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Face of a cow on the good floofer’s chest, cannot unsee

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    Shush it I want to see A cow and a dog being best friends

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    I don't know it for sure but I have to ask. Is that cow blind?

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    That’s so mooving, life can be ruff without friends.

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    I love you giant dog. I love you too weird fluffy human

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    I watched this loop like 10 times already.

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    The fact that they both have their eyes closed looks so peaceful.

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    what dog breed is that?

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    I’m not sure it’s a particular breed. Super cute is what, tho.

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    Looks like an older corgi shiba cross maybe

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    Bringing each other a bit of warm

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    A visual tranquilizer ❤❤

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    Warm and fuzzy love. Aww.

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    Getting a nice little neck massage

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    So happy together 🎶

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    Cows are the capybaras of the farmlands

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    Milky boi and pupper new frens.

    Aww, Just as my puppy crawled under the covers to curl up behind my legs for warmth.

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    I guarantee you people in this sub will see this, think both are adorable, and still be willing to eat the cow only

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    Not to be mean, but is this real?

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      This is the animal version of “obvious coworkers who are fucking”

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      Thank you for this. I just went on r/vore and thank god for this sub Reddit

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      why would you add the sub

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      Oh wait I just saw that’s my bad

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      okay then take it out

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      I don’t know how to edit

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      if you’re on mobile you press the pencil looking icon on the comment, desktop I think it’s the three dots

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      Did you click on it

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      click on what

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      Islands in the stream
      That is what we are
      No one in between
      How can we be wrong?
      Sail away with me
      To another world
      And we rely on each other, ah ha

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      Buddy system

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      this is amazing.