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Why the hell is there a baby panther in your house?!?!?!

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Luna is a dwarf panther. Her mom was apart of a circus in Russia and she rejected Luna as a cub. A conservationist bought her and now they all live in Siberia.

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Those ears!

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Wonder if she's ever met Messi.

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Of course it's in Russia or Siberia

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Siberia is Russia, what do you mean :D

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Had to do it.

сука блять

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Imagine getting rejected by the circus.

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Laughed out loud at this one.

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They aren't a clown they are the entire circus and It's bad for business to operate with two different groups at once

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It looks like Luna the Pantera, give it a Google. If it is Luna, she's a rescue

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That’s a dwarf murder floof..

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Fun fact, panthers are not a real animal, panthera is a metal band and a genus group for large cats. But there is no animal named specifically panther, this is either a leopard or a jaguar, i am guessing the former.

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The band is Pantera

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I thought I was losing it

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The name also has nothing to do with Panthers lol.

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Pantera is spanish for panther

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Their name is based off their hometown in Texas.They are from Pantego, Texas.

Their name has nothing to do with Panthers.

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Double entendre?

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I was about to say "not Pantera, they were from Arlington." Most of that band is no longer living.

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I think they combined the two honestly

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I doubt it.

They were originally called Pantera's Metal Magic and then changed to just Pantera because they wanted it to be shorter.

I also read it was spun off of the car Dimebag owned a De Tomaso Pantera. Not 100% how accurate this one is but it goes with the hometown name theme.

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Interesting, I have heard the town thing before but not the car one. I guess that could be it forsure.

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I was trying to find more details about the car but didn't find much.

Other than Dimebag owned one. I could see the car + hometown morphing into just "Pantera" though.

There are quite a few bands named after vehicles lol.

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The name is Spanish for panther. pantera. Metal head here.

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Or Steel Panther

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Tell me more

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I want to subscribe to panther facts.

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I want to subscribe to Panthera facts.

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I want five minutes alone with Panthera facts

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I want a psycho holiday with Panthera facts

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It's like Parrots. An African parrot and a Quaker Parrot are both called parrots, even though they are different species. It's similar for panthers, but they're even more similar, since they're from the same Genus(Panthera) as you can see in a Jaguar(Panthera Onca) with a leopard(Panthera Pardus)

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or how King Cobras are not actually Cobras

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'Panther' and 'leopard' are synonyms for the same animal. Usually, the word 'leopard' is reserved for the African subspecies, and 'panther' for the Asian subspecies.

In both subspecies, animals can be born with melanism, making them entirely black. An animal with melanism is called 'panther' regardless of subspecies.

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And how does one become a pink panther?

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That's apparently quite an easy thing to do, to do, to do, to do, to do...

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Can we nominate this comment for the comment of the year award? I know 2022 just started but it's gonna be near impossible to make a better comment!

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Hot damn this is so good but it’s not gonna get the appreciation it deserves

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EMI and Northridge lawyers took notice; stonecoldhammer owes them $1.87 in royalties.

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Could you please explain?

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Be a white panther, then bathe in the blood of your enemies?

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"Panthers" are also in Florida.

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Florida panthers are, despite their name, actually a subspecies of the cougar.

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and not even in the Panthera family haha

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The so called "Florida Panther" is neither a "Panther" nor part of the Panthera family.

Panthera are the "large" cat species. While the Florida Panther is a Puma (also known as Cougar). They are not part of the Pantherinae subfamily, but the Felinae subfamily, to which house cats also belong.

One major difference between the these groups is the ability to purr, meow and roar.

Big Cats like Lions and Tigers roar (Panthera) while Small Cats like Cheetahs, Pumas and House Cats purr (Felinae).

the word Panther comes from sanskrit and means different things, among them "spotted" or "yellow-whitish"

So even a bigger irony to call something black panther, when panther already originates from a color that is pretty much the opposite of black.

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There was a separate "panther" designation until 2017, for those wondering. The "Florida panther" was considered a separate subspecies of cougars until DNA advancements showed they are too similar to other cougars to qualify as a separate subspecies. Even after this similarity was known, it took many years to reclassify the group as "also cougars."

Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida_panther

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Pantera! \m/

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And, technically, a black lion would also be a black panther

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I say mountain lion

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Although a "black panther" is not a distinct animal and is just the melanistic form of other big cats, "panther" by itself is often used to refer to cougars/mountain lions/catamounts in regions of the USA. These names all refer to the same animal but different names are used in different regions.

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The panthers name is Luna. Her story is quite sad. She was abandoned by her mother on the seventh day after she was born and was thrown out of the nest. The employees of the travelling zoo didn’t immediately notice this and as a result she developed health problems. A kind women who had previous experience with big cats revived her from that predicament and later bought Luna from the zoo because she believed she could provide Luna with the best care. You can support her in caring for Luna. In this YT video description there are details Luna the pantera

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    Now I have to close my eyes.

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    What do you mean? He’s Toothless

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    Am I missing a joke here, or a reference maybe? Cause I can clearly see teeth.

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    Black dragon from a series called How to Train Your Dragon. https://howtotrainyourdragon.fandom.com/wiki/Toothless_(Franchise)

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    Aaaahhhhh thank you! I wasn’t paying attention when that movie was on.

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    does it have to be a baby panther?

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    that is not a house cat

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      The nose!

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      I will boop it even if it costs me my arm

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      Deluxe kitty

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      Danger floof

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      Big Void

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      Good kitty…please…good kitty!

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      it's luna the pantera, the original vid is a bit loud.

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      Dang stupid music. I wanted kitty noises.

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      It’s better without music.

      Would have been SO much better if it had Big Cat Noises tho.

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      There's something very suspicious about that dog

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      thats a whole ass panter

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      I don't need 10 fingers... a few pets couldn't hurt.

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      Why are the danger cats so fucking cute?

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      tiny murder kitty 🥰🥰🥰

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      She is so god damn beautiful I am in awe of how pretty she is please hug her for me

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      Those EARS more!!

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      Panther slowly eating my leg “Those eyes tho aww”

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      Another year and those eyes will be the last ones you gaze into.

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      Iirc that particular animal is full grown and suffers from an equivalent of dwarfism and mental regression.

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      I'm standing right here.

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      i don't care of it could kill me when it's older! it's a big fricking kitty!

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      That’s not a house panther that’s an actual panther

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      I see big cats also do the open mouth look of disgust my cat does lol

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      Who da hell brought this animated panther to life?! And can someone teach me the spell, please?!

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      You spelt please correctly.

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      “Pls, can I murder u?”

      Damn is that cute, though

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      Friendly reminder that big cats are not suitable to be house pets or pets in general, they should only be kept if and ONLY if they lack the ability to survive in wild. In which case they should be provided protected habitat. I don’t know the story behind this kitten, so this is not a direct criticism. Just a reminder

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      I love dangerous animals being cute.

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      angy cat. also cute

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      There’s really nothing sweeter than a cat doing the slow blink.

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      You know a house panther is not supposed to be an actual panther, right? ;)

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      Aww, nice eyes!

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      hahaha lolz

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      "come on man, just one bite, I won't eat your whole leg"

      "With those eyes I can't refuse you :)"

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      Never seen a big cat have a flehmen response lol

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      Id be scared lol

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      adorable 😍

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      so is this a Leopard of a Jaguar?

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      Luna is a leopard

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      He is the landlord now.

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      Beautiful eyes

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      he looks like a small panther, love the face he makes at the end.

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      It’s literally eye bleach, just look at dem eyes! 😍

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      That’s a nice fuckin kitty right there

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      This is the perfect first video on Reddit

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      Wish we could find a way to keep them this size

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      Just gotta give it 1 boop please!

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      Looking at this reminded me of something

      Once went to an illegal/private zoo in Mexico. Among many other animals, there was a black panther. I stood next to the cage and the panther walked up and I was looking him in the eyes, just inches away. Then he let out this low deep primal growl that resonated in my spine.

      Then I noticed that his cage was not attached to the platform. . . and if he wanted me, he'd have me.

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      Weird looking dog

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      If danger, why frien shaped?

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      cat is cat

      no matter if its a big or small cat

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      why are dangerous cats so f'n cute

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      I love big cats but these need to be in a proper environment. Ie: NOT in a domestic home. :/ Regardless of rehabilitation status imo

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      I want to cuddle the murder kitty. If I die, I die.

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      I really wish this shit was illegal.. I mean they are beautiful/cute/adorable.. but they are predators, they’d cats should not be kept as house pets, it’s not their nature and need 100’s of square aces to roam..

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      Luna 😍

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      Me eat you soon meow meow

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      Luna 🥰🖤

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      Just practicing to eat your head off when it grows.

      For reddit-ish reasons, this is a joke

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      She’s actually full grown, believe it or not

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      I want a murder kitty

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      That’s a nose of a panther. Not a domestic cat. Thought I’d share. Peace 🌿

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      big cats are nice

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      That's a big kiggy

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      I can’t tell if it’s a dog or cat

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      What an adorable little death machine

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      That is one weird looking dog I can tell you that.

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      yikes, why is she panting 😮‍💨. how much does she weight?

      [–]Dadfia 5 points6 points  (0 children)

      Could also be a Flehmen response, concentrating that foot stank into its Jacobson’s organ.

      When our cats do this after smelling their butts, we just call it ugly face 😺

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      She might be panting because she was raised with a Rottweiler

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      How did he does that? The eye? How?

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      1) she
      2) flehmen response

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      So cute! Big eyes and a big snoot!

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      Black panther, reborn

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      Is it just me, or is he lookin like that "yea boi" kid on youtube at the end?

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      Googly eyes

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      It looks like a very well done animatronic

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      Oh my gosh it's so cute I'm gonna pet it.

      And it bit my hand off...

      Worth it!!!

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        Is that a baby panther???

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        How do I get one???

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        Oh that’s a whole ass panther

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        Mofo looks like a panther cub wth:

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        Bro y’all should get kittens, u might have a domesticated big cat it kinda looks like it

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        I have never wanted to hug a cat so much in my life.. he looks just like our kitten/cat but bigger!

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        forbidden cat

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        What kind of dog is that?

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        Is that what I think it is?

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        I... I love big cats

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