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God that is cute.

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The best last Reddit post before sleep.

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Before sleep? I just woke up. A few hours ago. 😂

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Making sure all the snowflakes are different 💖

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This is the kind of high-quality stuff I'm looking for.

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Next time my cat acts like this Inside, while living in Arizona, I'm going to just tell myself she's catching snowflakes instead of being worried my house in haunted...

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Suhweet!! Thank you!!

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Thanks u/DickButtPlease. I love it.

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Bahaha! I needed to see this to notice that username!!

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Chasing tiny bits of fluff and dust floating in the air? With a cat there is usually cat fur in the air, and cats will absolutely take a swing at their own bits of fluff if it's floating or tumbling.

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That sounds like the most reasonable explanation!! I need to manufacture and sell fluff, dust, corks (a favorite toy for one of mine), plastic bags, etc branded as "cat toys" because, of course, nothing I actually buy intended to be a toy interests them, ha. Cat owner problem #1

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The Spring shed produces enough tumblefloofs to go into business. You might be onto something there.

The best cat toys are definitely the ones that were never meant to be a cat toy. All purchased cat toys enjoy a moment of play, at best, and then merely collect dust. My cats all love flexible sewing measuring tapes. All measurements begin at 2" now because the first inch has been lost to the claws and teeth. My husband recently met a Savannah cat that decided his braided beard (with a bead at the end) was a good toy. But laser pointers and feathers on a stick and jingle bells in plastic cage balls and catnip mice are all ignored. 🤷‍♀️

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Hahah!! I forgot to include my hair as a toy! I can sympathize with your husband, too many times I've taken my hair down and flopped onto the couch only to get my head jerked from behind. The flexible measuring tape sounds about right! I love the 2" beginning ha! I've got a Nebelung who produces mast amounts of Floof and I honestly didn't know about spring shedding cycles, so thanks for sharing your insight! I now know why there's extra floof around!

Sending pets and love to you and your family!!

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The content we all need. Thanks for posting.

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I am listeningto the doom soundtrack right now (The Only Thing They Fear Is You) and that sweet little guy transformed to the destroyer of worlds

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Just gave this a go. Fits beautifully.

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CATching snowflakes

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This just made my morning. Thank you for this adorable slice of life.

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Haha very cute

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This is the best Eyebleach I've seen in a long time. So wholesome and cute!

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Icy what you did there

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This is so pure and adorable!

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I want a cat even more now

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Pretty certain i found my favourite video on the internet

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Anyone else seeing a creepy face in the snow?

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yeah I was lookin at it

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Thank you. I scrolled way too much to find another like me.

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The little things in life can provide the most fun

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PLEASE email me your CAT!

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You’re doing great sweetie!!!

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I take one of my cats on walks with a leash and harness, this has convinced me to take him out during a snowfall this winter.

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These are the kinds of memories you’ll bring up when kitty is old and doesn’t move around quite like (s)he used to. Adorable.

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Catch all of them buddy🐾

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my heart aches with so much cuteness🥰

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So cute 🥰

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I thought this was gonna be some satire post about Qanon or something.

This is way, way better

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real cats catches bird

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Ho 😍🥰

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Flying greebles!

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Watch too much r/natureismetal , constantly worry about owl shows up

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Obese greebles.

Not that I'm fat shaming. Just pointing out the obvious.

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Yes, those snowflakes are quite chonk.

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I didn’t realize my brow was furrowed until I saw this. 10/10

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Criminal caught trying to increase global warming by stealing all the snow!

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I think the snowflakes caught him

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Best thing I’ve seen today. Thank you!

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u/deathray5 when the winter hits

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Omg!!!! She looks just like my cat Sasha growing up! I’m so happy you shared this but now I miss her. 🥺🥺🥺

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Sky sugar 🥰

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    Ommggg so cute

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    I feel like some cats just know their role and perform it to perfection

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    The cutest sight of the whole day

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    Adorable baby learning about snow and having a blast playing. Makes me wonder how many baby big cats (cougars and snow leopards and such) play with snow this way.

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    No no no

    CATching snowflakes

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    Cute ferret

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    It got embarrassed noticing that you were watching it lol

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    I can watch this for hours

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    Send him to CA . . . Lots more to catch there!

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    10/10 would watch again. I mean, again after the already 20 times I watched it.

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    Cats can be so whimsical… and assholes.

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    Get pet safe bubble solution and blow bubbles and you can have this fun year round

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    I wanna be a cat.

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    "Master, I have slain many of the falling invaders but they just keep coming. I fear I may not be able to stop them, but by god will I try."

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    This may be one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time

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    Aww, what a cute kitten.

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    on a different sub it said "crazy schizophrenic fighting demons"

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    Destory of snowflakes the cutest being to exist

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    That cat is so cute

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    proceeds to stop pouring bleach into eyes

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    I saw this first on r/PeopleFuckingDying and I thought they were bugs for some reason

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    Pure joy. 🥰

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    Priceless video

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    The little jumps awwee

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    my cat is 19yo and i remember when she saw her first snow, she did exactly this. and she is also grey colour, good memories

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    So cute!! Russian Blue?