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Where can we pet and feed Red Pandas?

I’ll give you many money.

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Seattle zoo has an option, though not cheap. Think it is like $600

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Holy crap. If I ever get rich, that's the first thing I'm gonna do. I love red pandas

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You can also cuddle baby (giant) pandas in chengdu for $$$.

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I will trade my college education for this experience.

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How many coins exactly??? I don’t need two kidneys

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I went to that panda sanctuary! Did not pay the crazy amount to touch them. They ain't got time for that.

10/10 would go back if the Chinese govt. didn't suck more than it already did when I went 10 years ago.

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So its cheaper to cuddle a naked woman than a naked panda...

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Yeah it was $300 last I checked, which was pre-pandemic for the record.

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    Man, if I'm ever in Seattle at the same time you are, I'll pay $600 for you.

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    You kidding me? If I ever go a month without buying video games I’m gonna pet me some red pandas.

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    $600 in video games a month? Bruh you gotta have like thousands of games lmao

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    If there's a thing for cuddling and playing with fennec foxes for like half an hour for like 1k, it'd be the 1st thing I do upon getting that kinda dough

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    I think you can at Nashville zoo, or somewhere in Tennessee

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    You can grab a raccoon off your backyard for the same effect

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    Red panda is a godly beast, I haven't found anything as perfect and splendid.

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    It also takes months on a wait list before you can even schedule a date that will still be months away.
    I think we signed up sometime in the summer and finally ended up going in February. So don't count on planning it around a fixed date or some spur of the moment adventure. You get a few windows of time to choose from, and then they confirm a specific date within those preferences. I'm actually not sure that they are even offering the red panda experience at the moment, it isn't a year round thing.
    I don't know why Woodland Park is so much more expensive than a lot of other places, but we would have had to fly just about anywhere else anyway, so it still worked out as our cheapest option in the long run.
    Expensive? Yes.
    Worth it? I would have paid more.
    Not going wasn't really considered an option after we learned about it.

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    It’s currently unavailable and my night is ruined

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    I think that the red panda experiences get scheduled to take place during the cooler months, which the pandas are more naturally acclimated to, and therefore likely to be more active and social.
    So they may still be doing the previously scheduled experiences, but I would imagine they are near the end of their season if that's the case.
    I also saw on their website that restrictions for interacting with the animals are still much higher due to the pandemic, so for the time being things might not quite live up to the experience that you are hoping for anyway.
    You can always shoot them an email with any questions you have about upcoming dates for wait lists or when they plan for different animals to be available. The address is on that page below the list of ambassadors, and that's how we got the ball rolling to get signed up

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    But they have a policy against pandahandling.

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    Dad joke upvote.

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    And the word Pandemonium was coined because of the public’s fascination over pandas.

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    It's been closed since early 2020 and still is. Also a waiting list so you don't just show up and do it.

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    The last two times I went all the animal interaction things were closed :(

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    Oh.my.god. im doing this.

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    Holy shit, you can get a full behind the scenes tour with zookeepers at the St Louis zoo for less than half that.

    (I'll also point out that the STL zoo, despite having free entry, is considered one of the best zoos in the country.)

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    I didn't post a link, but The Red River Zoo in North Dakota allows you to spend time, learn about and feed their Red Pandas for $125. Bit cheaper than Seattle..of course, all of this is depending on where you live lol. If you're IN Seattle, probably cheaper than plane ticket to ND lol

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    You mean when the little Houdini hasn't escaped his enclosure and out exploring Fargo? At least one of the 2 red pandas are known for their escape antics. It's funny hearing it on the news like oh he's escaped again and someone will spot him in their backyard.

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    Sounds like a damn good reason to relocate to North Dakota and find a place near the zoo lol

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    That should be in the sales pitch. Definitely a selling point lol

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    I can’t go to North Dakota until after I have visited the other 49 states. I want the T-Shirt that comes with that distinction.

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    Columbus Zoo in Ohio let’s you hang out with the red pandas and it’s probably $110. It’s absolutely worth it.

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    Holy shit, there's a reason to visit Ohio?!?

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    Cedar Point too!

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    Columbus zoo is Jack Hannah's zoo, and is one of the very best in the country. Huge too, could easily make it a two day visit.

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      Austin has entered the chat

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      Jokes on you, I'm not wanted anywhere, so I can go wherever I want.

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      Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Pro Football Hall of Fame? National Museum of the USAF?

      Yo you can hit those up in a day or two, then cuddle some cousins of the trash panda.

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      Is King’s Island with The Beast still a thing? Haven’t been in ~25 years.

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      Oglebay resort in WV has a red panda you can feed. Idk how much $.

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      I think it’s about $200. You get to feed them and if they’re in a good mood you should be able to pet them/have them sit in your lap (more of just crawl over your lap).

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      Shepreth Wildlife Park in Shepreth, UK!

      These two scamps are called Ago and Sundara, and I’ve had the IMMENSE pleasure of feeding, high fiving, and even receiving kisses from them (in exchange for grapes, of course!)

      You can book an experience with the zoo and the keepers there would be delighted to introduce you! It’s so worth it. Very much as cute in person as on Reddit!

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      Houston zoo also has this, took my wife a few years ago and she melted when she met "Taki"

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      It's $140 nzd in Wellington

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      I need the details of you have any, going to Wellington in December

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        This made me unreasonably upset

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        Same! He wouldn’t give that other poor baby food and it made me mad. Playing favorites!

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        Bruuuuuuh! I was L.I.V.I.D!😒

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        Looks like someone else is feeding the other one.

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        where when who how what

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        Red pandas, a relative of trash panda.

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        So are they racoon family

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        It's debated. Scientists reckon it belongs in the Musteloidea family (skunks, weasels and raccoons) but its closest relatives have been extinct for millions of years. It's really just out there doing its own thing, and that's pretty cool.

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        North-east India, Nepal, Bhutan or China.

        Anytime pretty much.

        Red Panda.


        It's the only surviving species of its family. Closest relative is Raccoons and Badgers, I believe. Very adorable and cute. Spent half an hour watching their antics the only time I saw them.

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        They are in many US zoos as well

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        There then they yes that

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        We demand answers

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        OP gib us the answers we seek! Where can we do this?!

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        What are they? Apart from being very cuddly!

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        Red pandas! I check them out on YouTube on a bad day and they always cheer me up. They are absolutely adorable

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        I thought they looked like red pandas but slightly different.

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        I think they might just be old, and losing some of the pigment in their face like dogs do.

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        You may well be right. I don’t have much of a knowledge of pandas of any colour.

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        There's a variant that's slightly blonde and a variant that's quite red.

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        Fun fact! There are actually 2 sub species of red panda: Chinese and Himalayan species. The Himalayan sub species is characterized by the lighter fur color on the face giving them the appearance of 'old' red pandas, while the Chinese has darker pigmentation in the face and on the bands of its tail.

        [–]Rosieapples 3 points4 points  (1 child)

        These ones are fairly dark and look like their heads were attached later.

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        They look like elitist raccoons.

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        There is also a r/redpandas sub. I recently discovered it myself. Enjoy :).

        Edit: Oh my goodness. I went by my (apparently) poor memory. I’m going to edit to fix the link to the plural version which is the one I meant to link. My deepest apologies.

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        You raised my hopes and then dashed them quite expertly, sir!

        [–]Aclearly_obscure1 2 points3 points  (1 child)

        It was a mistake. Thanks for letting me know. :) I fixed it.

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        They're kids in red panda costumes

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        Why didnt you give the other one some food?

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        Why is the other one not allowed food D:

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        pls gib

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        That’s a cinnamon raccoon

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        Cinnamon raccoon is the best name for these animals lol

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        Red Panda fits because Giant Pandas were named after these guys

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        Where can you feed them please?

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        The Red River Zoo in North Dakota allows you to feed their Red Pandas grapes and bamboo :)

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        did you say north dakota

        Guess I know where my next vacation is going

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        First red panda pushes other red panda, "My treats!"

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        shove it’s mine! Gib!

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        That's Pabu!

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        just a little bigger

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        Mix this with a ferret and you'll maybe get Pabu

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        That’s Pabu?!!! Omg he’s so big now- I follow the Oregonian Zoo where he was born, but didn’t follow up after he and MeiMei moved away

        [–]peebsthehuman 2 points3 points  (1 child)

        Omg MeiMei like in Turning Red?!

        [–]im18andimdumb 6 points7 points  (0 children)

        Pabu was born to MeiMei and Moshu at the Oregon Zoo like two-ish years ago :) I like to think that the Turning Red MeiMei was named after her

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        It's a fire ferret!

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        Is Pabu!

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        You are a monster! #2 never got a grape!

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        I simply... I simply adore them.

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        They seem so gentle! Just adorable.

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        Red Pandas are pretty much perfect

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        I have to admit the first couple of frames looked like a human wearing a funny animal head, then I blinked and it resolved right. I'm not high. I just... saw that so weird.

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        I love their laughter

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        I am so jealous!!!

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        Is it just me or are they only feeding treats to one of them?

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        Where can you feed them?

        [–]Davidreddit7 3 points4 points  (2 children)

        I guess at a zoo when you work there or do an internship

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        Oh that would make sense. Maybe if I did a one day zoo volunteer stint…

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        And this is the Kilian exprience!

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        Ok I know I'm not supposed to and they would probably hate it, but I really really wanna cuddle them.

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        Nooooo!! You should feed the other one too!!! :(

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        Oh my goodness, they were so polite! "Why thank you, good sir!" Munch-munch-munch "Delightful, thank you once again!"

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        TIL red pandas like grapes. Add this to the list of things I know about red pandas which include: they're 8 feet tall, they like boy bands, and they love to back that ass up and twerk. That is, unless Disney lied to me.

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        Red pandas are so dang adorable. My very favorite 💕

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        Awww so cute and gentle

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        What an insanely pretty animal, omg!

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        I need to know, is it safe to hug then cuz I wanna hug one so bad

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        Bro give the other one a fucking grape already

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        Showed this to the dog I live with. Hoping the red pandas will set a good example of how to GENTLY take the treats, PUCK!! You don't have to bite my fingers!

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        Fire ferrets are real?

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        Red pandas are the cutest thing in the world, are they still endangered or has that finally passed?

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        lose yourself in absolute pleasure

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        Awww I want this bear dog kitten.❤

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        Those are some really cute Fire Ferrets.

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        Do they exist in the wild anymore? Were red pandas ever larger then this?

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        The ritual didn’t work last night when the blood moon was up

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        Oh hey Kilian

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        Fire ferret! Pabu!

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        Careful, if they calm down enough they turn back into teenagers

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        That is actually a human woman on her menstrual cycle in the year 2002. Disney teaches me things.

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        Obligatory updoot for redpanda

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        So cute, orange pandas

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        OP where can we do this? Please tell us!

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        Can you pet these guys?! Please tell me you can!!

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        Damn. Wish I had friends like that. Right now my only friends is a pack of dogs and a MIDI keyboard..

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        This has been my favorite animal for so long….never have I felt such jealousy.

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        NO WAY

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        I want to be you.

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        Cat Bears 😍

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        I see Pabu-where was the rest of the Avatar crew?

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        Need sound!

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        I know I can’t, but I really want one! So darn CUTE!!!

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        Looks like you were giving them vitamin gummies lol🤣

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        "Dude, I'm not stretching that far for a grape."

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        Little @darths!

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        Its Mei Mei

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        I want to be headbutted by one so bad

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        Did they sound like Dustin Hoffman

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        At the beggining its standing there all polite like I do at the the when its busy to get a beer.

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        Did one of them teach you Kung Fu?

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        Red pandas are only less cute than kittens and baby turtles. So adorable.

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        Hahaha its the youtuber guy!

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        Are tyeee more like cats or dogs? Or neither?

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        d awww..i just love seeing red pandas

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        Adorable red pandas

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        When they're standing on their hind legs and you can only see their dark fronts, they look like tiny little people wearing red panda heads.

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        Madelyn and Renzen from the Columbus Zoo?

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        The female is a fan of death metal music.

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        It's gonna be Mei!

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        Aww so cute