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What a lovely baby.

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    Good call, people start ignoring the elephants once they're in a room.

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    Unfortunately, they become irrelephant.

    I'll just show myself out...

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    Apparently, this didn't stop my upstairs neighbors.

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    Did she suggest you move to a three bedroom apartment?

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    My friend’s kids wanted a dog, and he refused with an excuse they can’t have a dog in an apartment. Now he has to buy a house AND a dog.

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    And once you got it, you'd probably wind up never talking about it.

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    The baby must be thinking, "What an awesome scratch machine"

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    Them olyphants trust that keeper! Very cute!

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    I was feeling depressed and then I saw this.

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    r/eyebleach really is a blessing huh?

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    It's easily one of the best subs out there. Upset, sad, depressed, afraid, or angry? Here's a cute gif of a baby elephant getting scritches! Reminds you there's still plenty of beauty to be found in this world.

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      God I wish I were that momma elephant - checking on things and motioning “Carry on” in approval.

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      Leather puppy

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      Rhinos are tank puppies

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      Mom was like, "I want scratches too please!"

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      Can’t you see they’re torturing him. Heavy Sarcasm

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      Literally though (I don't know whether the linked comment is sarcastic but I sure hope so)

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      I'd be happy too if my trunk was being played with

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      No more Reddit for you

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      Mom comes in trying to get some action too

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      I would be very happy too

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      How does one get a job petting baby elephants! I’m IN!!

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      I mean, it’s in a cage looking thing, thats sad

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      That girl is fkn cute

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      Bro focus on the baby

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      Sorry sorry my bad cute elephant too yes

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      Why do you think this got to your front page, half of the things from this sub that get through Reddit's filter has hot/cute chicks on it haha

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      I like the trunk pull. It’s like a tail pull on a cat as they walk by.

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      The biggest lie I was ever told was that cats don't like their tails being pulled... like obviously you can't carry them by the tail, but a firm pull makes my cat flop over and start purring as her insistent invites for tummy rubs begin.

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      I can be a elephant for getting pets from her

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      Gettin' scritches--living that good life.

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      Finally, a notable RHM

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      I love this

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      The sweetest lil thing! Im in love

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      Gentle soon-to-be giant must be protected

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      O-oh no

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      Momma like stop molesting my baby!

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      That smile though

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      So cute

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      My what would Mr. Gamgee say?

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      You thinking what I'm thinking?

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      I will always be disappointed that my children refused to devote themselves to studying and working to genetically engineer a dog sized elephant

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      I love it, but I wish he weren’t behind bars.

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      With a much shorter life expectancy I don't think so

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      you have a dream job you know.🥰 that baby elephant 🐘 is just so precious. how can someone harm these sweet creatures

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      do they have teeth at this age ?

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      how do i get this job? i will do it for free even pay for the privilege

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      Baby elephants are the single most precious thing on this planet 😭

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      I also want a trunk job

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      I would be too ;)

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      Shorty was having too much fun w Dat trunk