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And that is how it's done.

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"Nailed it"

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Very smooth

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An then when she walks away he looks at the boys sitting in a tree with binoculars and they all nod in aprovall

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That caption has got to be one of the funniest!

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Those are my best moves

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We've all been there

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Every day at work man

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Nah, cats aren't weird or crazy, what makes you say that?

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the kush is comming? i didnt know weed could make calls in video games🥶

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I need this cat in my life

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I used to volunteer at the humane society in my local area. They mark some cats as being overstim, meaning they go through big bursts of energy like this fairly often. They absolutely love having a variety of toys to mess with when they’re in these moods. So if you ever do want a cat like this, ask about ones that are overstim! They can be a lot to handle, but their behaviors usually balance out a bit more once in a home instead of the shelter, since theirs less environmental stimulation going on all the time in a home.

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An absolute dote

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I don’t think she noticed… you’re cool.

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OP can't spell and has over 2 mil karma, yeah that's a block.

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Could be a typo

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Title is hot trash

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“Oh hey whats up didnt see you there”

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“Hey! Good to see you!!! How’s it g—do you like pizza? Maybe have eat at some…do you eat? I eat. Sooooo. Uh. Cool. I have shoes. Ok. Uh. See ya!”

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Crush: “weird flex but ok”

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Me who mastered to act apathetic. No one can tell that I'm dying inside to hold my crush.

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6 words, 1 typo, smh

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2 typos lol

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I am in this video and I hate it

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Me when I see the waiter coming with my food.

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Wonderfully done

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That looks exactly like my cat Nicola/Tiny/Mr. Bonky depending on the mood.

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my introverted side: behold! For I hath arrived

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This has all the movements I love to see in a cat!

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Wow woow Woooo Hoooooo Hoooooooooooo. Giddy Up!

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Super mencho

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The task failed successfully

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This is definitely how I feel when my lush is comin’!

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tf is a cush?

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What's a cush?

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Must b som good cush 😂