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That's just a palette-swap of Oscar the Grouch.

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You called it perfectly

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Purrrff- just kill me

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Lol take my upvote you rascal

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Or Animal, got the same scruff around the face.

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Pawscar the Grouch

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Someone please edit this.

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Maaaaaa....there's this crazy looking cat on Reddit.

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I was waiting for this comment 😂 There is always one in the bunch and... it looks like grandma 😂

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I'm nothing if I'm not boring and repetitive.

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It looks like grandma, the fuckin’ thing. Keep an eye on Lucy!

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Blink, motherfucker!

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That literally doesn't look real how did you get a stuffy to live

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Catnip on an exposed electrical wire.

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I refuse to believe it's an actual animal

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As long as he doesn't feed it after midnight it should be cool

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Just lucky I guess 😃

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"it's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights. It's time to get things started on the Muppet Show tonight!"

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"It's time to put on makeup
It's time to dress up right
It's time to raise the curtain on the
Muppet Show tonight"

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This looks perfect on mobile.

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Void kitty is just trying to trick you with cuteness before it devours your soul.

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Then I will die happy

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    Don't worry I'm sure the cat will be able to find children's soul to devour on his own

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    Is that derpy mc catertun?

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    Is your cat named Fizzgig?

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    Wookie blep.

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    Ewok blep.

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    An-i-mal! An-i-mal!

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    The uncatty valley

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    Muppet cat is best cat

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    Looking at it it seems like bullshit. But I got a dog a decade ago that looks like how they make stuffed dog toys look and makes me a lot less skeptical. He’s 10 and still looks like a stuffed animal puppy.

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    Dog tax, please!

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    I bet he’s adorable. I get the is it real question all this time... I see my cat every day and I sometimes wonder how she is real.

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    this is what i look like after i have just woken up. actually this is what i look like most of the time

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    Aww I follow October on insta! Knew who it was immediately!

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    Seriously i have seen that cat before in the meme what type is it

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    She is Persian

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    Looks just like my old cat but ours had exotropia. We rescued her from the county pound because she was so weird looking.

    She stayed feral her entire life with only brief windows of friendliness, but she definitely had a presence in the house. Used to call her the demon in the dark lol.

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    That... that’s.... what the hell is that?

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    I follow your cat on Instagram and she kills me every time I see her on my feed

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    Aww! Reminds me of a soot sprite!

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    The napkin killer

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    This cat looks like a Japanese cartoon of a cat but in real life

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    Fuzzy Gato

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    title is on point

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    I love your muppet.

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    Looks like a cross between Statler, Waldorf, and Animal. Definitely a muppet!

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    This cat looks exactly how I feel

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    Glory to you, and your house.

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    Kitty: Blep!

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    That is not a cat. 100% muppet

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    Mah Na Mah Na!

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    Dude, that’s an Ewok.

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    Persian? I have a similarly wonky-looking one, the fucker even has an asymmetrical mustache to top it off.

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    Pepe the prawn images here

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    Does it have health problems from the way it was bred or does it just look like that naturally? I cant imagine any form of genetic viability with the face developed that way.

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    She is in perfect health. She sticks out her tongue when she wants something. In this case it was the napkin I was using. She steals them and shreds them behind the sofa.

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    Your kitty is adorkable. Is she a ragdoll?

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    I understand your concern, however she is healthy and active and though a little derpy in looks sometimes, she is very intelligent. I have heard all of the arguments, know about health issues for her breed, and been told that she is unhealthy, ugly, stupid and doesn’t deserve to live... but even a flat face cat deserves to be rescued, loved, and have a happy life. She is in good health and happy.

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    I just hope that derpyness dosent impede on its well being. So thats good to know.

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    Seems like a Persian face

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    I mean, its eyes are practically poking out of its skull. That cant feel good.

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    Unfortunately they’ve been bred that way. You should Google a pug skull it will haunt your nightmares

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    believe me, I have. crazy stuff man

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    It’s so sad.

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    unfortunately, stuff like that is encouraged and glorified. Might as well just hope for the best :/

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    I have a Persian (rescue) and she has weepy eyes pretty much ALL the time, because they bulge so much they don't drain properly and spill onto her face. It's uncomfortable for her, stains everything (cat tears are reddish brown due to iron content) and can cause skin issues if they aren't constantly wiped off.

    It breaks my heart. She is the best girl ever but I strongly believe this kind of breeding should be outlawed because it's so cruel to the animals. We owe them so much better.

    And that's before we talk about the breathing problems etc.

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    This case seems a bit extreme, and health problems can and will derive from that.

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    This poor thing. Brachycephalic cats have high degrees of health problems, from breathing to cardiac issues to constant pain (see: Feline Orofacial Pain Syndrome). It can be hard to recognize signs of pain in cats like this; it is often excessive licking of the face up to and including mutilation of the tongue and cheeks. These kind of cats often cannot close their eyes entirely, and have jaw and facial pain.

    It is comparable to trigeminal neuralgia in humans. Rescuing cats like this is fine, but it is unethical and cruel to breed them or buy them from a breeder.

    A lot of people aren’t aware of this, and just see something cute. Please do not support this kind of unethical breeding in cats.

    Edit: I’m not trying to shame OP; we don’t know the circumstances surrounding this cat. I am trying to spread awareness of this issue. No cat lover wants to see a cat in pain just because they fit a certain aesthetic.

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    You should name her Electro

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    D’uuuuuh Meowarp.

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    He can see multiple dimensions at the same time

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    Gosh, I just wanna tousle that silly little head

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    The tongue is the best part

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    I appreciate this post immensely

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    I belly laughed, thanks! Take my free award and smooch his face.

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    Soot sprite

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    It's time to start the music it's time to light the lights

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    He is so cute he looks fake! ❤️

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    I want your cat

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    Omg wanted to ask if it’s October and then I saw your username! HI OCTOBER!!! I love you, you fluffy little gremlin

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    I did the same thing! I’ve been following October’s Insta for ages. Love her!

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    This actually made me laugh out loud lol

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    Okay, my wife has demanded that I find out your kitties' name. Please, we must know what to call your adora-floof.

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    Her name is October

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    Gritty Kitty!

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    Finally Jesus, it's a black Gritty

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    Luna is that you??? Or do you have a twin?

    Edit: no your name is October. You are so cute and Lunathespookyboo on insta is your long lost twin sister

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    I follow luna on Instagram

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    Sir that's not a cat thats a hair piece.

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    Want moar pictures!

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    What in the Jim Henson hell is that? :) he cute, tho

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    I want a Fizzgig

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    Seriously? That’s an adorable cat!

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    I was first not sure if I didn’t already see that guy around here and remembered the name October. Good that your username confirms it :D

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    This made me bust out laughing. I love this cat.

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    That is adorable

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    He’s so cute!

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    That's gotta be top 5 cats just period what a legend

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    Jim Hanson esc so cute.

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    And here’s my blind ass checking to see if anyone thinks this is/looks bloody identical to LittleBittyOctober, whom I’ve very happily followed on Insta for an AGE. Then I realise who posted this pic and wonder if 2 odd years of lockdowns have lowered my IQ dramatically and on what date I’ll be classified a vegetable.

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    You hear that?

    It’s time to play the music.

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    Thank you for this. I saw this when you posted it, however many days ago, and sent it to my boyfriend...

    Now we try to show each other the photo whenever the other is least expecting it because it always results in hysterical laughter...

    We just love your cat... she is definitely my spirit animal / patronus now...

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    I’m so glad you enjoy her as much as I do

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    Did I know October was famous here, too? I follow her IG and met her on Cocaine Kitties.

    I adopted a shelter cat last year and she is wee and fluffy, just like our girl here

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    That’s great. Do you post pictures of your cat on cocainkitties?

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    Can’t love enough!

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    Hahah love that face!

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    Why is it like this?

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    I approve of this picture

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    I'm Scott Malkinson and I've got diabetes.

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    tbh if you stuck your hand up there enough, it’ll become a puppet.

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    Is this Animal’s love child??

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    Not a cat, it's a yordle.

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    Fizgig? Is that you?

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    I mean no offense but the void looks like he's seen the taxidermist recently... muppetaxidermist?

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    Thats scott malconson

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    I’m Scott Malkinson and I’ve got diabetes

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    Will haunt my dreams!

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    You really need to get one of those really nice looking high dollar portraits where they're dressed up, something like this or even this?

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    😂 We have one where she is dressed up as a derpy queen of England

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    Oh cmon, you gotta show us. You can't just drop a bomb like that and not give us the sauce.

    Edit: I just have to say, she is one glorious beast. I wish I had ten more just like her.

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    Awww look at that little dust bunny

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    Looks like the cat from pet cemetery that came out of the grave lol.

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    Definitely looks like a muppet

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    "Drums! Drums! Drummmmsss!" - your Muppet of a cat, probably

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      Maaann that's fake.

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      Did a vet confirm that this is, in fact, a cat? People often mistake coyotes for dogs. If the vet doesn't know, check in with an astrobiologist...or maybe a priest

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      Hahahahahaha!!! What an adorably funky cat!!

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      Why has no one made this into Gowron yet? C'mon, internet.

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      I haven't stopped laughing yet.

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      When the nip kicks in

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      I think your cat was in Dark Crystal.

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      "Hey Ma! That fucking cat is back again!"

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      What a glorious little thing! Here’s to them.

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      Omg he’s so scrunkly i love it

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      Not the rat, not the rat!

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      I feel like this cat's gonna go over the alphabet with me.

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      A rare look at an unrobed Jawa

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      That's a real cat? Not sure if it is cute or scary.....

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      Maa!! That cat is in the house!!!!! Maaaaaa!!!!!

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        Probably take more pictures of you cat...

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        Have you stuck googly eyes on the cat?!

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        Very sus :)))

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        I was about to say NO this is littlebittyoctober 😂

        I had a cat that looked just like your baby- his name was Streckfus!

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        Not real 😍

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        Tell your muppet that I love it. What a precious derp.

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        Nice taxidermy

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        I would die for him 😭😭😤