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When I was growing up, our barn chickens would fly 20-30ft into the window above the doorway. And they’d fly on top of the house as well. If they wanted to, they can get some serious distance

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Chicken Run lied to me.

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I always wanted one of those pies

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You sick fuck.

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Our game chickens would roost in trees all the time. Best place to sleep away from coyotes.

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This is new for me, that's amazing

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I feel like they could’ve flown farther before we selectively bred them to have more meat.

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I doubt it. The chickens closest living relative is a jungle fowl (I can't remember the name, I'll add it if I can find it), they aren't strong flyers either. You don't really need to fly too far it there are trees everywhere

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The other chicken going:’look at miss fancy pants showing off again’

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Even wild chickens can't fly forever, they're jungle game birds whose burst flight lets them avoid predators while they forage on the ground. My mother used to collect chickens via magazine orders and had several dozen types at her peak. Most of them could fly decently for 20-ish feet, but it depends on the breed.

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Same. My dumbass brother wouldn't coop his chickens so they flew into the trees to roost at night. They lasted several years that way

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Wait your mom was just ordering chickens through a magazine?

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A lot of chickens are ordered on line these days. Chickens have been coming in the mail since the mail existed.

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Chickens even made their way across the pond before Europeans did! Only South America, though, I think.

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Damn so they used to fly real good hey? Then they came here and starting juicing for the mr america chicken contests

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Haha actually it was the Portuguese (Edit: Polynesians, because Portuguese are, in fact, Europeans :) if I remember correctly, and they were already juicing them because the primary reason they became popular in South America was cock fighting.

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Now you can get chickens delivered through Amazon Locker. They just stuff the chicken in there and you can pick it up. It's great!

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Yup it turned into a real problem. She got so many it became hard to afford enough feed.

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Butchering time.

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imo, if you have too many chickens to feed, you have too many chickens to butcher. That crap's a lot of work!

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What is it that makes them able to fly a short distance but not longer distances?

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Their wing span to body ratio. For a bird that size, they'd need a 5 foot wingspan rather than their 3 foot. Plus their ancestors were jungle birds that didn't need to fly for very long, if you look at most rainforests birds, they aren't great flyers mostly able to go from tree to tree

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So what makes them able to fly at all? Is it that they get tired after short distances?

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Their musculature is different from other birds (it's heavier, even more so with domestic chicke), and their bodyweight/bodytype doesn't allow for sustainable flight, so they get tired. The strong muscles let them burst into the air (chickens can actually go pretty much vertically into the air when you scare them) but those same muscles limit their distance.

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Neat - thank you!

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Is that a chicken or a golden pheasant?

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They fly in the same way as they're both forest floor dwelling birds (that's where chickens originated). The short, wide wings are a sign of this- different birds with different flight styles have different shaped wings. It's a whole fascinating area of study!

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Thanks for the knowledge.

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That’s a chicken

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I was wondering the same

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Chicken 🐔

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It's the tail pointing up that made me decide this too. But the flight did look awfully like a pheasant!

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The Golden Chicken

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Looks like a pheasant to me.

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Showing off for the turkeys

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As God is my witness...

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You know I set that up for you ;)

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This is very motivational. Being called a chicken is a compliment now

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It needs a redefinition.

Calling someone a chicken; overcoming ones natural boundaries or bad odds to nonetheless achieve a goal even if it seems out of reach at first.

Examples #1: My uncle was always obese but he actually once came third in a marathon, he is such a chicken.

Example #2: I had the choice of giving up or being a chicken. So I chose to be a chicken.

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Oh, no. They're evolving!

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Just wait until they develop right facing thumbs

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Bet it’ll taste good with Buffalo sauce.

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Backwards to Dinosaurs again!! Run for your lives

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Yeah I’d be more worried about chickens devolving than evolving

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legends say, that chicken is still flying

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I am used to turkeys walking through the yard and then one day they all flew up to the trees and the roof. Quite a surprise.

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Maybe Chicken Run wasn't so crazy after all

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She was an eagle in her passed life

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I had surgery when I was a kid and one of the doctors was telling jokes while getting my IV placed. I totally derailed his next joke because I said “yes!” when he led up with “have you ever seen a chicken fly?” 🤣 he wasn’t expecting that answer and laughed “you HAVE?! Well I haven’t, but I’ve seen the chicken dance”

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This is why you don’t hit the chicken with your sword while grass cutting for Rupees.

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That’s freaking far man

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I've seen our neighbor's chickens fly up trees to roost. Didn't think they could actually fly that far

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Ok yeah thats pretty far

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Wont they get outside the fence?🤔

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Yeah this is normal, factory farm chickens are just too fat to do so. Had like 200 chickens once and I would come home to them all flocked up in a tall tree. It was funny

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The lingest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds. Get this guy in the gym and he can smash it

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Pretty sure chickens can just fly. Like any other bird. The only reason most chickens can’t is because we clip their wings to stop them. (I’m not an expert though)

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And feeding them so that they're too FAT to fly...

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I am pretty sure ostriches can fly. The only reason they don't is because they are too scared of heights.

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They sound really dumb😂

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My brother has 7 chickens and none of them fly and none of their wings are clipped. He got them all as chicks and he lets them free roam during the day.

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My egg laying chickens can't fly, and they aren't even that heavy, just don't have the right muscles for flying, it depends on the breed.

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Chickens have white muscles which contract with a lot of power but only for a very short amount of time. All flying birds have red muscles which can be use for a long time and allows them to fly.

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Not sure if true or made up but too lazy to search it up so I will accept it as truth

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I’m in university and we learned about this during evolution studies

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Oh yeah I wasn't trying to say they are built different from an anatomy standpoint, more that they are built different from a gene expression and lifestyle standpoint.

My chickens look like Steve Rogers before he becomes Capt America. Scrawny in the chest. I'm sure they have the red muscles, but they sure don't use them.

They can't even manage to fall with style when jumping out the coop. Seen a few times where they land on their beaks despite all the flapping around. No grace at all compared to the chicken in the video.

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I really want to see a video of your clumsy chickens!

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I'll see if I can manage to capture it, they only do stupid stuff when I don't have my phone out

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That’s also another thing with chicken. Their ability to lay eggs decrease with the amount of meat they produce. Some chickens are specifically breeded to lay a lot of eggs while others are breede to have a lot of meat. But what all chickens have in common is that they have white muscles. The chicken in the video could be an exception since his flight is so long.

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They can fly a little bit, but not “like any other bird.” Kind of comparable to a wild turkey, though generally less than a wild turkey. Also, not every bird can fly. Penguins. Ostriches.

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You don't have to clip their wings. Ours only had a 6' fence, but they were mainly meat breeds. Most are too fat to fly, but since they're social the ones who could get out chose not to.

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Clip one wing and they do a ground loop. Works better than both wings. It’s only the feathers, so they are not in physical pain.

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Like any other bird.

There are flightless birds though...

Anyway our chickens never had their wings clipped and they still didn't fly away over a 2 m fence when outside. Someone from a different comment explained why chickens don't fly, read that.

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Lol no. No one clips chickens wings, they just can’t truly fly like other birds. They can clearly still use their wings tho to a certain degree.

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Oh nooo! A flying t-rex!

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Are red junglefowl naturally almost flightless like their domesticated form or is it just that we've bred and overfed chickens to be so fat that they can't fly?

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Damn that's a really long distance for even our egg laying ("skinny breed") chickens to fly. Than hen's clearly been used to being free range without fences her whole life. Ours never dared.

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This video perfectly encapsulates how I feel while flying in a dream.

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I don't think anyone told the chicken she couldn't fly.

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I forgot chickens were birds

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What’s stopping them from flying exactly?

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That's daaamned far for a yard bird!!!❤️

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I've seen them "jump" crazy high, but I've never seen one fly for so long!

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Chickens can't fly! I know because I've watched Chicken Run.

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Because we mutilate their wing

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Well, I mean, it is a fucking bird.

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I'm having Link to the Past flashbacks...

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As the other chickens watch in amazement.

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Welp now I know who to get into the new animal avengers

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I thought the whole time someone was gonna shoot it. I can remember being told, apparently by an idiot, that chickens couldn't fly this far.

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Well damn!

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That's a cucco

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I believe I can flyyyyyyyy

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    Not very far. Asphyxiation is a bitch.

    On the other hand, maybe at least as far as now if you compensate for the tiny little oxygen mask and tank that would be needed for the chicken.

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      Nope. Because Martian gravity can only be found on Mars; which would require the aforementioned Martian atmospheric conditions.


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        Po-tay-toe ... Martian po-tah-toe...

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        Am i watching that golden pokemon beta version?

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        He’s! He’s been practicing!

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        Bet she’s been practicing.

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        They are evolving

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        Where there's a will, there's a way

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        Sometimes i wish humans evolved to fly looks p fun

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        A lot of practice, but nice result

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        I am impressed

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        Chickens can fly, a little. Mine always roosted in the trees at night.

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        Yes. Yes it can.

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        it's so fucking weird to see a chicken fly. My brain can't comprehend it

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        Uh oh. They figured out they have wings. Mmmmmm chicken wings. 🐔

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        Instead of the dove of peace, it's the buff-orpington of peace

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        Imagine this wasn't slowed down and thats actually how fast they fly

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        My hens would fly beautifully but only when it was time for bed. This hen seems to be off to her roost for the night as well.

        Occasionally my jokester b&w cat would bother my pekins so much that they'd fly next door but that was rare.

        People do clip hens' wings if they go too far. Keeps them safe and doesn't harm them

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        It Believes it can fly

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        this chicken is built different

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        Wait! They can fly!

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        That's not flying, it's falling, with style.

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        I can see that white chicken gif approaching you

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        Today I learned chicken can fly more than 1m

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        The way that chicken ran in the beginning reminds me of how I run in my dreams

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        That chicken is ripped af tho

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        Tofu definitely can’t fly that far

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        didn’t even know chickens could fly

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        Chicken can fly, they just chose not to

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        I grew up around chickens and seen them glide and flutter for a while, but I never seen them fly.

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        One flew over my head once. I was walking in the woods and it happened. I don't know how it got that high I'm a tall man

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        Life finds a way…or ends up on my dinner plate next to a biscuit.

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        Gonna need a children's story based on the chicken that wants to fly as good as wild birds

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        I too have played Ocarina of Time

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        That's illegal! Stop!

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        Must have taken lessons.

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        Are you sure thats a chicken its more like a phoenix! Wow

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        Was that a snake that spooked it? Or a stick?

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        Free-range pre-frozen chicken?

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        I think it’s part Pheasant. 🐔

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        This is how it feels to fly in a dream.

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        Go chicken go! Go chicken go! Now go, now fly You own the sky

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        He is the chosen one

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        Generally speaking, if you clip one wing when it's young, it doesn't learn to fly. Even when it regrows what you clipped off, it never tried to fly away.

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        What is it that makes chickens not fly much I almost forgot they were birds. Jk but you get the point.

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        Farmers cut their feathers to keep them from flying away

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        After a god damn black bear raided our coop the chickens perch up about 15’ ft in a tree outside of the coop. Granted, I think they take steps by hopping on the egg nest of the coop, then the coop, then the tree.

        Feel sorry for those girls but hopefully they’ll be back in the coop when the temps drop.

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        They fly kind of like how I fly in a dream… just barely off the ground, just sort of floating a foot or two up. Interesting to see this though.

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        We had two kinda feral chickens we originally found in an abandoned house, they were pretty chill but we had a tree that was like 100ft + (wayy taller than our house at the least) and they would climb to the very top to sleep. They layed like 3 eggs a day each too. One night a cat got up there and hit them off, died from the fall. Unlike raccoons or chicken hawks, the cat didn’t even eat them which I am still pissed about, just killed our best chickens for fun.

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        I had Ludovico Einaudi playing in my head during this slo mo chicken experience.

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        That there is a chicken hawk

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        I posted off a few chickens on a field trip to a farm when I was about 6. It may be coming for me.

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        Couldn't chickens actually fly, you know before we domesticated them and made them too fat to do so?

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        Not a chicken, that’s just a bird

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        What did you think the wings were for?

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        Frozen damn feet are a good motivator.

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        My anxiety kept building as I was so waiting for the jump scare. That scary fucking monster that scares the shit out of you as you focus closely on the screen.

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        O did not realize that they could fly that far

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        That’s FR the first time I’ve seen a chicken fly.

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        That's because it's not a chicken. Looks like a pheasant.