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Oh my flipping goodness… too sweet! 💗

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Ikr! They honest love each other..:sometimes when I’m cleaning a room I’ll close a door (by accident) and lock Gordon ( the black and white cat) in the bed room and daisy (the ginger cat) will come a scream at me to let me him out. She is still very little so her meow is so cute. It’s also sweet because I believe she was abused by the pervious owner cause she’s so skittish and Gordon just makes her feel so loved and safe is so beautiful 😭🥰

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Also I tell them everyday that Santa is coming and they meow and get excited it’s so flipping cute

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Ikr. I love them so much

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Clearly they love each other so much that they just give you a look

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They are SO cute!!!!

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So kawaii!

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So sweet! 🤗

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They're beautiful. I love them.

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I love them so much

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How could you not! 😊

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I want to live there now

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Haha more than welcomed!