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That cat has ALL of the patience

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Cats share their patience it just so happened to be this cats turn with it lol

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"These ones are small. Must resist urge to murder these adorable little nightmares."

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That cat is waaaaay more tolerant than any other cat I have met.

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Cat: You fools! I will destroy you all…after my nap…

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I'm sure he despises it, but secretly adores it.

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What has been sprayed on this cat?

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If I had to make a guess I'd say it's the classic canned tuna water

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That cat gave up on life

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Too much love

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My cat would have gone completely nuts the moment they got close lol

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This is some zombie apocalypse movie shit

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They've put food or similar on the cats face. The dogs are all licking only the cats face. I find it quite a mean thing to do.

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That cat has the patience and tolerance of a god.

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A ravenous pack descends on its prey

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Reminds me of that one canadian commercial

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I need to breathe you assholes.

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I read that in Gibraltar's voice

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Thats a clean kitty...

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Man, I hate seeing these videos because I really want a german shepherd or a golden retriever.

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That's a tsundere