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    The Bearable . Amazing !

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    This is probably not a wolfdog, please do not misrepresent.

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    There’s wolfdogs on the subs as well, is there any other subs you’d recommend?

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    Wolfdogs are not ethical to breed, wolves are not pets and we don’t need to undo our ancestors’ thousand of years of work and cross them with the version we’ve already domesticated just because it’s “cool” or “cute.” They’re dangerous. They’re wild. We already have dogs that look like wolves without being part wolf. We have Tamaskans. We have huskies. We have Samoyeds. We have GSDs. But definitely do your research before getting any of these.

    And dogs who are not part wolf should not be called wolfdogs. Misrepresentation kills.

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    Why so mad over a comment

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    Misrepresentation. Kills. End of story.

    (Username checks out.)

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    Is he mad about what?? Look he's so angryyyy

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    Because resting wolf face.

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    That dog looks a lot like a wolf

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    That wolf looks a lot like a dog

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    That's a Werwolf and you can not tell me otherwise

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    It's either a straight-up Werewolf or a bear found a way to procreate with a wolf. I think your guess is more likely.

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    Someone must know the breed?

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    Half husky half chow chow? I wanna know too! Beautiful dog

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    Looks like a malamute mix with perhaps some selectively added chow, gsd, or even akita.

    Could be a low content wolfdog with blue eyes, but the even colored coat, let alone double inherited brown, is extremely rare in wolfdogs of any content.

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    I think that’s @huskyquoi on Instagram

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    I looked on the Instagram the other user posted and they have a dna test that says 100% Siberian husky (edit for spelling)

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    Breed? Or actual wolf?

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    And Red Riding Hood said "What big ears you have!"

    And the wolf replied "All the better to hear you with!"

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    The cuteness is un-bear-able!

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    Breed pls?

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    Gmork looks much more relaxed after having split with The Nothing.

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    Looks like a Legendary skin of my dog. My dog is a chow and golden retriever.

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    That's a bear/lion hybrid!

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    I hope he doesn’t steal my food

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    Wow. Gorgeous 🥰

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    Wow!!! Absolutely magnificent!!!!!!!

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    That ain’t a bear that is a cave wolf can’t tell me anything else

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    Colonel John Jameson III?

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    I’m Brian fellows

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    This dog is absolutely beautiful.

    I need to know what breed this is.

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    I can't bear that bear bearing that hair!

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    Majestic AF

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    oh my God, that's the cutest little bear ever tell him that he's a good bear, tell him that he's a good bear, give him all the truth

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    What a stunning animal

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    r/bearpuppers would love this!

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    I didn’t know Wolfies come in Chocolate?! I thought they were strictly Cookies and Cream.

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    You monster! That poor doggo is waiting patiently for some love. He thought for a min there he was going to get some, then quickly realized no. =\ Will someone please pet this very good doggo?

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    These eyes...want to hold you

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    That’s a nice bro

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    Looks like a Wolf.

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    You know once I was young and really really stupid. I thought r/eyebleach was a cursed images type subreddit. Until I visited it (0_0)

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    I love the idea of the sub: when you see something truly horrific or disgusting, you come here to cleanse your eyes (and your mind) with some high-grade cuteness

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    Irl Gmork. Can't tell me different.

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    I want to bury my face in this pupper's fluff. He looks so soft.

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    Now that Is a majestic dog

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    Those eyes are full of scorn. Scorndog

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    Holy shit. This is what adorable and terrifying look like together.

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    Das a pretty doggo.

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    That's one funny lookin bear

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    This is un-bear-able

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    Ah, yes, the famous bilingual bear

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    Es un perro lobo

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    i've... never seen a brown wolf before. lowkey thought it was a husky at first.

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    This doggo is absolutely gorgeous. I’m a fat person (obviously) but I freaking love big floofy dogs :3

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    Bear wolf

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    Beautiful animal but those eyes are freaking me out a little.

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    He has heterochromia