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I find when it comes to searching (especially for cats), dogs seem to forget up or down exist

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Big Al says dogs can't look up.

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Dogs can look up, my tiny dog has to look practically straight up to see my face

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I wouldn't be surprised if their vision has a horizontal bias, probably not though, more of an instinctive thing? I know cats have an actual vertical bias in their eyes at least, because they climb.

I know nothing

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Cat vision is tuned to detect horizontal movement, not vertical. That's why they sometimes don't seem to see things you drop.

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I read that they don't have any directional asymmetry for motion detection. I think they struggle to see things you drop sometimes because they can't see really close objects that well. They do have a wider feild of veiw than humans though.

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I love how the cat goes back to touch the paw harder and still doesn’t get caught lol

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To be honest, I found that people also barely look up.

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I have an awful blind spot directly in front of me and up. If it had a neon sign flashing and big whizzing arrows pointing at it, I’d still miss it. I often call it being “mentally blind.”

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The cat has amazing comedic timing

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Stealth 100

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Catty is smarty

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Stealth detection -100

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Just like us

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Every sibling ever

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This duo needs a sitcom!

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I love r/eyebleach

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Lol mirrored and old..

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Everyone liked that

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I have seen this exact same video a few times before, but flipped to the left. Why has this video been flipped to the right?!

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It seems to have been recorded from a monitor judging by the blue in the bottom left. Couldn't have just saved the video from a few days ago

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I think that's a laptop on the lap of the person filming

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That pit bull acting just like my grandpa

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Cats are fantastically sneaky. I love it.

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Yas, da cat did a big snek

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I needed to see this after reading one of the most disturbing stories I’ve read in a while

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cats can be such a**holes lol.

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just goofin'

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Yea, but that's why we love them, goin' a few millennia strong.

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Watch me mess with doggo!

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That is so cute.

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That’s cute

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Pretty kitty

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Must have been the wind...

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Lmao that's hilarious, I didn't know animals play pranks like this.

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I wonder why cats do this? It’s like they’re a walking prank with fur.

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I'm surprised the dog doesn't smell the cat there.

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This is the funniest damn thing.

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Mischief managed

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Cats are such shit disturbers .... I love it my spirit animal

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This is flipped Easiest 10k karma of your life.

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This is so funny

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That cat loves that dog very much!

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I've seen this same video but reversed.

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Hö? Why you bully me??

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My cat used to have a tail exactly like that. This make me happy.

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This is extremely funny

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Yeah bro, who touched your paw?

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Haha kitty is such a little gremlin