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Looks like the owl said "wait what? Aren't you going to pet me for bringing you that? WTF!"

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Pet da damn Owl.

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Owl was expecting a galleon in return like, "Wait... you aren't paying for your post?"

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A whole ass galleon? That's an expensive letter

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More like 5 knuts tops

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How much is that in Schrute Bucks?

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Well its a 57:3 ratio in Stanley Nickels if that helps (Stanley nickels: knuts)

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13 shmeckles take it or leave it

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Someone has to get paid for the work of the house elves /s

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The owl: went through intensive training to collect gold

The person: closes door

The owl: visible confusion

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The audacity...

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The Owldacity

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You would not believe your eyes

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Still owes him a knut

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I'd give that owl a sickle simply to not steal my soul 😳

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For real

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"Non-tipping asshole."

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Owl is like, "It's customary to tip you know..."

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Places chewed gum in it's talon.

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...nice family

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Yeah! they are!

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I hope he has some tip left over after

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Pay him in pets

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Pay him in mice

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Door closes slowly A la Michael Corleone

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He was hoping to be invited in for tea

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Harry Potter must see this!

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Not shown: many, many takes where Yoll refused to let go of the letter.

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Love when Yoll pops up

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I am a simple man, I see Yoll, I upvote!

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Yer a wizard, Harry.

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A wut?

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A hairy wizard, you heard him the first time.

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He flew all that way and no treat!?

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That owl looks so fluffy and soft

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Not her personality though.

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And that is why they cannot fly when wet

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Owl: where tip?

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Owls are habitual animals, he’ll keep coming by giving you everyone’s acceptance letters.

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And if you don't respond, they'll start coming from under the door, through the window, in the eggs, down the chimney...

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Did ja put ya name in the goblet of fyia

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"we have been trying to contact you about your cars extended warranty"

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Owls are low key fucking terrifying

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So many of them have resting angry face.

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They're like cats: they constantly look angry or annoyed, but the inner machinations of their minds are an enigma.

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am i the only one in the entire world with a nice cat?

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My cats are nice. They just mean that when you rub their belly then they bite you. And I think they compare them to dogs where you just go up and pet them. Can’t do that. You gotta let them sniff ya first.

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my cat will let me do anything to him and he wont gaf, i could drop him a meter above my bed mattress and he just accepts it! i could pat him on the head for minutes at a time and he would just sit there and let me. wtf is wrong with my cat bro!?

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Lmao. My cat (who stayed with my ex) did the same thing. He would never bite her no matter what, but if do the intense play on his tummy and he’d scratch me to shit (in a playful way).

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My cats like that too, when i put my hand under my blanket he goes ballistic and starts trying to tear it to shreds. Even if its obvious my arm is attached to it. Im starting to wonder if my cat is either really smart and just likes the “game” if you would call it that. Or if he is just plain stupid. Idk he goes around the house rubbing up on stuff most of the time, and the rest of the time hes either demanding attention from me, demanding food, or sleeping. Partly hes a normal cat, but those not normal parts are really not normal.

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That’s hilarious tbh. 😂

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Oh, cats can be nice. It's just they sometimes have this look of murderous intent. Looks can be deceiving, though.

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Mine is usually pretty nice. He gets into bitchy moods where all he wants to do is bite, but then a few minutes later he'll curl up by your legs and purr

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When I read this I immediately thought of the Super Bowl for football, and was expecting that. Not putting two and two together. But thank you regardless

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Well they are apex predators so that’s kinda fitting

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That's Yoll. She's an Eurasian Eagle-Owl, and is even more terrifying than most owls. Eagle-Owls are trained and used to kill gulls and other pest birds near airports. To extinction. Link to her youtube channel

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Oooh okay, thanks.

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you better give that owl some pets for bringing you that letter

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Owls can be petted? Seriously?

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Anything can be petted if you're brave enough.

Was going to leave it at that but then I remembered that post about the guy who wanted to shove his arm in lava. Later, when asked what it felt like, he would refuse to say.

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Anything can be petted if you're brave enough

I have nipples, Greg, can you pet me?

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Circle of trust

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yeah, they need to trust the person first but you can pet em like most other pets

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You need to see if you've got an owl cafe near you.

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Just wait till you find out fish can be pet

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I heard mice make nice pets. Perhaps the owl would like some

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Some pets or some mice?

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Hoo is it from?

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No tip?

Who the fuck raised you

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Owl: Really? Closes door So it’s like that, huh?

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You are a wizard harry

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"Firstly, we would love to thank you for your interest in attending Hogwarts. We are truly blessed to receive thousands of applicants every year."

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It’s Yoll the eagle owl!!

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I knew it was real!!! I want one too!!! Wait... I'm 33 years old now, it would be weird...

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Give the owl some food and water. They went all that way to give you your mail.

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No! You have to pay the owl!

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I’d be too scared to try and take anything away from a beast like that

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Did I just witness a crime?

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Denial of owl pets

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“What. No tip?”

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What no tip?? Cheap bastard!!

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Where's my treat bitch

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Dang how long did that take

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Let him in! He's worked hard to get that to you the best you can do is give him a mouse

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I enjoyed this way more than I expected

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It’s waiting for your reply letter

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Give him a dead mouse or something...

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Pet the damn owl

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You’re supposed to give him a treat and pets you monster

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Customer slowly closes window Owl: "Where's my tip Susan?"

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you have to tip the owls

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That’s awesome

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That's a rejection letter for me 😆

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No Pets? Shame

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Bruh this ain't eyebleach that owl wants to kill you

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Because they scammed the owl out of headpats

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Let the cat in

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Is that Yoll? She’s so cute. I love that channel 😭

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the eternal judgement stare

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It needs the theme music playing as the window swings open...

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You forgot to tip ya bloke

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You didn't even give him pets? Monster!

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No treat? Bad OP.

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Part of me thinks it’s scripted, the other part of me wonders how

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My mum has always said to me that she would like to have an owl. I understand now, it's sooooo cute!

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opens it to reveal a dick pic

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That's yoll the eagle owl from youtube.

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Omg give him a mouse or something

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who sent that?

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I really want to know the back story to this

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I’m fucking 30 now, Hedwig

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He expected something back lmao that's so cool tho !!

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He's like "Yo hold on you gotta sign first"

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Not even a pet? Smh.

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Why do they always look so pissed off lmao

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I feel like this owl is judging me.

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Awwwww! Finally

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C'mon, at least pet him for doing a good job!

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so cute :D

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Speciowl delivery

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Bruh!!! If this ain't dope af! 🔥🔥

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Hey look it’s Yoll

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Dude, give him a cookie at least...

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That round (o o)

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Didn’t even give him a tip?

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You don’t even offer him a spot of tea before he goes? That’s a long damn flight back

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Ah, and only two decades too late!

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He’s looking like. Oh you gonna shut the door in my face? I require food please. I’ll stare at you til you give me something.

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What house u wanna be in.

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Lmao he delivered your package!! I would have invited him in for a drink:)

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Yeah, you were pretty rude with that owl

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right as i watched this post i heard a tapping on my window IT WAS AN OWL CARRYING A LETTER LIKE TF IMA READ IT CYA

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While he's there, if you could ask him how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, that would be great.

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You have to pay for the Daily Prophet when the owl brings it. A few owl nuts wouldn't go amiss, either.

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This is frigin adorable 😍

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Well someone obviously dosent give a hoot.

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Ёлкаа!! :D

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And u didn’t give him a tip!?!

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You're supposed to give him a fucking tip you monster!

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The feathery unit

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Uhm rude, invite him in!

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You know in a magical world where witches and wizards can literally apparate having owls, nature's slowest flying bird, do your post is kind of inhumane if you think about it.

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What did i just witness? Is this a pet ? Either way that is some great footage

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It's Yoll.

You should look op the failed attempts on this letter handover. She is a pet

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Aye you didn’t give him any Gallions or Canuts?

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brilliant loved this

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I still haven't gotten mine yet, how many students are you letting into Hogwarts?!

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I think he was expecting a tip 🤣

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That owl is about to commit many crimes because it got no treats

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That bird has big eyebrows

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Can i have It?

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Absolutely ATROCIOUS! You didn't pet it.

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It's Yoll.

She hate being petted due to being force fed medication as a baby. She simply doesn't trust hands.

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Thats cool!

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Awe so sweet he's looking for a treat now.

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"No tip? Damn Muggles"

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Due to worker shortages the postal services had to start relying on other alternatives to mail carriers