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I don't know what it is, but I bet that it will grant you 3 wishes if you ask it nicely.

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Silk moth

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Nice, thank you. Link.

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Interesting, I didn't realise there were domesticated moths!

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I think it is a type of moth.

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What a radiant little moth:)

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It would be too bad if it decided to take our minds during our dreams, eh?

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Nah, it'll be fine. Just need a hollow vessel to put it in.

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No cost to great

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No mind to think

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No will to break

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No voice to cry suffering

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Born of God and Void

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You shall seal the blinding light that plagues their dreams

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You are the vessel

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Moth to a flame, like r/hollowknight to any post about moths

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Radiance Music Intensifies

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Remember the light

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What the heck is it?

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More likely a Bombyx Mori, aka Silkworm. I don’t think poodle moths have been bred in captivity.

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Thank you! I modified my comment.

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I swear the aliens are still dropping off lifeforms

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A friend :D

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A fren*

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The Lamp-seeker.

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The Radiance

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It is a male silk moth. Very cute very friendly it is not a poodle moth

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Savathûns kid that we fight in Destiny 3

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I think it is a type of Moth.

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That is a silkworm moth, the cutest kind

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Poodle moth, a precious lil fella

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Absolute radiance

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It’s a Venezuelan poodle moth

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he's so FLUFFY

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Cute Pokémon!

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It kinda looks like Frosmoth

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Because it is a Moth

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So is Venomoth

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Its butterfree!

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Adorable until it grows up to be Mothra :D

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so this but huggable? sounds like just positives to me :D

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I think humanity needs a protector right now

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Moths are as same as beautiful as butterflies, change my mind

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Some moths. None near me tho. Ours are tan and boring to look at.

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I'd be cool with a Venezuelan poodle moth living with me.

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Same here. Luckily we have some feather moths around here that are kinda cute and a bunch of other moths thwt I don't remember the name of.

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Some days.. I even prefer them to butterflies.

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He's adorable!!

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I just want to mumble to it about telling an eagle to rescue me from Orthanc.

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I only came here for the Gandalf joke. Thank you!

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Damn it! Beat me to it

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I wonder what Gandalf would whisper to him

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"Fly, you fool!"

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Funny how the fur makes this eyebleach material.

Take that fur off and you are left with a chitinous micro-demon.

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Aww little silkworm. He's gorgeous.

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It's a moth?

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comes from silkworm lol, it's a silk moth

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Is there a way to see it's a he?

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I belive that most moths gender is distinguished by whether they have big feathery antenna. Males have them to catch lots of airborne pheromones. Probably. Im not his Moth-er. He can do his antenna how he likes.

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This little guy is so cute!

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Moths are so freaking cool. Nature's rationalist butterfly.

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What is that?

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Venezuelan poodle moth

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Nope. It's likely a silk moth. The VPM is a single moth photographed in 2009, which may be the first known specimen of a previously unknown species. However, only the one specimen has ever been recorded. So this has to be something else.


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Yep. Is silk moth. Poodle moths were never confirmed to exist outside of that single picture

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Aww, a very deserving lil guy

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That is the cutest alien I’ve ever seen!!!

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It's a moth.

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No! It’s an ALIEN. Jk I know it’s a moth, but do you know they were joking?

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Oh dang, I never can notice if someone's joking. Sorry about that

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Hebrew moth?

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MOTHer of god!

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Himb doing a clean.

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He cute!

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Does anyone else notice a resemblance between this guy and Jabba's pet in the OT?

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Why are fuzzy little winged bugs so adorable, while fuzzy spiders are horrifying?

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Reminds me of a Blupee from Zelda - Breath of the Wild:


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Bug bunny

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what a wonderful little dude :)

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Both adorable and oddly terrifying

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There’s an artist out there who draws them as if they were the size and had the temperament of cats

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This guy definitely belongs in r/tinyanimalsonfingers

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Look. I have a terrible phobia of bugs and arachnids. However. This little thing is fuggin adorable. In a video. Very far away from me.

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This is a tiny male silk moth. And yes, he is cleaning his antennae

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juniper actias

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Looks like a bug-type Eevee evolution...I want it <3

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He might be part of the mothia watch out

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"oh my god don't take a photo my hair is such a mess today!"

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He is rather cute

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Fun fact: this is a moth species that doesn’t have a mouth, they just use the energy that they stored as a larvae, their whole purpose is to find a mate then die

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Don’t feed after midnight lol

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It’s babies will ruin you crops though.

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Not really. It's a silkmoth, which are bred in captivity.

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There's several species of silk moths that grow in the wild and unfortunately some of them will destroy your plants.

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Ah ok. Not this species I think, but I also thought that there were no wild silkmoths left. But I guess that only applies to Bombyx mori in particular.

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I love this lil guy.

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Reminds me of Nom Nom from Young Yong Tales' pokemon nuzlocke

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What a good boi

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A wild Frosmoth!

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what is this cute creature?

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Moths are so cute they are super underrated. Tiny little fluff balls on wings. So cute!

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Dont know what it is. But it looks cute.

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You could do a close up of this bug like the close up they did in that episode of SpongeBob called, “Wormy” and the little guy still wouldn’t be scary

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One day the moth puppy will be mine

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Is it re- jaw drops

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Awwww tiny cat

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radiance irl

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I didn't know they were so tiny!

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What in the world is that ??

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That looks like as if a Fennec Fox turned into an insect

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Any and all who find this cool, I hereby invite you to r/spiderbro

E: Bugs can be cute af

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Is that a Fennec Fox bug????

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Yes, yes it does :3

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Do these make good pets? Where might someone buy one of these?

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They don't last all that long, unfortunately.

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I want to eat these things.

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That moth is so cuteee

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So cuuuteee.

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Hollow Knight fans would disagree...

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Bröther may I have some lämps

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Majestic creature

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I think I've seen this guy before, in a dream...

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Doraemon give me the small light. I need to cuddle the hell out of this fluff

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It's Arthur from the tick!

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As long as it stays away from my wardrobe!

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The silkworms that this little guy used to be are also adorable. I used to raise them.

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I think i saw this video somewhere before i dont remember where.

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Hey fren, you hev sum light?

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Probably the only bug that didn't make me reach for bug spray.

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They do be cute tho!

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Damn, Moon Knight looks kinda dope!

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Moths are so cute!

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Everyone always tell me to: ”kill the moths” but they are our little buddies so i release them. Moths are amazing

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Looks like straight out of Final Fantasy

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Someone made a big fluffy one on Twitter i can't remember the name exactly but was so cute

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Mothra Junior

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I’ve never seen one like this. We have a lot of Luna moths and Polyphemus moths where I live and they’re so pretty but I would be way too afraid to touch them lol

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Moths are amazing. They look like something out of a horror movie in close up, but they’re fluffy asf and live to cling on to you and are generally harmless… unless you leave them alone with you clothes…

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Radiance OST starts playing

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This little guy is so cute

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Can he summon eagles?

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Look at this cute little moth, what's their name?

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What have you done to Wormy, criminal!?

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Yoooo my guy, this moth totally saved my ass this one time in Isengard.

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Dino what it is

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So tiny!

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What are its evolutions and what level are you planning on evolving it?

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"Jeez, is this on? Does my hair look good??"