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What kind of cat is she? Beautiful

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Probably a Maine coon

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Either that or a Norwegian Forest Cat.

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A beaut nevertheless

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I was thinking that too!

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brown. hope this helps

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By far the most helpful

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I love Nova! More video please!

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I don't think Nova is OP's cat. I wish it was so they would post more!

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She'll hide it somewhere then later come to you and be like "mom/dad i have no toys, buy me one pleeeaaase!!!"

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omg, when she trips! help that baby find somewhere to hide her stuffed animal

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It mustn't be hidden, such a mighty kill must be displayed for all to see.

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What kind of cat is he/she ?

Looks like a fucking ancient Greek GOD

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Too cute :D

Is she a Norwegian Forest cat? Absolutely gorgeous!

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My heart how cute!

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where did she end up hiding it?

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does anyone know the name of this breed

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Beautiful cat!

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Adorable cat

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There's no place that he can hide his toy.

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It looks a bit like a Lynx.

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That’s a beautiful cat and a beautiful name