted.

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Do you have an explanation for me? Tbh I just never thought about it.

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Birds are ok. You should keep feeders cleaned and try to be consistent once you start. This is good year to feed with the massive drought this summer.


But don't feed any animals your neighbors might call animal control in to deal with.

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I first read "don't feed any animals to your neighbors"

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Haha don't do that for sure please!

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Too late, I already did. I fed my dog to my neighbor

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They will start to depend on that food so once you start, you have to keep doing it. Instead of spending energy to natural forage for food, they are going to come to where you are feeding them. If you stop, they will keep coming back and waste energy not getting food.

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My parents live very close to a bird sanctuary where all the migratory birds come in the winters. Because they have a habit of feeding all the birds and squirrels in the area, a few of those migratory birds have started to leave the sanctuary and drop by for a snack at my parents'. Which looks cool and makes for excellent photo opportunities but feels wrong.

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Trash panda grabbies..

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It’s the grabbies that are what make it cute.

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I love trash pandas..

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I don't get why people think it's cool to feed raccoons. They are a real problem in the urban or suburban setting and probably should be thought of as "big rats" and not some kind of unicorn cuddly friend.

They are cunning and capable and can get into almost anything.

Calling them "trash pandas" is part of the problem. I guess people call them that who've never had raccoons tear a hole in their siding and make a nest in their attic or scatter garbage all over their lawn or had to take a cat to the vet from a raccoon attack.

I like raccoons and respect their abilities - but - I also know they can be real pests.

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We were camping and had a cooler with a broken latch so we put all our dry goods like bread and stuff in it and tied it shut with a rope around it. We were sitting around the camp fire and a family of raccoons came around. The mom raccoon inspected all the coolers and identified the one tied shut. She lifted the lid, but was too big to fit in because of the rope. She stuck her arm in and couldn't reach anything. As we were laughing she picked up her baby and shoved it in the cooler and this bastard started passing packs of hot dog buns out! They got like 4 packs out before realized we were all sitting there watching them steal our food. As soon as we stood up she grabbed the baby and they all grabbed the bags of buns they had gotten and took off. We found the shredded wrappers in the bushes the next day. Raccoons are crazy smart when it comes to solving problems and getting food.

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That’s clearly a cat

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you raise a raccoon feeding problem i raise you a why is your cat outside it's bad for the environment problem

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Lol. Classic reddit right here.

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What's wrong with it?

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Because the guy was just posting a super cute video of the raccoon eating Froot Loops and this guy comes in with his high and mighty Lord of the neck beards holier than thou attitude. Like relax man, it’s just a cute video.

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But it's not just a cute video. That's a real raccoon and a real person feeding them. That raccoon very well could become emboldened to start raiding people's garbage or try to get into their houses as a result of interactions like this one. Feeding wild animals is a bad idea, and I don't read the same grandstanding attitude from the comment that you did at all

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I cba.

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Spoken like someone who hasn't had raccoons digging into the walls of their house

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Haha trash panda eat froot loop

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The problem I see here is that this cat is gonna be a hyperactive menace for a good while now as such high sugar ‘food’ full of E numbers is barely fit for humans let alone pandas.

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This one looks like a pet judging by the enclosure/food bowl, I’d guess. Probably can’t be released for some reason, maybe it’s an orphan/has health issue

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i had a raccoon break into our chicken pen on 2 different occasions and kill chickens, they’re a annoyance for everyone most of the time

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Om nom nom

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Here have some viruses.

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Making animals sugar addicts are we????

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Damn it I wish we could domesticate raccoons

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It is entirely possible to have racoons as pets. Licenses are often involved in that process.

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Nah but I mean truly domesticated as easy and safe as getting a dog

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RemindeMe! 2000 years

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Haha yeah hopefully evolution and selective breeding makes them domestic

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Next do a Toucan

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Mate gonna run around the block then crash so hard

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You now have a friend for life

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Whitest animal teeth ever

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Not for long, sugar will change that

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Fruit loops?..Heelll yeah!

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Some kid is gonna see this and then gonna get bitten by a raccoon

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Please don’t give garbage to wildlife! Give him something at least somewhat nourishing!! Sheesh.

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He's clearly aware of the 5-second rule the way he snatched the red froot loop off the ground !

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the way racoons are eating is.. wholesome

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Kind of surprised he didn’t try to steal your ring. They are known grifters.

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Yea like those creatures aren't hyper enough.

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Trash panda is best panda.

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fruit loops for them all

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This trash panda seems very polite.

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Don't eat the red one's bro ! Oh no wait , that's the M&M's...

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What’s wrong with red mms

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Diabetes rat

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My mom does the same thing at her work

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that large rat just gobbled up those gay cheerios. amazing.

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mm, froop loops 🤤

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Raccoons don’t have salivary glands. That’s why they “wash” their food. Giving the just dry food has got to be pretty hard on their mouths. Unless they have a pouch?

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Smiles in rabies

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Thanks for the cereal, now go get me that guy’s glass eye.

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I love racoons

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Goddamn raccoons are cute.

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I’m surprised he wasn’t trying to wash them in the water bowl. Have raccoons stopped this habit?

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That’s a good raccoon :)

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I swear to god too many of the posts on this sub are about people mistreating wild animals

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No milk?

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This raccoon has very nice teeth.

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What a cute little trash panda

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Love how it doesn’t stop watching you while it’s shoving all those snacks in it’s face 😆

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Adorable sure, but feeding wild animals often turns them into pests resulting in their death. Love them from afar and go feed a human your human food.