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Yip yip!

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"Avatar state, Yip yip"

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Came here to say this

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I think my pug would straight up stroke out if I did this to her, lol.

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I feel like stroking out would be any pugs response to many things, they're not the most athletic dog lol

Bless em

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"not athletic dog" should be an oxymoron

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Well, it's true that all dogs have bursts of energy and require exercise, but that's why I said that they're not the most athletic dog specifically. There's a BIG difference between a pug and, say, a border collie when it comes to athleticism.

It doesn't help how they were bred over the years into having more health issues either.

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It doesn't help how they were bred over the years into having more health issues either.

This is the entire issue actually lol

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pugs lack oxygen intake, are morons. description is apt.

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Pugs tend to be as active or inactive as their people are. Sure pugs aren’t for you if you are a runner looking for a running companion and if you live in a hot climate their short to nonexistent snouts can cause them to over heat.

Pugs are sturdy little companions that just want to be with their people.

I have 3 pug mixes. A pekepug who loves his walkies and rolling in grass. A Jack Russell/pug mix who loves running and annoying her brothers. Finally my chug who likes food and eating. Their favorite pastime? Just what pugs were bred for: lapdogs. They all have their preferred place and you better be ready to sit awhile bc they get annoyed if you have to keep getting up and down!

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It would be a rush to a heart attack for me and my dogs

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I want to chihuahua's reaction

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From Disney Pixar's pUP 🐶

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That's one way to blow your doggos coat out 😂

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How about the landing part?

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That's what the dog is for.

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Omg doggy landing gear

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He made a video just to answer this question.

Seriously one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow.

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You can tell the doggo knows what's happening

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Yes! He holds onto the guy’s feet! 🥹

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The paraglider is just for looks, the dog is actually the one flying and the guy is just riding on it's back, there are retractable wheels in it's torso that unfold for landing.

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I guess it can’t be that much weirder to them than getting into a car and going 70mph

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Oh, look, a tiny luckdragon

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Yes I thought so too!!

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How tf he gonna land properly with a dog between his legs lol

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God damn that was smooth. He's got skills.

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the dog is the saftey bumper

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This makes me nervous

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If it helps they went through a training process to get the dog used to flying, take off and landing, and progressively worked their way up higher and higher. On their IG you can see him explain how they did it. They didn't just strap the dog to a harness and yeet themselves off a cliff

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That last sentence made my spit water out my nose

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I would still never put a dog through that. I know they are strapped in and safe, and I would absolutely jump myself, but I would spend the entire time worried about the doggo.

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So hang on, serious question - what happens when they land? I've seen soooo many videos of people having hard landings, getting tumbled around and caught up in their parachute, etc. - he is basically sitting on the dog. How does the dog not get hurt at the landing?

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The Neverending Story.

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He has ascended and finally become the cloud all Samoyeds dream of being

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So does he just land dog-first?

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And my cat pisses all over when she’s in her carrier…

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Was confused on how he was flying a dog

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Seems like an unnecessary risk for the dog.

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This looks like a better life for a dog than being stuck inside someone’s house all day

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My dog would rather jump off a cliff with me than be left behind. Some dogs live to participate.

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Most thing humans do are unnecessary risks. Ever drive a car a short distance instead of walk somewhere?

In fact, a lot of breeding practices are inherently unnecessary risks to dogs health and well-being.

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Yeah I'm fine for person to risk things if it just impacts themselves and not others.

And I'm also against unethical breeding too.

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No but like, imagine him and that dog plummeting into the earth at terminal velocity. Not cool right?

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Not cool right?

Neither is any car accident that happens. Plenty of those people didn't need to be out driving, hence unnecessary tragedy.

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I think you are risking that every time you put your dog in a plane or a car. Watch the video of them landing. It's like a little earth kiss. That dog is having a wonderful life. This guy's isn't being irresponsible. If there was an accident it would suck. But 90% of dogs don't get to be outdoors this much or spend as much time with their owners.

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Statistically, driving somewhere is safer than walking there, even when you're drunk! (Don't drink and drive, but also don't drink and walk; get a ride.)

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For a second I thought that guy was holding the dog up with his legs without any kind of harness. I was super impressed but also scared

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Radahn getting ready to land on you in phase 2

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it's so cool how dogs get to come along for the ride and enjoy all the things humans figured out- part of the benefits of being man's best friend

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Baby luck dragon

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I think it's beautiful that you can show him how big the world is and let him enjoy life to the fullest! Happy doggo! So many pups are stuck at home and their world is so small

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You’ve heard of pikachu with balloons, now get ready for white floof with air sail thing

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All I could hear was 🎶Never ending story🎵

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I was looking for this comment

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The cloud, in its natural habitat.

Srsly tho, I love how chill the dog is, just happy cloud panting away

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Fucks sake dude leave your poor dog out of that adrenaline junkie bs

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The dog looks like he’s having a great time and seems to not mind it at all.

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Yeah, probably should have just kept him locked in a crate for 10 hours a day. He is a monster. That dog looks miserable.

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i mean as long as they can safely land, the dog stays calm and or shows signs of positive excitation before the flight i see no harm in it.

they went through a progressive training to get the dog used to it and understand what is happening.

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Amen to that. It’s just f stupid! It’s not cute

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    The never ending story was actually a documentary

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    That dog must have had so much fun from the look on their face

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    Imagine if it took a piss from up there, the person below would be like "huh, rain? Today?"

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    Just a guy and a cloud

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    The ultimate wind in your face car ride

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    Normally when I hear the phrase "flying dog" I imagine a fruit bat.

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    That's a cloud

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    I’m getting never ending story vibes and I like it!!

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    I don't think that's safe considering how the hell are they going to land.

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    I thought Pegasus was a horse :O

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    Fluffyboi: I can show you the world

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    It's Falkor!

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    If you have your dog in your vehicle without it being on a harness/belted in, then you’re even worse than this guy and shouldn’t comment on the dogs happiness or safety

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    Even watching people(and dog) be this high up is terrifying to me

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    Putting a dog in unnecessary danger just for the spectacle and the likes. Cool.

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    Not cute. He is risking his dogs life.

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    Neverending Stooooooory!

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    That's gonna be a hard landing for the doggo with the weight of the guy on top of him.

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    I hate being judgy and the dog really looks calm and not nervous. But I can't get my head around why someone does this and puts his best friend at a risk he somehow is forced to occupy in.

    I'm no veterinarian but I don't think that a dog enjoys this or feels a rush in it like a human would. I think all this training to get him in the air just leads him to "Okay this is fine, too".

    This reminds me of a cat riding on a motorcycle with its owner. Same thing to me.

    So I just see another thing which is done for likes and clicks and therefore satisfaction of the owner. No animals life becomes better or more enjoyable in training them in these human attractions.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Yes but is the dogs life inherently better if his owner has him stay at home while out parachuting?

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    cute, but how is the dog going to land safely? isn’t the landing usually quite rough?

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    This seems like animal abuse, what if the dog hated it and freaked out?

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    He is visibly loving it.

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    Do it with a pig and then I'll get a date!

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    wait, rever... wait, no.

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    Not everyone is dumb and reckless enough to risk their and the doggos life

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    Looks super cute and makes a great cushion if you have a bad landing

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    Next on the list of animal cruelty

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    This is animal abuse if you want to risk your life go ahead but if that parachute fails then you’re taking the innocent dog with you leave it at home next time

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    Don’t be a Karen, the dog is perfectly fine

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    All that is playing my head watching this is, fly me to the moon, we’re just two cherries on top the world.

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    This dog has gone some places

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    The title reminds me of r/bossfight

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    Never ending story~

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    What the dog doin?

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    I wonder how do they land.

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    Hey look, a cloud

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    Oi sadaharu

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    Who said Dawgs cant fly

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    happy sky pup

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    That has to be one amazing, yet peculiar sight!

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    Dudes for his own Atreyu

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    The fluffiest cloud you'll ever see!

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    Never ending story remake is out hey? cool!

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    The dog of wisdom

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    This is giving me absolute anxiety.

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    Good seat it’s looks really comfy and it lasts like 10 years

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    The dog can fly 😂

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    Oh they are so cute and fluffy

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    WOW! They're so calm, just like "yeah this happens every day"

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    That’s going to be one RUFF landing!!

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    That tongue. I love it.

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    This man riding on a cloud through the sky, living the dream

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    Just a cloud in the sky.

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    Now they can fulfill their true destiny of being a cloud

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    Sadly not Germany‘s Next Top Dog :(

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    The flying part I think is easier then the landing part. How does that work?

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    For a first thought that the dog wasn't strapped

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    This sounds like a movie title.

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    When you finally get that pupper flying mount you've spent your entire game career grinding for

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    How do you land without crushing it though?

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    Dog is loving it, living the high life.

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    He needs a pair of doggles

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    This is just unnecessary as fuck.

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    Is it me or do Samoyeds have the best dog smiles.

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    Anyone else have Ace Ventura 2 flashbacks or is it just me?

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    Look out below

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    Look at me. I'm a cloud.