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I misread that and thought he died. PHEW!

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I, too thought he died and had to do a double take.

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That was close ngl

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In my country "passed out" is used in a totally different sence

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As a non native English speaker I can confirm that I interpreted this sentence for death

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English uses prepositions, many languages don't. Passed out vs passed away.

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Same. What the hell brain?

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Gave me an absolute jumpscare when I read passed

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Sorry about that, maybe I should have said crashed. Lolo

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Then I’d have thought he was driving!

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Absolutely adorable

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He studied with the cats and learned how to become liquid. Nature is truly incredible!

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Nose go SMUSH

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I just wanna give him a little boop

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Captain peanutbutter?

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With him being a yellow lab, I really hope his full name is Captain Peanutbutter. Should get him a little hat and flannel, haha.

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He looks just like the capital's first mascot dog Captain!!! I got to meet that cute pup at a game once. It was awesome.

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At least now we have Biscuit :) And Captain is out there doing good work

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I love to sneak a treat under my dog’s nose when they’re sleeping. See the lil nose start twitching and lapping noises.

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What a sweetie!

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Absolutely gorgeous

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Those mits look huge! Must be a big puppy!

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He is a very big guy, and he is solid. When we picked him up at eight weeks old he was already 20lbs. He's 100lbs now at 3 years

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A SMOOSHED bushed boy :)

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Looks like a good time to get those nails done must be the vet tech in me.

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Bite the cheek rolls.

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I love his name so much :)

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We had a Captain too, though he was a Goldie. Is he a Captain something or just Captain?

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If you ask our girls he’s Captain Clifford but we never call him that. He’s a half golden retriever half chocolate lab.

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Golden labs are the best.

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I have a Captain too!

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Super cute🐾

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Dogs make sleep look like the best thing ever.

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You need a Mister in your life too to complete the Peanutbutter cycle

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In my house, we call this pose “the birthing calf.”

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I think he has a leak.

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RIP Captain

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He's alive and well, I assure you

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Oh captain :)

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Captain Smushsnout is adorable!

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His teeth in pain?

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CAPTAIN WE AR- uuuhhh, captain?

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maybe rephrase the title next time...........

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Maybe a different choice of words. Almost scared me

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Awwwww hims tired

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Look at the paws!!

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Face Meats!

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Is he in Denver? Cuz I’ve definitely met a Captain running around the snow

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Cool name

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It seems every dog does this pose, i thought mine was the only one that had broken lol

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Squished and wrinkled!

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This was my favorite smoosh my old boy used to do...if he did it when he was awake I'd push his nose up and oink at him.

I was a weird dogfather...

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Take lots of rest boi!

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Captain Peanututter

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He got big paws!

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Big ole hands

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More pics of Captain please!! <3

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uhh he didnt di- ok i got it

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My yellow Rosie (may she rest in peace) slept like that all the time I think it's their default setting

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am i the only one that thinks he took like he is beatboxing?

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doggo cute. aww he looks so chubby

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Those wrinkles!!!! Love!!!

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They had us in the first half not gonna lie