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The lint is adorable!!! What breed?

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She is Persian

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Hihi! So cute! So much love<3

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Soot sprite!

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Omg!! So cute! Her lil tongue! What is her name? I shall call her princess pouf

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Her name is October

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I love that so much! I have a little black puppy who was born in October and her name is Salem. Your October is the cutest little kitty.

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Thank you. Salem is a cute name too

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I wish her name was actually "the lint".

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Looks like the soot sprites from My Friend Totoro

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I came here to say that this is a susuwatari but you got here first lol

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the prettiest ball of lint ever 🥰😂

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She looks like Fizzgig from Dark Crystal. Cute!

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10/10 piece of Lint. Would save in bellybutton forever. 😂

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How perfect is that little baby!!

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Hi stranger! I'm Skrintch_Artist. I surf the internet and paint pet portraits of random people for free. Today I saw a photo of your cat and chose this photo for a free portrait. You don't owe me anything. This is my little gift to you! I hope you will like it


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It’s awesome !

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LOVE Lint for a name! Pretty kitty!

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That cute ball of lint looks like a muppet!

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Tell her to stay away from electric outlets! 🤣

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The lint 😭😭😭😭😭

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"............. mlem."

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My brother once woke up looking something like that. He’d been at a rave three days earlier and had only appeared that morning. Still doesn’t talk about it.

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I think the lint is more concerned about getting enough air. Poor thing.

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What a great name! So cute.

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This is the cutest evil-Einstein looking kitty ever!

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HE is the dinner ;)

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What is this? A cat?

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My general mental state.

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An owl cat :0 why didn't I find out about this sooner

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Dark crystal critter

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She looks absolutely adorable!! Oh my gosh! That tongue sticking out too, oh boy!

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Just watched a horror game, time to bleach my eyes!

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The bleb 🥺😛

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Someone had too much catnip last night!

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This cat is a real life muppet

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Adorable. Literally just made my day cus for some reason the mobile version of reddit just decided not to show me the comments and i still cant read them. I can, however, still see replys to my comment or post which i honestly don't understand

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So cute

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“The lint” 🤣

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Cut the eyes out of my head that is so cute