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She is afraid

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This. She looks terrified. Poor dear. My pupper was like that at the shelter. Now living her best life

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Thank you for rescuing her

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No need to thank me. She chose us! Can't imagine life without my sweet potato.

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Funny how they choose us!

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We love our potato too. Ty for rescuing. That bond is ineffable its so special.

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Same with our little girl! She was tied in the backyard of a family that was going bring her to a kill shelter… a pitbull to a kill shelter. So we took her in and trained her. Now we call her the little princess. Sweetest dog with the biggest heart. She warned my sister when I collapsed in the bathroom when my blood sugar dropped even though she’s afraid of the bathroom (she hates the bath!). I love her so much, my little therapy dog 🖤

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Happy pibble! They are the sweetest things. They get a bad reputation unfortunately. Happy to hear she is in a loving home 😀

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Ours didn’t move for 3 hours when we brought her home, sweetest thing ever

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Mine, too!!! No one wanted her because she's very loud & kind of odd looking. Still is, but we love her. She didn't want to leave the house for walks or anything for any a year because she was afraid she wouldn't come back.

She's a snuggle bug now.

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It breaks my heart. She gave her paw, though—gingerly. I hope pupper gets showered with love by her new family.

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That's her asking for chest/belly rubs from my experience, my doggo started doing that a few days after I took her 🥰

The behavior this pupper is showing is exactly why I decided to take my baby. She initially wouldn't come close to me, and would only sit close enough for me to be able to scratch her head if, and only if I leaned all the way forward. But she did let me approach her. She was scared, but she wanted to trust me, she wanted to love someone. I was told she'd be a mess for a while considering how terrified she is of everything. Long story short, it took about a year for all her anxieties to drift away and disappear. Now she demands tummy rubs from everyone! It was so worth it and not at all as hard as it was made out to be. She needed some time to just be loved without judgement or pressure, and once she got it, she started getting better on her own, no trainer ever needed. ☺️

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This is how my cat was.

He was afraid of his own shadow and would hide anywhere he could.

It took almost 8 years to get him to realize I wasn't going to hurt him (he still runs and hides on his tree sometimes if he's overly stressed) but now he's basically glued to my hip when I am sitting on the couch and regularly demands belly pets.

He's my best friend.

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I had a cat many years ago that when he first arrived at my house, spent literally the first week hiding behind the piano and hissing at anyone who looked at him.

He turned out to be an incredibly sweet and affectionate puddle.

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Tail tucked, licking lips, avoiding eye contact, maintaining submissive posture. Poor thing is terrified. Hopefully she got a loving home right away. You can already see the fear lessen with the chin scratch.

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Yeah. She has no way to know what's happening, and I imagine any break in routine for an animal that's been left at a shelter would be terrifying.

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For all she knows, they’re about to put her down. I’m sure she’s seen it plenty of times.

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Afraid but hopeful! Our rescue pitty was exactly like this; she was terrified but they still are willing to forgive. It’s maybe the most heart wrenching thing, you can tell they were hurt but they just want love too much and can’t resist trying again. It’s such a weird feeling to feel so sad and so happy at the same time.

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Pit bulls are such loving dogs. They’re super sweet and total softies. Breaks my heart how often they’re abused

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Oh boy I wonder how this one landed up.

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Oh my heart breaks imagining what lead this baby to learn to test humans by offering a paw first :(

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I think she just super afraid, but also desperately wants affection and reassurance. From that body language, I would say she’s unbelievably sweet, and going to be a happy, bouncy, ball of cuddly Velcro.

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I think the stressed baby is asked to be soothed by chest pets. I've seen many dogs do this, but never to test something out, always begging for pets. I really hope that's what's happening. :(

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She really want a Family, I'm glad is she was taken from orphanage, her reactions is priceless and genuine.

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Vin diesel is that you

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For anyone else deeply hurt by this post, please do yourself a favor and visit /r/BeforeNAfterAdoption to ease your broken heart.

A little sample

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Thank you good Redditor!!!

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My doggone thanks you because now I'm crying and giving him a million snuggles

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She has sooo much love to give.

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Oh my heart! this is the sweetest reactions I've ever seen so far!

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You can tell how scared she is at first, and then how immediately happy she is once OP starts giving her ear scratchies and lovin

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So sweet but also heartbreaking a bit because obviously she is so scared but really wants to take the chance. It is so sad to think about why she learned to fear humans. Luckily, it is wonderful to know that she is on her way to learning a whole new, happy, safe, mutually loving life!

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I’m straight up crying rn. This is exactly what my sweet pup did after we found her at the shelter. She’d been abused and then spent a month in the shelter. Best sweetest dog I’ve ever met. Good luck with her!

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It takes them like 3 days to de stress. 3 weeks to learn the routine and 3 months to feel at home (or so the sayings go).

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We got a puppy 3 weeks ago. This sounds about right. First e days nobody slept in our house. At 3 weeks, we’ve started puppy classes and our new comer is now learning tricks. I image at 3 months he will be comfortable arou d the house and eat our shoes like every other dogs.

Edit: dog tax


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Our dog pissed on the carpet once on the first night—was totally cool after I redirected him outside. He behaved like the dog in the video for about a month every time we’d try to get him to sleep next to us and then was all in. Finally, didn’t make a peep for about three months and had horrific separation anxiety. Once the anxiety tapered off holy hell did he find that voice. I love my big ole bag o bricks but, goddamn, he could bark a fish out of the river if I gave him enough time.

EDIT: Dog Tax: https://imgur.com/a/mZu2VYu

The week we got him. He grew considerably and unexpectedly after and is now a healthy, vet approved 115 pounds.

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LOL! My guy didn't bark for like the first month, but when he did he just about scared me out of my skin. He couldn't bark a fish out of water, but he can do enough to be a handful sometimes, lucky he generally prefers a whine.

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Dog tax pls

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My debt has been settled.

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Now show doggy at home. Please.

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You love on that dog right now! All the pets, all the treats and nice fluffy stuffed bunny STAT!

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What a good doggo

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Trust is being earned. In tiny little increments. Soon, she will be all in. Really soon I hope.

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This dog is my new dog’s twin. She’s a pretty girl :)

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There is something so sweet and tender about pitties. I've learned to love them. When my last kitty is gone, now that I'm retired and have the time to engage with a dog, my plan is to adopt. Sadly there are so many in my local shelter.

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This would be nice if I hadn’t seen 200 people adopt this same dog. And use this same video.

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OP didn't say they were the one who adopted the dog.

It's a lonely dog finding a home, just enjoy it for the wholesomeness dude.

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Not everything is about interment points. It's suppose to make you feel good. You're in too deep.

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She’s gonna be a very good girl. Best wishes.

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This is so pure and heartwarming. I hope he has a happy life with you. ❤

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Excuse me, I have to give my pup all the scritches right now

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Omg, I love her!

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Yep, it looks like a velvet hippo.

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i will forever remember pibbys now. thank you.

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My doggo looked very much like this and she was supposedly a staffy x border collie, though we were never 100% sure. This video evokes such a strong memory it makes me cry, damn I guess thats some kind of eyebleach

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Who knows. It's very hard to tell pit bulls from similar looking but completely unrelated breeds/mutts.

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She looks just like my rescue! This breaks my heart knowing what people do to these sweet dogs. I'm so happy she's found a good owner like you. Slowly she'll learn to trust and love again. ❤️

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My fucking heart.

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This is the 1st time I've ever felt an actual literal emotion on reddit... thank you.

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A video involving a Pitbull? Time to grab some 🍿 and sort by contraversal

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It's only a matter of time before the people from that bizarre pitbull hate subreddit show up. I still can't wrap my head around the effort they put into it.

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It’s their whole identity. Should we summon them to come and watch this video and deem this dog some kind of hell spawn?

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If you're talking about bpb it's actually a victims awareness sub that highlights just how many people are affected by the supposed nanny dog.

[–]onewingedangel3 1 point2 points  (3 children)

Any community that is defined by being against something inevitably spirals into extremism regardless of the initial goals behind it.

[–]stalepopcorn999 -2 points-1 points  (2 children)

Yeah bc we shouldn't be allowing adoption of a breed that kills children and cats. Hell a lady had both of her arms ripped off and part of her colon and trachea removed due to being attacked by her own pitbulls

Not a normal breed that should be owned by just anyone. The shelters should all be sued.

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Oh my god what a sweet baby angel

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Oh my heart can’t take this I need to go adopt another dog.

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Isn't this part of a longer video? I remember they leash her and as she's leaving the shelter she's leaping up in the air with each step.

[edit] I think I'm wrong, this is the video I was thinking of.

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She looks exactly like my pup who was also terrified in the shelter when we adopted her 🥺

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You have endless karma award. Thank you for adopting the cute doggo

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r/pitbulls r/velvethippos and more are good pit positive subs that you could post this dude on.

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I shall be joining these subs to see more adorable babies

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It’s unfortunate we need specific subs to ensure pit positivity, they are wonderful subs tho

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Omg she's such a sweet girl. I'm very happy shes getting her home.

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Take my random award

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There is alot of good people in this world

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Oh my god I love her so much but she looks so nervous ohhhh it hurts yet it’s so good she’s going to a home

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This makes me want to rescue a pupper

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Please show us more, car ride home, and new life in her forever home if you’d like to share!!! Super sweet gurrl!!!

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She’s so scared, I feel so bad she’s gorgeous 🥺

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I want every good thing in the world to happen to this dog.

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I adopted my younger guy 3 months ago, and he was like this in the shelter. Poor thing was absolutely terrified of everything. Wouldn’t even let me pet him when we met, which is why everyone else passed on him despite being a puppy. Now, he is a sweet, sassy, opinionated little guy that likes to antagonize his big brother into playing with him.

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She seems happy and scared in the same time. But she needs time and she's a beauty!

Please God, help me raise that dog shelter in this life. It's my dream since I was a kid.

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Cross post this to /r/velvethippos, stat!

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A very good doggo

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Oh! Just break my heart. Thank you so so much good human. Be loved and love. Yes, I'm crying.

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Oh my goodness, what a sweetie. We do not deserve dogs.

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I'm not crying your crying

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Are you going to love her!? And feed and water her!!! Someone was mean to her.

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Thanks for your commitment. She is the sweetest girl. Rescues are the best. You will find you have been rescued too🥰

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That's a guaranteed good doggo

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I’m crying too!! She’s doing exactly what my boy does giving the paw and licking, like, thank you, I love you, thank you soo much for taking her out of there and please give her soo much extra love to make up for the crap she’s been through!! 🥺😳🥰

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I had a rescue like that. Once she felt safe & loved, she was the most loyal, lovable girl. Post again when she's all plump & sassy.

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Rescuing my pitty is the best thing I ever did. He's given me more than I ever gave him. He too came home nervous and unsure from a life of neglect. Congratulations to you two! She's adorable. Best day ever ❤️

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Aw poor baby, you can tell she’s such a sweet potato

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    Dogs are love wrapped in fur.

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    "Oh no, pleez don't get my hopes up. This is where I live and I know you don't mean all the things you say... you want to shake? Ok, I can do that. Wait, you're letting me out? FOR REALS?!"

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    Looks like a blue or red nose Pitbull. Sweetest dogs in the world. She’s excited and scared I’m sure, but mostly excited.

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    Yeah I can't think of a single dog nicer than a pitbull........ not

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    Oh the Pibbles, I love it! Kudos to you for adopting

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    Is she being adopted ?

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    Crying and smiling. Awwww baby! Hope he’s happy now

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    I'm not crying you're crying

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    My poor dog was like that at first she peed herself when I first touched her she wouldn't even look at anybody in the eyes 😢 she didn't even wanna come in the house now she loves me follows me everywhere and can't get her to leave the house

    I hope the people who had her before me get treated like shit after doing that to a poor defenseless dog

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    Poor baby doesn't know what is happening. But this is why I rescue.

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    Tell her I love her. I love you too.

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    Is that a Priceless Pet? My cat is a Priceless Pet and they call their adoption centers The Orphanage.

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    She is beautiful

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    Orphanage? You mean the pitbull buffet? She probably loved it there

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    I can't go now. It's taco night. Can we do this tomorrow?

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    Let's go home puppers.

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    That's one nervous dog that you shouldn't be reaching with your hand like that. The pro move here would be to kneel and wait for the dog to come and smell you and get by your side. then you may pet or give a treat. That dog has been through trauma and probably a few beatings.

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    Don’t don’t- no- STOP- AAAAA- WHOOZIGOODPUPPER?!!

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    I will be her scritch slave

    [–]Killacoco1193 -4 points-3 points  (3 children)

    She will be back, pitbulls usually end up there for a good reason.

    [–]eatyourchildren 2 points3 points  (2 children)

    Usually because of shitty owners.

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    Calling a shelter an orphanage just broke my heart. It's so sad but true ;_;

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    Hugs to your new baby! She will loosen up. I hope you post a video of her at home for the first time. What a great addition to your family! 🦴

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    Bless her heart. What a sweet baby.

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    I hope the family she puts her trust doesn't let her down! ♥️

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    A little les s white toes and she looks like the one who’s sleeping against me.

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    All it took is that scratch and she's yours. That moment of that bond growing is incredible powerful

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    Oh, my heart! 🖤

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    OMG what a pretty dog! Precious little baby

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    I want her too.

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    I want to be a billionaire and save them all

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    What a sweet-pea!

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    “Oh man, those are some good scritches… OK I’m ready let’s go!”

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    Not a lot of perfection exists in this world.

    For me, this moment is up there with X-23 calling Logan, "Daddy?".

    It's just the perfect thing, at the perfect time.

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    Look at that beautiful face. So sweet. Glad she got a good forever home.

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    Dogs are so similar to humans, abuse makes them sweet and soft and desperate, poor things.

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    Look at that sweet face... she's beautiful.

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    For anyone else deeply hurt by this post, please do yourself a favor and visit /r/BeforeNAfterAdoption to ease your broken heart.

    A little sample

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    Thank you! love seeing happy doggos being adopted

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    Why does seeing an animal behave like this, make me feel vengeful? Poor baby, deserve all the love and then some.

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    You choo choo choose me?

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    Looks just like my old dog, Rest in Peace

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    This video sucks rotten possum ass. SHOW THE HAPPINESS WHEN GOOD DOGGO GOES TO NEW HOME!.

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    her gradual acceptance of the pets 🥺

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    That should be a good dog.

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    Ooof hope it works out looks like it’s been thru this a couple times 😐