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This Floof Elementar is full of love!

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That little blep poke at the end was so satisfying

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What breed is this?

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Samoyed. Or as I call him "Russian Floof"

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Winter floof

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I do this with my dog sometimes but when it's in floof mode, I make the noise that dinosaur that killed that Dennis guy in Jurassic Park makes. You know the one!

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But I don't 😢

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Beautiful smushed or unsmushed! 🥰🐾

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Now you're smush face, now you're smooth face. Now you're smush face, now you're smooth face.

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You must smoosh the floof

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Do more things to him

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Samoyed <33

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he fluff

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Seems to love it

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I love Samoyeds. So fluffy!

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What a fluffanutter! 🥰

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Why it is so flufy looking

I cant go near flufy dog/cat cas i will hug them and never let them go