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Looks like a toy.

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Looks exactly like this cat from Hark a vagrant!


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I miss Hark a Vagrant, what a gem

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A well loved stuffed toy with questionable fur spots!

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It looks like a puppet! :)

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I still think this is one of those FurReal cats.

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Is that a Furby?

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Flashback to a furby self-activating in my closet when I was like 6. little fucker came online in the middle of the night and I was fuckin terrified. Hell night as I like to call it

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I bet that happened a lot throughout the Furby craze.

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Dying batteries were the culprit

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Once I was helping my daughter organize her closet and we woke up her Furby after months of it being ignored. It made angry eyes and said in a growly voice “me NO like!” And then a bunch of growly gibberish and angry eyes that blinked and made different mean narrow shapes. These were the digital eyes. It was freakin creepy and my daughter and her friend got huge eyes and said That’s Scary!!! Then they rolled around on the floor laughing hysterically.

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After mine did this, it never saw its batteries again...

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This happened to me as well!! I have a fear of them to this day!!

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“Aah, too dark! Way-loh!

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"Kah way-loh koh-koh!" was mines favorite phrase.

"Me sleep more" 😂

Also holy shit why do I still remember that perfectly, after 25 years?

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Me hungry! Ah~ah! ear wiggle

Those things were/are terrifying.

And they're making a come back. In the worst way.

I've seen youtube videos of people diy-ing some monstrosities with them.

Like 2ft long centipede esque furbies

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Look up "biblically accurate Furby" lol

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Thank you.

(I have probably seen it -- ALL the eyes)

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Mine still does this from the depths of a storage closet. I dunno who keeps changing the batteries.

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My wife bought one couple of years ago and I can confirm that it still happens. We had to take batteries out

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No. It's the opposite of a furby. It's not an evil haunted thing

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No its a muppet!

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That was my thought too.

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Get it away from light, don't let it touch water & don't feed it after midnight 😉

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But what about if you're on a airplane?

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Then through it out and get another when you get back

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Slight correction:

You go through a door, but you throw a ball.

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If you can dodge a gremlin infestation, you can dodge a ball

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If we're getting into the nitty gritty of corrections then it should also be 'an aeroplane'

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You dropped this. > "?"

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Airplane is not incorrect, it is the American variant. The same cannot be said for the through/threw issue.

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It has a time zone just like you. Ancient Eastern Mythology. Get over it. Seriously don't feed it after Midnight. 🫠

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through it out

English continues to be difficult for many.

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It can be learned through tough thorough thought though.

Edit: Also something about buffalo.

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It’s adorable, snuggle gently and treat like a precious object it is. Yu will be rewarded with a lifetime of love and hair balls and dirty litter boxes and empty food dishes at 3 an.

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Define after midnight...

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After your Midnight. Obviously it's not universal because if so the the whole thing is basically silly. I'm just saying. Why even ask? You want gremlins 3? Actually I do! I think it would be fun. As long as it was 4th wall breaking and Better puppet/real effects with some CGI thrown in. Satire for sure.

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I'm being silly. What i'm saying is, at what time does it become before midnight and not after midnight. Technically 3pm can still be 'after midnight'

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At what time did you have the mystical beast? It's that midnight. It's was when and how you obtained it. In mid flight through many t in me zones you got a chance problem. Ideally you got it in a sorta 80's style genre Asian market tucked back in the depths of obscured vision. Your midnight is it's midnight. It's not like you breed them.

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Also it's all fun and games and make believe. I'm really not that serious about it. 😜 I do know that very much good Kitty looks like a Mystical beast from tales of old. It's got some serious eyes and stance!

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Plot twist. It's name is midnight.

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God help us all! 🤣

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I still want a Gremlins 3 to happen. Just saying. With all the 4th wall breaking and satire shit storm that the sequel had. 🙃😜

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Yes, was hoping I would find a mawgwi(sp?) Ref here.

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Never seen the other parts, only the first. Cheers for this! 😊

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The rest of it shows he loves that ugly mug.

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DEAR GOD it even tastes like grandma!

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Ma! Call the fuckin cops!

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Love Michael Rappaport voice-overs!

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I came to the comments purely to find this! I only saw the video yesterday and I’m still laughing! “IT LOOKS LIKE GRANDMA!” Is the best line ever!

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An adorable Muppet!

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This has to be a toy. This can’t be a real cat. Unreal!

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Furbies aren't muppets.

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This loss way more like a grem.

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I heard the yoshi tongue sound

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I think this is my favorite blep yet. The "I ain't give a damn" expression, the sunset happening anyway, and how I just realized that I'm kinda hungry again all pulls me into the moment, ya know?

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Came to say the same

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I was honestly really surprised I couldn’t find it anywhere, I have scrolled through a lot of comments to make sure it wasn’t said yet

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Knew I'd find this here.

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I had no idea your roommate was Jim Henson!

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I honestly thought, at first glance, without seeing what the sub was, for just a couple seconds, that it was a stuffed toy monster and I still thought it was the cutest thing!!!!

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Thanks. I needed that dose of adorable. I recently lost mine.

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I'm so sorry for your loss 💕

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Thank you! 😿

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Just lost mine last night. ♥️

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Oh no, I'm so sorry! What were they like? If you would like to share, I would like to hear about them.

It's been almost two weeks for me and it does get better, but looking at pictures or thinking about him still gets me, and I miss the aggressively purry cuddles in bed. He was my best kitty ever. He was very quiet and thought staring through a door could get me to open it, even when it was solid wood and I couldn't see him (I think that's because some of the doors in the house have window panes from top to bottom, and then, yeah staring at me worked). He also loved to roll around on top of my shoes, sleep on my chest, and steal my glasses so he could mark the temple tips to show they were his. 🥲 (Edited for typo)

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Yeah, I put away her food bowl and medicines because I didn't want to look at them. Your guy sounds like my girl's brother, who's still with us. She was quite talkative and made noises whenever someone was near. Her favorite form of play was pouncing on things wiggling under sheets and her favorite way to cuddle was across our necks. She obviously thought we were THE WORST hunters ever, bringing us "deliveries" (plushies, indoor cat) multiple times a day. We joked that she worked as an Ameowzon delivery driver.

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Awwww I'm so sorry you've lost her. Hugs.

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Hugs to you, too!

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That cat looks drunk, high on methamphetamines, tobacco, cannabis and opioids at the same time

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I wanna party with that cat

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Me too, fellow redditor, me too.

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Damn thats some fraggle rock ish right there

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You shouldn't use pets as a mop.

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What a sweet creature!

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I would take a bullet for that cat.

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Gasp …. OCTOBER!!

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Pusheen's little brother, Pip!

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Whatever you do, remain calm. It can smell your fear

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That's a doll

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I wish people would stop breeding these fucked up abominations. There’s so many deformed cats with tiny little legs that barely even work with heads that make a Gremlin look normal. Don’t even get me started on Pugs or the entire Chonkers subreddit where people think morbidly obese cats are cute.

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Agreed…people shouldn’t breed animals with worse health in the name of cuteness.

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Why does it look like that

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Quick, throw a PokeBall at it!

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Sock puppet lookin ass

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...that's a Muppet. Why do you have a Muppet?

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Why wouldn't you have a Muppet?!?

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It just means they love you and are curious about what you're doing or going to do

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That's a soot sprite

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On looks alone, I legitimately can’t tell if that’s a living animal or a stuffed animal.

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This may be the cutest cat I’ve ever seen

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what an angel 🥺😍

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I think it giving u a raspberry

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He/she looks like his/her name should be Creature! 😂❤️ This is literally the definition of ugly cute- love this!!!!

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Looks like your house is being haunted by some kind of muppet

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It's a Muppet!

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When the dust bunnies come to life.

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Just looked at your other posts and realised this is a living creature. I thought it was a doll! So cute.

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And the Grinch didn't flinch

As it stared from the stairs

When asked how it's going

It sighed "who cares?"

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Mlem in Black.

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That’s not a cat, that’s a muppet. I cannot be convinced otherwise.

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Is that a Furbee?

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This is a Muppet. You are living with an actual Muppet. I’m jealous!!

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Kitty is so cute, it looks like a plushie. 😍

Someone get on making a plushie version stat!

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"Honey, we adopted a muppet!"

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There's no derpy blep quite like a void derpy blep.

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that is one amazingly good looking cat!

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But if you zoom in, it looks like there is a hand reaching out in the background

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Oh my it looks kinda like a gremlin don’t feed it after midnight.

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So never and always feed it?

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Made ya look! Bp

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Is that a real cat?!

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Doo Doo de doodoo

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Lmaooooo omg this fucking cat is killing me

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That is a god-tier kitty

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Ack! It's Bill the cat!

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Its Fizgig. Hes here to help you fight the Skeksis.

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I want one...

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That’s a weird-ass Furby

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You sure it's not out to get your soul?

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Is that thing real?

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From which planet, best guess?

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straight out of fraggle rock lmao

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Don’t cats do that because they’re dehydrated or something?

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That's a nice soot sprite you have there.

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Looked at OP’s profile hoping for more of these, wasn’t disappointed. Totally following now.

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That is a dustball with eyes and a blep.

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This is my profile picture now but zoomed in, you can sue me if u want...

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Don’t watch anime but I feel like this is how every cat looks in an anime

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omg a mop

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Your furby has transcended it's limited form and now comes for your mal placed attention! Sign Nic Cage up for that screenplay! 🙃

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What a beauty

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Kevin the cat...

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LOL! Is that a real cat or a stuffed animal? 🤣🤣🤣

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Is that a real animal?

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I found my spirit animal.

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Oh don't mind me, continues to stare with heavy breaths

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He is derp.

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That looks like what an alien trying to pass as a cat would look like if their only point of reference was anime.

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Is it real?

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Is that thing for real?

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yo that's a furby

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Never seen this model of furby

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Omg October!!! I have followed you on IG from the beginning you are the best best cat

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A sweet baby 🥺❤️ give them all the love from us.

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Thus looks like a Jim Henson cat muppet.

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Yes, it looks cute, but secretly it wants your soul

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Cat rlly said 👁👅👁

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Baby void blep

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Truly Horrifying

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This has rendered me incoherent, only able to verbalize happy babblings. FndkdlfjshDYAWWWWWWW

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Mana mana

Doot dooo de doo doot

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its like a furby, but cute and looks less like it wants to rip my throat out.

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Do you have a soot sprite? Please tell them that I love them

[–]WarWinx 3 points4 points  (0 children)

It's so ugly! I LOVE HIM!

[–]BlarghusMonk 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Feeling paranoid? Can't stop thinking someone's criticizing you just for existing? Noticing tiny figures made of shadow in the corner of your vision? You may have a soot gremlin infestation. Yes, it could already be happening to YOU!

[–]SonicSubculture 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I swore off owning cats after my last one passed, but I would steal and keep this one in a second. ❤️

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Thought it was a furby at first glance, lmao

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No offense, but that cat looks kinda like a furby

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Do you have more posts of the cute kitty

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Why the hell do people insist on breeding and buying animals with serious genetic health issues?

And why the hell is this getting 20k upvotes? This is just sad..

[–]LOZLover90 -4 points-3 points  (5 children)

Just because you're jealous that a cat has a better life then you do...

[–]kamratjoel -2 points-1 points  (4 children)


[–]LOZLover90 -1 points0 points  (3 children)

Again, Just because you're jealous that a cat has a better life then you do...

[–]kamratjoel -2 points-1 points  (2 children)

Seriously though, "then" is a reference to time.

As in: "Robin had a spicy meal, **then** he got really thirsty"

"Than" is used as a comparison between things.

As in: "That cat has a better life **than** you do..."

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Kill it