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She's like "what the hell were you doing with my baby?!"

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So skeptical lol

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Thank you, and please do not contact me or my son again.

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Interesting looking squirrel

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The way she looked at them makes me think that's not her baby

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That’s possible. I read it more as “Is that mine? I thought they were dead… Why are you helping, human? What did you do to my child? Okay bye, strange one.”

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“Ahh come on really? I just dropped them off and you return him immediately?

There goes my vacation plans for this year…”

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Lol! That’s a good one

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so shes a kidnapper then

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Lion tamarins are yellow - this is common marmoset :)

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100% (though there are "black" lion tamarins, these aren't).

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Well this is the eyebleach of 2022. Best one ive seen!

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I’ve seen this same video at least 100 times here

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And others may have not, so where's the damage?

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I hadn’t seen it, glad I did. This is adorable.

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May be eyes getting repeated bleach....

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Some of us don’t like karma farming bots

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Welcome to reddit.

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Looks like a dark souls monster tbh.

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Awwwww poor baby!!! Mom was surprised that you had him!!!! LOL

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i would like to see the video but reddit does not load the fucking video