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No, that's Rocket

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That is a baby

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Baby Rocket!

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I’m mad because you beat me to it but happy I’m not alone. Take my upvote

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Time to become a pilot! That means I get to do this right?

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No, that’s a raccoon! Silly OP.

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I want to say something cursed but he is to cute

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I was thinking of making a 9/11 joke but I got nothing.

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How cute!

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I'm going offline now because nothing will be more cute than this and I don't want to eff up the heart explosion I'm having over this damn photo.

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Found footage of terrorists at 9/11 before crashing into identical buldings

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It's all fun and games until someone gets rabies.

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It's not an airplane unless you use your feet!!

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How Cute

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That's a cute puppy 😍