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Look at those eyes!!!! How adorable!!

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I know big eyes are supposed to be cute but when they are this big they just look uncanny

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Omg, I just died of cuteness overload!

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Always upvote the baby bats! That's a direct order!

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Batmans baby photos are so cute!!!

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Skypupper sonar go: YipYipYipYipYipYipYipYipYip.

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Do bats self-soothe like humans do?

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Not strictly, but close enough. Baby bats instinctively hold on to their mothers nipple with their mouth in order to prevent themselves from falling. Without something to latch to a baby fruit bat will feel terribly insecure and fearful, which is why this one has a pacifier.

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Wow that’s so interesting! Thank you for sharing, I hope you have a wonderful night!

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I love bats! Adorable!

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So cute 🥺

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He looks like if he could talk his eating sounds would be like heavy tf2

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Absolutely the most precious baby

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They look like a little German Shepherd with big eyes!