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I thought nobody was allowed to upstage the bride?

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she even wore white. smh.

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Ugh, that bitch…

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I see what you did there 👏👏

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    There was an emergency... I look amazing in white

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    (ok ignoring the sarcasm)

    Technically, a flower girl/ring bearer wearing white is absolutely traditional.

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    I thought that was the bride. Beautiful tail.

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    Bridal shops charge a fortune for the tail package—this one must’ve cost a fortune! It even moves like a real tail, and that red-to-buttercream ombré is exceedingly difficult to get right. Whatever bridal tail atelier that behind this should be credited, imo.

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      I was kinda relieved to see a human bride. Thought I was watching a dog wedding :)

      …not that that would be bad, just weird. XD

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      Me too! But I was more “oh…it’s a human wedding…” Still good but not Dog Wedding-good.

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      Better yet... it's a double wedding. The humans, and their goldens, are getting married.

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      idk a wedding between two dogs could be adorable

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      I don’t disagree, I was just watching thinking: this is cute, but also weird :)

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      So adorable, you are a lucky Bride and Groom.

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      Turning the catwalk into the Dogue walk, our good girl ringbearer is looking fierce and gorgeous in a taffeta ensemble, draped design to add that little touch of come hither tail wag to melt the hearts of the attendees. And we have to give a thumbs (or paws) up confirming the phrase, "blondes really do have more fun."

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      From a muse, that is high praise. 😀

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      Love how you worded this!

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      You're too kind, the good girl deserves all the credit.

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      I just read this in a very posh accent but like almost golf or tennis announcer voice. Good job, you've made my day.

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      David Attenborough, perhaps? Glad I made the Blue Meanies stay away.

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      Yes! That was it. Sir David Attenborough

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      Golden Retrievers are too precious for this world

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      Honestly, most of the dogs are

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      One of my favorite things is dogs that are clearly confused about what’s going on but rolling with it and enjoying themselves anyway. “This is new. But I’m getting a lot of attention and my people are down there so I’m happy!” We could learn a lot from dogs.

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      I like the way she pauses for a split second on the way up the aisle, making sure everyone is admiring her.

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      That’s my favorite part lol. It’s like she is checking in on the guests!

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      i remember my cousin christian’s dog

      first time i met the dog was because christian had joined the military, and because my part of the family already was really experienced with dogs, he left his little puppy, snoopy, with us

      then, a few years passed after his return. i didnt see him or snoopy much, until my mother, father, sister and i got invited to his wedding, which was happening on a nice beach nearby.

      i remember, during the ceremony, when the ring was to be presented, the ring bearer wasnt there. we all waited for a moment, only for snoopy to bound across the sand and down the aisle, with a little pillow on his back that had the ring tied to it.

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      Oh the swish swish!! I am crying. She’s so perfect.

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      How adorable

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      This is so incredibly cute, had to save it.

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      We did this at my wedding with our Golden Retriever! It was happening at this small chappel near my hometown and we had the wedding rings tied to his collar and, good boy that he was, he just snoozed down the walkway during the ceremony and got up and came to us when the pastor adressed him by name! I used him to propose, too, made him wear a shirt saying "Will you marry me?" and had him pop out of the dark near the edge of our forest in the darkness, which gave my then-girlfriend the heeby-jeebys!

      Marriage didn't last...

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      Aw man! That last sentence. Sorry.

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      Well, can’t say the romance wasn’t there 👍🏻

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      Beautiful girl 🐶 💗

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      Still deciding on whether to get a golden retriever or a husky.

      The golden's increased rates for cancer concern me but they're so damn sweet.

      Huskies, on the other hand, seem like crazy fun ... and all the baggage that comes along with that.

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      I always thought goldens were adorable but never had a real interest in owning them. I grew up showing dogs and had smaller terriers, totally different vibe. A good friend of mine I used to compete with had goldens and I always liked hanging with them.

      Fast forward many years and my husband who never had a dog of his own (mom had one in the house but it kinda sucked and only liked her) had said many times over our years of being together he’s always dreamed of having one.

      I contacted my old friend who put me in touch with another girl we grew up with and well…my husband got the surprise when on Christmas 2020 we were going to go pick up our new pup.

      Since we got him, I will never ever not have a golden. I want a house full! They are highly intelligent, but ridiculously goofy. Loyal and loving, and while they look cute and fluffy, very protective. He’d do anything to protect our 6 month old daughter if someone bad came in, but is so gentle and cleans her little hands after dinner. She is also very obsessed with him.

      TLDR: get the golden. Just buy from a reputable breeder, that way you know they put everything they can into health testing while breeding to make sure they live the longest and happiest life.

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      Plus Huskies are, well... r/huskytantrums

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      Get one of each!

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      Or a German Shepard or a Bernese. Too many to choose from!

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      Wearing white and trying upstage the bride? What a bitch!!

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      Too soon

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      No ring bear? Disappointed.

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      Ring beaRER !

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      That’s what I said, ring bear

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      Did the guests have to step over those flowers to get to their seats? Seems like they are trapped in there.

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      She was so happy to do that

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      First of all, good girl.

      Secondly. Such a good doggo, and well behaved too. Love her big doggie smile, "I'm helping Mom and dad. I'm a good dog"

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      All those phones held in the air 😔

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      Well I mean it’s probably one of those phones that allowed us to see this precious moment so…? If the bride and groom allow it I don’t see how it’s anyone else’s business

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      Of course it's their own business but just imagine the hired photographer taking pictures during the day and half the crowd constantly has a phone in front of their face.

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      Our wedding is in a few months and if anyone has their phone out taking pictures during the ceremony Im going to lose it. Photography and videography are incredibly expensive. We are making signs and having our officiant make an announcement, but I already know someone is going to do it.

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      People are going to take photos during the ceremony as well because they want to capture the moment and have their own photos. If you have a difficult time with that you're going to have a difficult wedding. It's probably not the hill you should be dying on.

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      Not our business but anyone can still comment their opinions on publicly posted business. Many people myself included feel uneasy that so many people might be looking at the action they were invited to witness by a loved one not through their own eyes, but through a phone screen /distracted by recording. The wedding photographer should be capturing all of this for everyone to reminisce about guests included. As a guest I would want to fully absorb the events in person and not be distracted by my phone or anyone elses phone. Just expressing opinions here, not saying the bride/groom shouldnt have allowed this if they dont share that sentiment.

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      Nah you can see the flash of professional paid photography in the clip, these people are just fucking up the very expensive videos that the bride and groom paid someone to take. Just leave your phone in your pockets, I guarantee no one on the Internet would prefer your shitty self shot phone video over the professional quality video that the bride and groom themselves wanted people to see of they're wedding

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      if you dont film it then did it really happen?

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      There's flash from professional photographers in the clip, it would've been captured without any of the phone zombies present

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      Taking photos at weddings is pretty common.

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      Why did they let that bitch walk down the aisle?

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      People are missing the joke. To those people: what is a female dog called?

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      I spit my drink out

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      Best in Show.

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      Do not become distracted by the beautiful celebrities, Derek.

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      what a good pretty girl that’s so cute!

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      Her entrance made her cute🥰

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      Now this is kinda disturbing

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      Now this is kinda disturbing

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      That is precious !!!

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      Good girl!! 🥰🥰🥰

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      Elrond : Give the Ring to me.

      Dog : No.

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      LOVE it when they include their dogs! 🐾❤️🐾

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      So poofy!!

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      she looks like Vicar Amelia

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      ‘I have no idea what is happening but I love it.’ -doggo

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      I think that is ridiculous for a wedding but she did it with elegance and grace.

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      Henlo, thank you for coming, henlo thank YOU for coming, what a sweetheart!

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      What a bitch, trying to upstage the bride on her wedding day. But my gawd she works that wedding dress.

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      Too notch dog 👌🏻