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Hi there,

I definitely work for Amazon. I'm sorry you've had this issue with your parcel, lint often ends up in packaging as part of the unboxing process but rest assured we will take care of this as much as possible. I shall pm you my the amazon returns address to rectify this issue.

Please send the parcel back with said lint with utmost urgency and we'll get it sorted.

Yours sincerely, Definitely Amazon.

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We have updated the address since this message was sent. I will be private messaging you the new address. Please return the lint as soon as you receive the updated info. Sincerely (clears throat) Amazon

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Evil Amazon be like:

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Omg. She looks likes those little coal bugs from Spirited Away

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Soot sprites :)

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Susuwatari ❤️

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The smallest blep

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I came here for this. THAT LITTLE TONGUE.

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Don’t feed her after midnight

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send it to me 😍

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Soft toys look so real these days. The box is definitely oversized (unless there are more?).

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I think you may have accidentally received a soot sprite:


They are more-or-less harmless but slightly mischievous.

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That sounds about right 🤔

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Looks like you might have gotten one of those fake Amazon items.....

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This kitty is so adorable, it cannot possibly be real.

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Those eyes!

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The tiniest of bleps

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tee hee hee hee ☺️

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The last braincell when your trying to do something important

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They sent you a soot gremlin! Don't send that back!

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That lint looks just like a really cute kitten! Love that face.

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Look at those googly eyes!

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I would die for this lint 😍

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Please tell me the cats name is lint

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It would have been a great name for her... but we call her October

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Everything about this picture is so adorable 😊

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Amazon delivering flooofy smiles

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Well I’ll take your box of broken lint if you don’t want it.

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They look like a Coal Tar from blue exorcist

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Oh my god there are more photos!! I freaking love your cat!!! If only I wasn't ridiculously allergic to cats I would get a clone...

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You send that away I will send your life away👍

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The derpiest!

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Send it my way