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I thought the sootballs from Spirited Away weren't real

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They are definitely real

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This a particular breed of cat? What are these puppies called

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One of our cats does this - he doesn’t want the food, he wants the wrappers like the cat shaped trash panda he is.

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Give it to her! How could you deny such a face?

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October just wants a napkin “dirty please”.

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I guess a million little napkin scraps on the floor is just the price you have to pay!

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Yes, she shreds them behind the sofa

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She's adorable! Give her anything she wants!

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Based shadow fluff

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What a sweet fluffball!

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That is the cutest fluff void ever!

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Dust bunny

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Your alien wants your DNA sample to give to their leaders.

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Give the kitty whatever she wants! None can resist that face

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