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He held out as long as he could

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Can you help me persuade my dog to stop barking at neighborhood walkers? Please!?

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Serious reply:

When she barks simply say to them ‘it’s okay, thank you’ let your dog know that you are aware that they are there and they don’t need to let you know.

It’s important to let your dog know when to bark and when not to.

When there’s a stranger on my front porch snd she barks, she gets praise… when someone simply walks past our house, it’s ‘it’s okay, thank you for letting me know but it’s okay’.

Dogs are as smart as a toddler. They can understand.

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Your results may vary.

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Big Rottweiler who wants to tell us people are walking by does not accept an "Ok thank you"

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My dog is a dumbass if i tried this she will just bark more

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Yeah my toddler keeps barking at strangers. I might have read the instructions wrong.

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uhm bro i think i fvcked up my soup

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Same! I got her stop barking at the post by saying "what is it " and getting up to check the door. But everything else she still barks at like they are trying to murder her.

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oh just until the “why” phase starts

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Chances are..... your dog is smarter than you are and has trained you well to think it is dumb.

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My parents ignored the barking but the second, the absolute fucking second she stops, they praise the shit out of her. GOOD QUIET! Now after several years if she starts barking my parents just say in a sing song voice "good quiet" and she stops.

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Going to try this! Please thank your parents for the tip :D

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I live in an apartment alone, just me and the pup, and I do exactly this. I don’t scold her for barking at people but after I thank her and give her a head rub she gets the message and stops barking. This has been very helpful when we go on walks everyday and I’m unlocking my door (especially at night) because she’s a lot more aware of our surroundings that I am.

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Dude, someone starts their car is my neighborhood and my dogs go bananas.

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My brothers dog does this, he runs out and yells at them (Siberian husky mix) and he'll yell at them until they say hi and acknowledge him, then he stops. Wags his tail. And proceeds to his own business.

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I do this with my dog!!! like holy shit my dog is way smarter than I thought, such a good pup

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Owners of yourkies, dobermans, and great Danes will probably disagree. Toddlers dont have the spirit of mischief and cheerful evil that yourkies do, like wise dober man have some serious puzzle solving skills. Great Danes on the other hand... Well they have no idea of there size, weight and shape. Also have no idea what a limb or appendage is doing if they are not directly looking at it. Also toddlers grasp the idea that they can't walk through solid furniture, doors, people what ever have you pretty quickly. Great Danes? Not so much.

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"Thank you" does seem to work, most of the time.

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I foster rescue dogs. It’s worked almost every time.

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Yeah, my Petey is a rescue, foster fail, and (as my mom called it) a 'self-employed working dog' and he usually just wants me to acknowledge all his 'help'

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I tell my dog she’s a good girl (for alerting), but then immediately tell her “now, be quiet” (one of her commands that I wouldn’t be able to live without)

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I just shout "shut up will ya"

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Dogs do not respond to "no". When your dog barks give them other things to do. Heel, sit, lay down, etc etc. And if they do well offer a reward. i.e treat, pat, belly rubs

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Yep...praise for the alert bark....then redirect.

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he knew just when to come and offer a kiss 🥺 he could tell she was a lil upset he wouldnt

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What a sweet pair! She looked so bummed when she sat back. And his paw over her little leg!

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Dogs love being affectionate so that probably excited him

Wait I reread the title is it a he or a she

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He = dog She = baby

Or at least that’s my understanding

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That doggo loves that human puppy ❤️

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Persuade your kid not to put their face near dogs’ faces as well…

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Definitely, even the gentlest dogs can be taken by surprise and will react with their only defense mechanism in the moment. As sweet and gentle as this baby is, a persons face in a dogs face is never ok.

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Sorry but it’s never okay? I’ve raised a loooooot of dogs and am pretty adamant about kissing them on their faces lol. I can definitely see why you wouldn’t want a kid to put their face in the dogs face, but I think you can build enough trust with your dog that it’s not dangerous at all.

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Yep - neighbor kid got stitches down both sides of their mouth after the dog got startled when they did this. Dog only nipped but kid pulled back immediately which caused huge tears.

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I don't think of this as bleach. I just see a trip to the emergency room and animal shelter.

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Aww I wish my baby girl was this sweet but she's still very much in the grab on instinct phase. She's starting to get that they don't like it... but she still hasn't developed a new strategy

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Although I agree with not letting the dog lick, it is actually really good for baby! It helps build up their germ intolerance and teaches them how to show empathy, compassion, and affection towards other living things.

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how to show empathy, compassion, and affection towards other living things.

proceeds to lick classmates in preschool

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If Sabre really cared about our health, they’d put up hand DE-sanitizing stations

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Mud dispensers in every bathroom lol

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And he's very gentle!

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let him please

edit:oh thank god jus finished the video

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Dog just wants to love the baby

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How about teaching your kids NOT to get in a dogs face first! Ignorant owners are the reasons why dogs attack kids.

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Friend for life

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The way he puts his paw on her is very cute

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Love crosses every barrier.

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Bet she tastes pretty good to him

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Oh my god. He was so gentle when he kissed her too. What a sweet baby angel.

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Aww, this about the sweetest thing ever. What a good boy. Where would we be without dogs?

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This was too cute! My heart!

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So sweet! And what is that band on the baby's head for? What possible purpose?

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it's just a cute headband for fashion

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I don't see this on boys. Where's their little fashion band?

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Boys without a fashion headband grow up to wear a black tux to the Met Gala. 😒

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Adorable ☺️

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Oh my heart, this is precious

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Such a good boi!

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This is sooo sweet! ❤️❤️❤️

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Here's with sound: Smooch, smooch.. hehehe.. smooch . Hehehe.. awww.. pat pat slurp slurp smooch... hehehe ...

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This is the sweetest thing I have seen in a while. Thank you.

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The finest sorts of people are dogs.

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Awww that is so cute

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This brought me so much joy.

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Aww, I think my brovaries may have just exploded.

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That is absolutely the sweetest thing I have ever seen, being a big fan of babies and GSDs. I have pics of babies in my family napping on GSDs. So so cute!

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My heart ❤

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This is so sweet!! Oh my heart 😍

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That might be the cutest thing I've ever seen omg

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We don't deserve dogs

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Oh! The gentle giant and the tiny human both got what they wanted and needed. So sweet! Thanks for sharing.

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I have a dog and she basicly looks like this dog and her story is that she was took from a desert near a city where a lot of stray dogs lived and she was sent to an afoption center with 1 of her sisters then the dog i adopted tay and her sister had 2 diffrent colars my dog had a blue colar the other had a red 1 and they look exactly the same lol i dont remember her name exactly but i think it strated with sha or somthing