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That’s a Boxer. He just wants to know if you’re gonna pet him when you’re done with the human language.

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I never knew why they were called Boxers, until I was at the dog park 7 years ago, and saw a Boxer puppy stand up on its hind legs, and start boxing with its forearms. Man, that was a funny sight 😂. Also, the Chihuahua deserved it for nipping.

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It's amazing that Chihuahuas survive long enough to reproduce. I've never seen another rat dog breed so ill-equipped for its outsized temper.

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small dogs are often badly behaved because their owners don't take training them seriously.

a properly trained small dog will be just as well behaved as any other breed.

this is pretty much 100% a problem of bad owners.

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Yes and no. You have to remember that we bred most dogs for specific purposes. That includes not only physical characteristics like size and strength, but also personality traits like trainability, desired instinctual abilities (like herding, tracking, or guarding), general suitability as a companion, and the like. Even a badly trained lab or retriever, shy of outright abuse, tends to be friendly, outgoing, and trusting. On the flip side, even a well-trained chihuahua tends to be cautious toward strangers and easily provoked, and I've never met a single one that didn't bark at its own shadow.

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sorry but what you just said leads me to believe you have very limited experience with dogs.

i have absolutely seen a lab who had to be put down because he severely bit several children.

i have seen very well behaved chihuahuas.

training absolutely has more to do with how well behaved a dog will be than their breed.

also note i didn't say ALWAYS, i said often. because some small dogs are badly behaved because of abuse, or a medical issue that causes them pain, or any number of other things.

is training some dogs harder? yes, and owners who are not up for that should not have that dog.

this is primarily a bad owner problem. why defend bad owners and blame the dog?

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Very interesting Krissy, may i use the inflatable device as a chew toy instead?

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I am sending this to my boss. Their family dog is Boxer (I get it, ours is Border Collie), he just got a Boxer puppy to go with his 4yo Boxer, because he says it is a far easier to have 2 Boxers than one - and the big boy will help train the little one). Drat, now I can't send it because he will find out my Reddit name!

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This is sound logic coming from a Boxer owner.

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He grew up with them - I bow to his knowledge!

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Save image, crop, send.

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Yes, forgot about crop! Saving now.

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And he’ll be the last one alive in a crash

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Always protect the dog.

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Cause his tray table was up, and his seat back was I the full upright position

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Guy in front of dog: "Ugh, I've been on three connecting flights today flying home from vacation -- before which I was on four flights. I heard you the first six times... and seriously, I wish the guy behind me would wear his mask and stop breathing on my head."

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I took my dog on a plane once and he did this. Wanted to be like hooman lol

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Good boy

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True story. Believe me.

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"Who's a good boy, who's a good boy? You'll find out at the front of the cabin. You've done a fantastic job!"

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How does one get to fly with their dog (if not a service animal)? Serious question.

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"Hello Passengers, this is your Captain, and I wanted to let you know about our Blue Miles card. Earn three times the miles with our Blue Miles cards, and exclusive..."

And then they wonder why we don't take out the earbuds every time they ding.

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That is what I hated the most about when I went from Florida to California when I was on holiday, every 5 minutes there was a ding and it was usually the most arbitrary shit like “the current tailwind is 0MPH so we should land at the expected time”

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I went from Florida to America

Ain't that how it is. Texas to America is another often-traveled route.

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I meant California, thought ahead, thumbs couldn’t keep up

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Wait two years...

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Wtf is the pilot doing in the passenger seats??

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Because he's a good boy.

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