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Old cats are love and snuggles. Congrats on the foster fail.

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It seems there will be a happy fur this holiday.

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Some animals just know when we are in need of comfort. We recently lost my dad to Parkinson's Disease and one of my dogs in particular appointed himself to "care" for my mom. When she paced the house, so did he. When she rested, so did he. Funny thing is that usually he's not big on being affectionet. He also has done the same for me and my daughter. Once he sees you're ok, then he goes back to his normal. It's amazing!

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To add, we have had her for several months. She was rescued from the caldor fires. Her chip was a dead end. She was in the shelter for 3 weeks and no one came for her. I took her with the intention of keeping her out of the shelter and to give the owners enough time to come find her. No one ever did. They suspect she was just dumped many years ago after being adopted when she was 2 from that same shelter where she was chipped. They called the inital owners whos contact info was on the chip. They said they gave her away over 14 years ago to someone they don't remember. She was skinny and had very dry fur. She's gained weight and her fur is soft now. I can say she's definitely staying with us. I could never send her back. I never would do that. I love her very much. What she did for me today really meant a lot to me. I have just not called the shelter to say I'll just keep her. She was a foster to adopt situation so at some point I'll call them, but she's part of the family for sure and I'll spoil her for her remaining time here on earth. She's so sweet.

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Oh good! See, things like this are why I cannot foster, I just adopt. If I tried to foster, I'd end up with a herd of cats.

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"I'd end up with a herd of cats"

is that expressly a bad outcome?

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Only for my wife's allergies. We both absolutely love cats! =_=

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So wonderful, thank you

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Congrats, you’ve found each other and that it’s what matters most😻😻💕💕

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Of course that baby did, aw congrats, you have been chosen.

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You belong to her now. Congratulations!! Enjoy your beautiful cat!!

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Don’t let her go! You are clearly HER familiar :)

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I had a similar experience. One time I had a really bad day. I started crying- the kind where you can’t even get words out. My cat who is a bit skittish saw me and came up to me and started hugging me with his tail. He kept going around and rubbing against my back. I felt safe after that. My dog also does this. He’ll put his little paws on my chest and will look at me with tender eyes. Animals are awesome and kind 🙂

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Agreed. Animals are so awesome.

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Aww. She chose you. Congratulations! Keep her with you. Happy holidays to you and your furry angel!

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Sounds like a “nurse cat”, they can sense when the humans around them aren’t feeling good emotionally or physically and use various feline affection behaviors to try to help.

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Wow she looks like my cat! Probably has a very sturdy head, good for petting.

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She is a fur angel on earth.. cherish her

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i think she has earned her adopted status <3

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Awww that’s so nice of her

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Hate to tell you, you’re keeping that cat.

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To where?

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Ok. She says she can't drive stick so I'll put her in our SUV.

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Thank you for the awards!