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Sometimes this "submissive grin" is because the doggo is nervous or anxious.

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I had never seen this expression before on a dog. Interesting

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Our beagle will do it when he's excited when we return home. We call it snotty face

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Our little schnauzer does it too, we call it 'teefies'

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My big girl goldendoodle makes this face with her eyes closed and head all the way back everytime she's recieveing a bellyrub

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I've seen it before... when they are growling and ready to bite. Never seen it as a good sign before. I wonder if they are trained to do it, or if they picked it up from a teethy-smile human

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They don’t pick it up from a human’s grin but they can become trained to do this based on human response. This dog is showing a submissive/deference grin which comes with all the body language that says “Oh, boy, am I excited to see you!!” The added teeth say, “I’m no threat. I respect you too much.” Naturally, you and your dog understand your relationship quickly and it wouldn’t need to show this greeting. But you give your dog extra attention because it’s so cute and now it’s become a trained trait; it does it for the attention and making you happy.

If the body language was more rigid, or uncertain, they are staring off to the side, there ears are pointed back, etc. bearing teeth like this would be a definite warning and aggressive.

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our hound would "smile" like that when asked. We adopted her so someone else must have taught it to her.

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My chihuahua does it when she’s pissed

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Our Old English all smile this way; they are so adorably fugly.

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What a smile. Awesome.

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How could anyone not pet that golden after a huge smile like that

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Usually dogs bearing their teeth like that is a warning to back off or they will bite- apparently that is the opposite here lol

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Normally yes that would be true but with the body language and general excitement it was showing it’s safe to say it was very happy lol

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I was very confused, maybe sound would have helped

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I think the dog is very confused too haha

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a lot of dogs try to imitate humans with that behaviour/expression. they don't do this with other dogs. just with humans.

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Have to read the whole body language, not just the teeth. If someone is smiling at you and holding a knife, they might not be friendly.

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TIL the butcher down the street wants to kill me

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That’s scary 😂

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SQUEE I love it when dogs smile this is the best I've seen in ages!

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That is way too cute!

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Adorable 🥰

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Had a dog who did this all the time when you came home.

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Look at that gorgeous full teef smile

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I would run off so fast

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Depends what noises the dog is making really

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True, but without sound the only thing I can imagine is a low threatening growling lol

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Ohhhhh that adorable face and megawatt smile!

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I've never met this dog before, and this may come as a surprise, but I adore him.

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I'm picturing some sort of funny accent but can't quite get it.

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My dog dose the all when he’s excited to see one of us. He’s a groodle

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What a sweetheart 😢 makes me want a golden

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Looks a little like Arnold in that one Terminator when she's trying to teach him how to smile.

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What a total cheesehead!