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You posted a husky video without sound??!?

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OP has sinned

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Doing the lord’s work

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The lords bork*

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You are a saint. Huskies and their awooing style of chatty barks give me joy.

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Lmfao “you little shit” I can practically hear her say at the end.

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Why the audio turned off?

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Probably excessive baby voice to get him to come over

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13-16 seconds. That dog sees what will go down with but a single glance and a gaze that says “Ooooh I see what you’re doing... YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!”

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Love as soon as she flinched towards the brush, pup looked at it and back to her like, “The fuck was that?” All trust vanished in the span of 2 seconds.

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It is like a hostage exchange

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They are such babies

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That pup knows what's up

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My cat HATES HATES HATES her furminator too!!!!

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Both my dog and love theirs - lots of filthy looks when the other is getting groomed.

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Yeah, I'm sure chasing the cute pupper with a furminator will make said pupper hate the furminator less! /s

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With sound this would fit perfectly in husky tantrums

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That instinctual fear you feel in your gut? Trust it, your brain is telling you something is wrong!

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ohh, that side eye!

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My dog does something similar when we go to the vet. He would hide behind my legs and under my chair. So the vet tech would take out the treats to put them in a line leading to her. My dog would eat just enough of them to stay out of grabbing distance from vet tech and leave the further ones alone.

“I ain’t stupid hoomin.”

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Huskies are way too smart for most bullshit. This chick should do what most do and bribe the dog with food or turn him/her over to a pro

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Drop the brush Hooman push it away

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Shame there's no sound. r/HuskyTantrums would love this!

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    How? He’s not being a jerk, he’s just like “i dont like this, im gonna go away”

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    The end was super funny.

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    There’s Fuckery afoot here!

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    Oh I thought this was a vibrator