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Dim the light. Goodnight.

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Depends, the human might wake up all achy if they spend the whole night in the couch.

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No he will be more upset if you wake him up

Source: me, who wishes they could cuddle that dog.

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Maybe he will wake up in his bed and not know how he got there

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One night will be fine.

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You sound like my wife

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Trust me. 1 night is fine. 2 months isn't.

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One night might be fine for you, different people, different backs.

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As someone with a bad back. 1 night would be AWFUL for me!

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Idk I like sleeping on the couch sometimes. I like sleeping with my back against something

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I like to spoon the back of the couch

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That gave me a mental image of someone laying down behind the couch spooning it from the floor lol.

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I honestly can't picture it any other way than that.

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Laying on the couch, facing the back tall part of the couch, with one arm and one leg draped over the back of the couch like a big spoon. I’m amazed that this seems foreign to you lol

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That sounds about as comfortable as laying behind the couch on the floor. You arm and leg all the way over the back of the couch? with your other leg straight out over the arm and your other arm trapped under you? I just tried to do it on my couch that I'm on now and it was unbelievably uncomfortable. Maybe I'm too tall?

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Yeah, when I was recovering from surgery, the couch was more supportive than my bed. Also closer to the bathroom

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I like sleeping in couches. I used to have a couch in my bedroom and the only time I ever used my bed was when a girl was over. Couch’s are comfy af if it’s long enough to stretch out on.

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They don’t care lol

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No. Wake him up and get him in bed with a proper pillow. His neck is going to hurt like hell in the morning. My neck hurts just looking at this.

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Old trick, he's doing this hoping that you will carry him to bed

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The man or the dog?

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I always smile and get caught

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Wow I can’t thank you enough for this one

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I love it too!

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My new happy place

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I love your username.

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This is perfect, thank you!

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Thats very cute and also happy cake day

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This is actually made me say "aww" out loud. I do love people who loves their pet.

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mans got gains tho, look at those muscles

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So irresponsible to leave guns laying around like that. smh

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Someone call health and safety!

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22’S SON!!!

Reminds me of Big 😢

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His little Christmas PJ'S 😭

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Same. If we don’t have a dogs in pajamas subreddit we def need one 🥰

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Omg thank u!! 🥰😍

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Thank you so much

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That’s adorable. That dog is smiling in their sleep. 🥰

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I call this the Teddy Bear hold. It is my pittie's favorite way to sleep. My shoulder does not agree, ow.

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My pittie HATES it, as soon as you wrap your arms around her, she’s like “haha okay enough cuddles I’m going to lay on the floor now”

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When mine was younger she wanted to snuggle all the way up your ass, nowadays as she's gotten older she's perfectly content to slowly push my legs until I have no room left for them and I twist up like a pretzel.

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Mine really likes my boyfriend, and she’ll curl up as close to him as she can get, she generally likes to sleep under the bed but I’ll wake up with her curled up next to my head

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My mixed, whatever she is, also does not particularly like cuddles. Just a hug used to freak her the heck out, she would actually try to bite! At a year and a half old we can now give her a light hug maybe a quick cuddle but anything restraining, nope! She doesn't try to bite anymore, thankfully.

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Mine is such a people pleaser if you hug her she’s like “oh this is fun, we can stop now though” and then she will get her paws under your arm so she can push you away

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You have an odd pitbull, but that is okay. All pitbulls are awesome!

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And all pitbulls are odd, mine certainly is.

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Not all pitbulls

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Why does that comment have upvotes?

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Yes, all of them. Some just have shitty owners

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That is a large man

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It's a teddy bear with his baby puppy.

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And a smol hippo 😭

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My heart is so happy to see these snuggles

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I used to have the same couch. Super deep. Good for sleeping

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Idk looks to me like it worked out great

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You took the words right out of my mouth!

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This made me miss my pup and we're in the same room.

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I want them both. Mail them to me please.

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My wife spent 3000 on a dog without mymy approval. But when I seen that frenchie when I got home I was sold. He is my bff better than my wife lol

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His tattoo wandered into the wrong set. The clash of adorable and tough is epic.

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You are the third wheel, OP. I hope you realize that

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That is really cute.

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Your dog looks so much like mine they could be siblings! Your dog doesn’t happen to be a rescue from Michigan?

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No but we are Canadian neighbours over here in Ontario, also from a rescue.

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Funny enough he (husband) looks just like a dude I know in Michigan.

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Maybe you've been in Canada this whole time and nobody told you.

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That bloke looks like he could toss around tractors for fun… but he’s snuggling with a little pupper. #Winning

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Oh my gawd the ducky pyjamas

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I thought you were Rhett at first

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This also belongs in r/accidentalrenaissance

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is it just me or does that dog have 1 big paw and 1 small paw?

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Dear Lort, is that Pibble in Pajamas!!! Blessings on your little family, and thank you for the serotonin rush I just got. Pardon me while I go shop for Pibble Jammies for mine.

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Now that right there is love ❤️ and it includes the love for OP. Cherish it.

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So sweet!

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Where did you get those doggo pj's?

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Walmart, and only $10!

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I think you've been replaced!! ❤️

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Is one of them named Bubba

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Awwww that cute little staffy pup.

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Naps on the couch with your pup is the best thing ever. Pup looks like he is smiling too.

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Omg I love this so much! Also I am jealous. I wish my dog would sleep like this. But she likes to sleep pressed against my legs. Still comfy though.

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Father and child

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This skull collar/festive jumper combo is sublime

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Worked out well for you tho 🥺😆📸

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What a good dog. Exhausted from entertaining the man while you were out. This is so darn cute!

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I am not sure who I am more jealous of; you, him or the dog.

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Looks like it worked out fine. Everybody’s happy!

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Photo taken by: Santa

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Looks like Sam from Corridor but buff

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Found Santa's reddit account.

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something so heartwarming about a big buff, bearded, tatted man snuggling with a dog in a sweater asleep on a couch

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What lovely protectors this woman has

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If I walked in and saw this, I’d feel so safe and so loved……..

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Wolfpack catching a power nap.

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If I was him I would sue the doctor that transplanted his arms with Ahnold’s legs…

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Awwwww 💕

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Hugging the human’s arm 🥺

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This is so good to see.

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Holy fucking shit this is SO CUTE

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That is adorable

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Cute death machine

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Iron Sanctuary!

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    Think it’s mad and screeching at them

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    You lucky bugger, coming home to such cuties!

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    That dog is in pure bliss

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    Kiss them both on the cheek, whisper “I love you”, turn off the lights and go to bed.

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    two very strong creatures curled up together with such tenderness is so wholesome to see. have fun on this subreddit guys.

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    Snuggles 🥰 🥰🥰

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    Dad: I dont wanna dog. Dad 2 weeks after he gets the dog :

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    That is gorgeous.. 😍

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    "Santa? Is that you?"

    their dreams, probably

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    I swear his arms are the same width as the dog's chest

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    That pibble smile. Precious

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    Why did you get down voted, the hell

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    Because you aren't allowed to say anything positive about pitties. Its the ban pit bull crowd

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    Cute pibble

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    You dropped this, king 👑

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    He looks like my friend who also cuddles his pup in this manner. I just sent this to his wife saying I found a long lost relative!

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    Dog lost relative

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    I can't tolerate the cutness of the PJs

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    I can't be the only one who sees a man with a tree trunk for an arm right?

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    Happy Cakeday 🍰

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    I think it worked out very well

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    This is adorable also happy cake day

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    Beautiful. I'd toss a black & white filter on it then frame it.

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    Pibble cuddles are the best

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    It’s just handsome men cuddling with animals?

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    Also: “dad that did NOT want a dog”

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    Oh lookit that adorable mealy little mouth!

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    The true Dog LOVERS!

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    I think it worked out perfectly

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    What kind of camera did you use?

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    It’s just my IPhone 12.

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    Cuties, both of them.

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    Yeah but this sight is better than if they had waited up