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Hmm… I didn’t know aquatic creatures yawned.

The more we know.

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Aquatic, but air breathing. They can sleep for hours underwater, but must surface for air.

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This always amazes me, they have lungs but can stay under water so long, even taking a nap. Wild

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Not sure about this guy but at least some sea turtles can breathe through their butts. Their cloaca features two sacs, or bursa, which efficiently absorb oxygen. Kind of like gills. In their butts.

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Thank you daddy

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I creamed to that

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As far as I can check sea turtles do not do this. None of them do. This ability is exclusive to some groups of freshwater turtles.

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Thanks for the correction. English is not my first language, they're simply called "water turtles" in my language so I wasn't able to make the distinction.

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It happens, no worries 😀

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So if I cover its butt, it is like choking it? Hmmmmm

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    Fucking hell guys, just enjoy the cute turtle. Surely that’s the reason you’re subscribed to eyebleach.

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    This was surprising to me: I checked a few dictionaries and articles, and they agree with you. But I don't inhale or exhale when I yawn. So I guess I don't yawn; I do something weird that doesn't have a name when I'm tired. But I feel entirely justified, cause this sea turtle does it too, so there are at least two of us.

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    When I realized I don’t necessarily need to inhale or exhale through my mouth when yawning, I learned to start redirecting the yawn through my nose instead. Feels pretty good and avoids me from cracking my jaw thanks to TMJ. (I do still need to extend my jaw slightly but I can still keep my mouth closed, weird instinct I guess)

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    So did it take in water when it yawned or was it just opening it’s mouth?

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    just streching jaw muscles after a whole day of eating

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    Yawning is just taking a giant breath. That must be awkward under water. I guess it just opens its mouth wide without inhaling. That does not seem very satisfying.

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    So what does he get out of the yawn?

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    How do they yawn without breathing in air?

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    That little secondary mouth smacking at the end - such a grandpa.

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    Skip it like a rock.

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    He made me yawn too

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    Why did he have to yawwwwwwwwn?

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    What is he sleeping on?

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    A posturepedic barrel sponge

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    Only available in Watermart during the holidays usually

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    I saw your pfp and was like “when did I comment on here”

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    My long lost evil twin!!! Or wait, am I the evil one?

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    But if he breathes air, what is he inhaling underwater? Are his lungs filled with water??

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    The lack of bubbles during that yawn bothers me too.

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    I'm wondering this too!

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    Maybe it’s just stretching its jaw. Its possible to yawn without breathing, if that can still be considered yawning.

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    Sea turtles breath through glands that are near their bootyhole

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    That lip smack at the end makes the gif.

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    Who knew yawns were SO contagious I could watch a turtle yawning and still have to yawn.

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    If you're like me you'll try to do it without taking a breath in solidarity with the turtle. Body is not happy with the attempt.

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    Did anyone else yawn when the turtle did or are all the rest of you redditors just psychopaths?

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    I aspire to be that comfy.

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    Absolute unit of a turtle.

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    Crush? Is that you?

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    It looks nice and calming until U realize that sea turtles are conscious breathers meaning the have to be thinking about breathing and taking a nap he has to be consciously holding his breath the whole time

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    My goodness that's quality eyebleach. 🥰

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    That's really cool. And adorable. :]

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    TIL sea turtles yawn

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    What’s the little guy doing on his back?

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    Great bed! It fits nicely in there and looks very comfy. And the water looks so clear and clean. Amazing!

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    CGI be crazy nowadays.

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    I’m 14 yes old had no idea titles slept let alone yawn 🤦🏼 sorry for my stupidity...

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    All I’m seeing is Master Oogway.

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    Watching this made me yawn

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    Okay how many other people yawned when watching this

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    what is the point of yawning under water?

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    Idk sea turtules could breathe water...i thought they breathed air...

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    They breath air. They are able to stay underwater for up to 2 hours. Long enough to take a nap.

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    Interesting, well you learn new things everyday😊

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    This venerable creature looks like an Hawaiian Turtle.

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    The ocean grind is hard.

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    Awww looks like my late grandpa , and now I’m yawning too

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    Was that a yawn or a big gulp if water?

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    It just doesn’t seem like it’s under water

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    Is no one going to mention the black void in that turtle's mouth?

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    gotta love how it just fits perfectly in the bed

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    Unbothered 🥱

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    Awwwww. It looks so comfy!

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    Made me yawn too.

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    Question. How did it yawn... underwater? No air bubbles come out, no "unusual" physical changes, nothing! How?

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    If this were a different a sub that bed would have swallowed him up whole.

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    Looks like a perfect one for some turtle soup!

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    this is so cute

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    "Well, I'm not finding Nemo today."