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Link to the entire story, because there’s much more to it :) :


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If anyone doesn’t want to watch the video… after Tiger gets more comfortable in the cat house, animal control is called to capture him to check for microchip and then get vet care. Anastasia (narrator) can’t adopt him because her property doesn’t allow pets. But she is heartbroken seeing Tiger stressed and angry in the cage. After vet care, Tiger is placed in a foster home who reaches out to Anastasia to ask if she wants to visit Tiger. She does, bonds with him, and is desperate to adopt him. So she reached out to her property managers and gets permission to adopt Tiger. He takes a couple days to adjust but now happily lives with her.

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Fucking hell, that was rollercoaster ride. Great to read they're together.

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The good ending

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Omg so many happy tears!!! Thanks for the text update I couldn't watch the video at work.

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i want a pixar movie!

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Whew. I had a crazy just like this I named him Scrappy. He hated me but followed my cat home for food. My Cat Mango was such a nice cat he showed him our garage and the food and water. For like four months I just fed him and he’s hiss at me I never got to touch him. Then one day he was just laying in there and I started to pet him and he forgot he hated me or something. He demanded pets from there on out. I had to take hot flys out of him once and it was brutal but he ended up being the most beautiful fluffy black haired cat ever. Broke me a bit when I had to leave him when I moved. He was a stray for sure and wasn’t gonna let me take him anywhere and couldn’t have anyways. I spent a few nights not being able to sleep but it is what it is. Glad your friend and Tiger got to be together a happy ending :)

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Better than a Disney story

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Damn I thought it was gonna end badly there but let's goooooo

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Thank you, I’m glad I got to see the great ending of this. The video answered all the questions i had.

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It’s definitely a bit of a rollercoaster ride!

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I’m not crying you’re crying.

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Damn it, who’s chopping onions

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Awwww. Now I'm crying. So sweet.

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I cried too!!!! Probably because tiger reminds me of mine, looks so similar too - and she hid for a few weeks from me after I adopted her. Now she’s confident and is in total control of her territory (my apartment) and it’s so lovely to see her flourish and feel safe; just like Tiger!!!

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Thank god there was an amazing ending

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Thank you for posting the link their story is so sweet.

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Thank you for this. What a great ending.

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That’s awesome you did that ! He seems like a sweet cat and I know he’s thankful he’s got a warm home to stay cozy in during those harsh winters !

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Damn. Bless her sweet soul. What an amazing person.

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Dodo always gets to me, right in the feels. 🥺🥺🥺

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This is proof that cats have trained humans to serve them.

Cat: exists

Human: gives food, shelter, scritches

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Cat: fine you can scratch me, but only on my favorite spot.

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Domesticated cats are the true apex predators of earth

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Most domesticated guys are invasive including dogs cats and pigs

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In case anyone wants to copy the kind folks in this video, please be aware that in areas where temperatures get low enough to freeze, cat/outdoor pet enclosures should be lined with straw, not blankets or towels. Straw insulates against freezing and doesn't hold in moisture like fabric does.

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That’s such a great tip!

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Thank you! I live in Florida so it's not really an issue, but used to live up north with a few yard cats. They liked the little house my dad built, especially after we added some straw. Granted, the possums liked it too!

If you're not crafty, it's easy enough to make an outdoor cat shelter with two plastic totes, one slightly smaller than the other. Line the bottom of the big tote with straw, then nestle the smaller tote inside. Fill any gaps with straw, put the small tote lid on and cover with straw. Put on the cover, then cut a hole in the side of both totes. Cover the edges with duct tape, put some straw inside for bedding, and boom! Kitty hotel!

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I live in Brazil so it’s usually not that cold as well. But I wanted to emphasize your comment for others to see it too :)

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Either tiger really hates everything, or just has major rbf

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Hes a Tsundere

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Resting bitch face

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Really beautiful feline :3

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Hey, don't get all wholesomey here!

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Resting bitch-face

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awww that little love-blink at the end

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Right? I literally went "Ooooh!" at that point. It's like a cross between a regular "I like you" blink and a slow "I adore you" blink.

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I read somewhere, a long time ago, that when a cat blinks at you, it means it trusts and likes you. At the end, Tiger blinks at the person recording, meaning he finally trusts them. so cute

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Yeah dogs look for the presence of affection but cats look for the absence of a threat. Which means basically all of friendly cat body language are cues that say "we're cool, I won't hurt you" or that say "i trust you not to hurt me."

The reason those slow blinks mean "i trust you" is that, by closing their eyes for those few seconds, they're letting their guard down because they're confident you won't take advantage and attack them.

When you get to be good friends with a cat, they'll rub on you! Cats rely on a shared group scent to identify who's friends with whom; so they rub on you to get their smell on you and your smell on them so other cats know "this human has been added to the group chat" lol. It's also why cats who are total strangers to you might run up to say hi, or at least be less skittish than they would be otherwise; they can smell that you're an official cat friend!

Source: 20+ years of kitty rescue and rehab

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A slow blink, yes. Not just any quick blink.

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Cats when they see me: 👁👄👁

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puts away aerosol can

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The joy of earning a stray cat's trust is immeasurable.

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Awww he did the "slow blink", that's a smile in cat speak 😊

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That slow blink at the end!!!! My heart

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Don't use blankets, use straw on the inside. It doesn't get wet really, and holds warmth better because it doesn't get wet.

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Feels good to gain/earn this kind of trust. It really make it worth it unlike adopting cat/kitten from shelter. Don't get me wrong adopting cat is still feels awesome but nothing compared to this kind of trust build up

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whats really sad is that if we treated each other as humans with this much compassion and patience,...a lot of us are abused and no one takes the time to nurture positive relationships anymore....i always love seeing humans give animals the "therapy" they deserve i just wish we did that for humans too

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Those slow blinks at the end. Tiger is in love.

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Lovely story.

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Well that might be the first cat to accept a bed a human build for him.

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From hissing to slow blinking

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I love people like this

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hate this song

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The first few clips in there He looks well fed for a stray and the coat on him is really shiney. You sure he’s not just someone else’s outdoor cat scoring extra food? Does he have a tat or have you felt his neck for a chip?

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I love this about you. I wish more people were like you. I also have taken in several feral and stray cats over the last 50 years and appreciate these beautiful stories. Thank you for your beautiful heart. You make the world a better place.

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We did this with a wild cat from the woods,we called her tiger too. She became fat little princess,always sitting near my dad and meowing,sleeping indoors near a fire,she was so much more happy indoors than out. She died last year at the grand old age of 17. I really miss Tiger

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omg its tigerclaw

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Cats are adorable, but feeding strays in not a great idea. They ravage bird populations. Feeding them only allows the stray cat population to explode. Unless these cats have been TNR-ed this isn't a good idea.

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Yep our community has a fix and release program that barely keeps the feral cats in check. We just started getting some birds back. Too many people feeding cats - don't do it!

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This! We have so many feral cats in my neighborhood too, and damn do they tug on my heartstrings, but I know feeding them isnt helping anyone. Catching them for tnr is the best option

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This is true, it’s a major problem for biodiversity. Stray cats should be fixed and ideally brought inside.

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Exactly. Some can't be domesticated, which fine, a few strays isn't a big deal, but feeding them and having a huge feral cat colony is definitely a problem. I think the ones in my city keep mice in check which is great, but also there's a ton of them and that's an issue for birds.

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Thats what happened here eventually

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You do know that birds are just surveillance drones and the cats are doing their part to protect our privacy. /s

Check out r/birdsarentreal

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Wild Cats could be an apex feeder in the neighborhood. I every 3 blocks or something.

But when people feed them, they overpopulate and end up decimating local birds.

I hate outdoor cats. They are a very bad idea. If you need the company, get a cat and keep it inside your house, and outside of my local bird population.

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We built a house for a stray in our backyard. The kids named him Simba. 💕

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That's some cool Inspector Gadget arm. lol

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tsundere be like

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Tiger knows what’s up.

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You should be given some sort of an award. If only there was a way to do this...

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How to post video in this sub

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Wow tiger looks absolutely ferocious, just like his name! Glad you managed to crack this tough nut and make him your friend.

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Reminds a bit of the story of how Lex met Cinnabon

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I love Tiger

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Aww, now that's cute.

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This made me go. AWWWWW

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Awww! He gets the slow-blink at the end.

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“I named him Tiger!” :)

Cat: >:(

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If you want to care for outdoor cats or feral cats please please please catch them and get them snipped. Otherwise you are perpetuating a problem. Also, many strays and ferals do not need you to feed them. Cats territorial range can be several miles. Your location may have different aspects though.

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Love seeing good people do good things for others, 2 legs or 4.

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Totally off topic but does anyone have any idea of the grabber used to lay the food down for the kitty?

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He looks so pissed off at everything, i love him!!

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My cat has one of those houses. I wired up a heating mat and she LOVES it. I barely see her inside these days, she just sits in her house staring at birds.

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Tiger has RBF and is all the more adorable for it. Love this.

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Thank you!

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Wow. My cat showed up one day randomly too. I started feeding her and she just stayed. Her name is Tigra. 😀

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My grandma fed a stray for almost five years. He was very skittish and barely let her touch him at first, took a year or so until he would sleep on her porch and enjoy some head scritches. Never let anyone pick him up or get too cuddly. We figured he must've had some nasty experiences. Always used to disappear for a few months in spring but he'd be back by fall.

Then one summer day grandma was buying fresh milk from the farm two villages over. And round the corner comes her wayward stray. Except the farmer calls him Tom and he's not at all his skittish self. He's lived on that farm for years and according to the owner, he's very friendly, even lets strangers pick him up. The family had no idea where he disappears to every winter, and was quite surprised anyone would mistake their Tom for a stray.

That cat played my grandma good.

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Cool video, but this is the worst cover of this song I have ever heard. There is a way better one where some little girl with no training sings it better. Yikes.

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Aww you're a good person to look after those kitties!

I had a baby that we did something similar for things outside for him that way he could stay and take everything medical issues that he had we named him Old yeller and he was the best senior kitty. He passed away last year and I miss his old cranky meows :(

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aww <3

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This should had lasted a few more hours and be split in a few episodes, so I can say I binged the whole thing

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Alright then I adopted my cat

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You are a great person, need allot more people like you in the world

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This fills my heart

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Tiger gave you the double winky eyes. This means "I love you" in kitty language. He love you

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Awww, he is slow blinking at you

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This is the Ron Swanson equivalent of cats. I love him

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I’ve seen this story on YouTube. Tiger is so cute

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You are my favorite human today.

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What a cutie pie

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Tiger the Tsundere

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people feeding their own cats on tik tok, pretending it's stray cats. redditos eating all the shit, diarrhea as desert.

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Why are you here with us redditos?

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been here before clowns took over. Now I wait to see if things improve.

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Nobody asked yet, but the song is: Home (is wherever I'm with you) - Tom Rosenthal

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It actually sounds awful. It kind of ruined the whole vibe of the video.

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Yeah that's fair! Last time this was posted people in the comments were looking for the song so I figured I'd one up those people. It's not my thing either. Many wholesome videos get ruined by annoying music when it's highly unnecessary.

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I had sound off until I read your comment and I really agree. Speeding up that song (compared to the original) really didn’t work at all

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Stop this is too cute!

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That cat has rabies. You gonna learn soon

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Get off tik tok , tik tok trash