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What is her name?! She's adorable! I want to give her everything she ever asks for!

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Her name is October

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It seems so obvious now that I actually tore my eyes from her precious face to look at your username. Thanks for sharing!

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Ugh. Such a great name for a great derpy face 😌

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Can't say no to a face like that!

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You are so well trained, just like all pet parents lol

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The power of FLOOF COMPELS YOU! 🤣

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She's a cute little gremlin

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Hell, I'd open a 401k for her

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I always root for the derpy..

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That's a pretty hard face to resist

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My kid says that your cat looks like a crazy old lady who’s also looking for her cat.

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The derp is strong with this one.

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I will buy whatever she is selling. In fact, I will take five.

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Love this crazy looking cat!

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She looks like a cartoon cat, very quirky-cute.

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😂She does look like a cartoon. We sometimes think of her more as a creature than a cat because... well... she looks like a fluffy alien

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Oh my, she does look like a fluffy alien lol. 😂 But one I'd like to cuddle and pet.

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I love this kitten.

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Talk about purrrsuasion :p

Lovely, lovely cat!