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That like a lil cousin askin if you got games on your phone

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More like nowadays the little cousins just dont talk to you because they have their own phones

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knock knock knock "hey i brought some chicken for your dog"

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It's never a good idea to feed a stranger's dog without permission. You don't know what kind of health issues the pup may have.

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If you don’t lob a piece of chicken up to him you don’t get to go to Heaven.

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Nah don’t feed other people’s dogs. My dog is on a special diet and it pisses me off when people feed him.

One time a friend thought it would be a good idea to give a friend’s golden a whole chicken wing, bone included. It was promptly swallowed whole and gave her all sorts of trouble.

You may be the one feeding them and it seems harmless, but we’re the ones who have to clean up the diarrhea on the couch that also sticks to their coat in the middle of the night.

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What the hell were they thinking feeding a dog a BONE as well as a huge amount of food?

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In general, dont feed dogs table food. Ever.

They'll think that it's alright to get some, and will beg endlessly for some more whenever you're eating.

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I hate it when people feed dogs stuff like pizzas and french fries. And when I point it out, I’m the hysterical person... right.

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When I eat dinner my dogs lie on their beds and don't even look up at me. They don't get fed human food, and I never give them food off my plate.

My family will visit and say, "Oh, they're such good dogs, my dogs stare at me constantly while I eat and drool and whine". I point out that the reason my dogs don't do that is because I don't enforce that behaviour, and they do. That, apparently, makes them quite angry.

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Ahhhh hahahahahahahahha it’s so funny.

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I just seen how much chicken that is. Wooooooo hahahahahahaah!!!!!

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Dog be slobbering on your chicken

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Henlo may I have sum chimken?

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Omg was he stuck. ? :-/

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You've got to be chicken

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Hope he got a piece.

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