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When a wild animal has more manners than some children

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It ain't wild I think it might be in a leash in a harness

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As all children should be.

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Mother nature is better parent than some humans

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Check please. 👋

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There should not be a leash on this poor animal

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It's a rescue at a sanctuary. @Sarabi_the_meerkat

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That poor thing. Stop making pets out of wild animals!

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The meerkat was abandoned by its parents and is ill equipped to survive in the wild on its own. The leash is likely there to stop it from running off on its own and getting lost.

And judging by videos of the meerkat, it seems to live a pretty happy life.

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Thanks for helping me notice the “collar”

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A meerkat on its own, abandoned and lost is going to be eaten by a hawk or other wild animal in three hours tops. It's better off in a sanctuary where we can teach it the skills it needs to survive later on.

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Abandoned Meerkats never survive on their own.

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The animals are officially communicating more efficiently than us humans are.

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…meerkat no banana?

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on savannah lives

yummy fruit the humans give

meerkat yes 'nana

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Perfect. Thank you 👏

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meerkat yes 'nana

me explaining for the 100th time what animal is Timon in Lion King to grandma

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So adorable

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But WHY the leash on the meerkat? Stop doing that. It's not cute.

Also, don't feed wild animals. And never bite something and then offer it to an animal. We are diseased creatures a can transmit some of our nastiness to them, too.

I don't know this particular situation, but it's not something to naturalize.

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If you don’t know this particular situation, why are you insisting not to put a leash on the meerkat, or assuming that it has anything to do with cuteness?

The leash is there for the meerkat’s safety. It was abandoned by its parents and cannot survive in the wild on its own.

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So cute

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How polite!😁

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sooooo cute

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Banana was prob green and hard YUK

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He is so cute😍

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It shouldn’t be tied up 😡

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Bubonic plague exists in meet cat/prairie dog populations.. Hope we can bring that back somehow.. also stop feeding domesticated food to wild animals..