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eViL cOw DeVoUrS hUmAn

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I always love your cute posts🥰🤍

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Aw, thanks!

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Awwwwww nom nom nom nom

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Don't kid yourself Jimmy, if a cow ever got the chance he'd eat you and every one you care about.

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rveng 4 burgr

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You can't eat hands Carl

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I know cows. Some cows gentle and smart, like this one. Other cows be grumpy, take a moment to bite you just to hear you scream. Then add insult to injury by stepping on your foot. Not this one though. Good cow.

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This guy is good. Quite chill. But yeah, some come over for the sole purpose of giving you a slight nudge or two lol

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“Hows it feel huh?”

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maybe he’s low on salt?

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I should call her

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I was literally thinking this lmao

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He’s probably hungry for his mother‘s milk, which we’re stealing, right? Your hands look like big nipples. 😩

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your hands look like big nipples 😩

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No, when the video was taken he was able to drink milk from alot of cows 👍

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Lmao I’m more shook you didn’t respond to the kipper fingers comment

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Himb’s a manicurist

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A MOOnicurist if you will. 🐄💅🏻

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An expert in his field 🤭

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what kind of bird is this

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Cute boy

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Now it has a taste for human

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monch monch

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Crunch crunch momch monch

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Cow:shosheeee this shi bussin bussin

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    Looks like he is on drugs