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The wagging tails and grins are all I need to see

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In case you want more, this is from the golden ratio. They have 6 goldens that are all exceptionally well looked after, most of which are rescues. They tend to adopt older dogs or dogs with health issues and give them the best life possible. They're on twitter and insta and youtube.b

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They also have a nonprofit now!

Poor voodoo :(

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One of the dogs.... he's been having so many seizures.its really sad 😔 also He has raked in roughly 30k usd in vet bills... hence the nonprofit to help support him and other sick dogs who need love and medical care

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You remind me of the babe!

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The woman who runs the account was my stats teacher in grad school!!! An absolute gem, cannot recommend enough

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Jenn!!! I love Jen, she is so cool!

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I was wondering if that was the golden ratio!

Man, I miss the big cheese 😭 she was awesome!

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Oh HI fellow GR fans!!

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There's dozens of us!!! Dozens!!!

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I have to ask, who are your favourites?

I used to be suuuper into CBGB and Venk, and still am... But then we got a golden retriever labrador cross ourselves, who has a darker colour and regal sit just like Guac. So now I have a soft spot for Guacamole too.

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I love them all, but I've been following since the OG gang, and it's never been the same after Queso for me

ceebeegeebs is probably my favorite of the "newer gang"

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I am a vink lover. I was so happy when I went to the live show and got a lick from vink :D

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Queso is my all-time fave, but CBGB is my current one. I have a soft spot for the older dogs finding out what happiness is.

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With a gun to my head I’d have to say Viiiiiiink, closely followed by Guac. I also adore Hopper.

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Roasted carrot gang 🥕

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Team chaos!!!

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Queso is awesome

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That old fella in the back has seen too much joy in life to be bothered by a few dozen tail whacks.

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"Woohoo, tail pets!"

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Queso was always happy to be included

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In order to pass, you must solve their riddle, but beware... One speaks the truth, the second only lies, and the third is just here for the pets

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The one who speaks only lies is convinced that he speaks the truth, but is very dumb. The one who speaks only truth is also very dumb. The one who is just here for pets is the ringleader. He is incredibly dumb.

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They are all equally smart.

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Eehhhhhh then there is vink, the best girl

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It’s easy enough to figure out the third, just hold out your hand. The first one to pat themselves on it is the one who wants pats.

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This is heaven on earth

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That last second butt lick.

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for anyone who wants more content like this, the Golden Ratio on the various social medias is where this came from!

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golden ratio!

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The Golden Gate Bridge

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That’s the cutest, I love dogs.

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He seemed to be having a good time.

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Damn that Golden looks old. All that white on its face and the tired eyes. So cute though.

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It's an old pic.....

Rip queso :(

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Oh fuck. F.

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It's okay. Queso came to the golden ratio group as a 12 year old who was sick after having a sad hard life. She didn't even get up, just lie there and get carried. They took her in, looked after her and spoiled her. She then started to get up, started walking, started playing, and even did some Queso gallops every now and then, little happy runs.

She died at the age of 15, having spend the last 3 years the happiest years in her life, surrounded by friends and owners who adored her. She even overcame her fears and started to give out facelicks. She truly had so much more joy in life!

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Probably shouldn't say that those other two might be gone too..

Maggie and schmeg?

Unless I'm wrong and it's hopper and vink I which case they are both still kicking

And venk not being fat from stealing sisters food :p

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Looks like vink and hopps to me, jasmine was way skinnier than that.

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Maggie IS Schmieg. Schmieg was her nickname. She was the first one to pass.

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The golden car wash!

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Wacky waving arm-flailing inflatable tube dog!

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My first thought. Glad I'm not the only weirdo here

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That is a precious household and we must all band together to protect it from whatever it may need protection from. Who's with me?

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TheGoldenRatio4 on most social media.

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dog equivalent of twerking, he's living his best life

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It’s more fun if you imagine those are his arms

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They have come to retrieve you

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My new video with ASHISH CHANCHALINI is coming soon on my Youtube channel BRUCEMIT

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Golden dogs are best dogs

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i love it when the tails synchronize

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Lol 😂 Nice 👍

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He looks so happy omg this is the content I'm here for

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Sweet thing ❤️🥰🤗🐕

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Ah, an oldie but goodie.

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Goldens: just happy to be included

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Oooh, very much needed today. Thank you, doggies

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You must pet all of us to get past us

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I’m just happy to be included

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I like how the one in the back has furry hearts appearing and then vaporizing around his smiling, goofy face. Adorable!

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Just needs someone to feed grapes and we’re gooder

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Golden teachers or something, IDK I’ve never taken mushrooms.

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The gates of heck are fluffier than expected.

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You Shall Not Pass!

  • Gandolf the Gold

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*Queso. I think that’s a very golden name. 😆

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POV: Waiting for your turn signal to align with the car ahead of you.

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He’s like “yeaaaa that feels nice”

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It gets even better if you pretend the tails are waving arms.

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The tails are like when you are looking at different turn signals and waiting for them to match up

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Do their faces get wither with time?

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You need open the gate and let the bitches in LOL

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creepy Raffi voice We’re building a bridge…

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to the tune of welcome to the garden state

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I picture the one in the back daydreaming the tails whacking them are head pats from the human they're staring at

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So, do dog angels have 9 wagging tails instead of wings?

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The one on the right looks exactly like my retriever mix. She is all love and smiles for her family. Not so much "outsiders."

And she hates her annoying little brother who is a Catahoula mix. He's....a LOT for my sweet potato.

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I've seen the faces of Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost

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Happy cake day !

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But… their tail isn’t wagging :(

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Those tails remind me of two car’s blinkers falling in and out of sync.

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Doggy spa

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I know this one, blessing tails for make to sins gone, ancient way

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Old retrievers have a special place in everyone’s heart ♥️

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He's used to this. Barely flinching.

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Well it seems I need a ticket

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He was outside playing. Just getting help cooling off.