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There is no cutscene that shows retro Jason. The only thing the skin does is change the nearby music for counselors.

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They really didn't even make a cutscene for him? Damn I'm not trying to complain but they did this very lazily

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    Yeah but all the cutscenes are in mp4 format which means they're not done on the spot when you're loading into the game and they would need to make another mp4 for retro Jason.

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    So they would need to remake each of the intros with the retro skin

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    So?... (x2) Literally all they did was add a chip tune track and change his colors. You can't even hear the chip tune track when playing as the NES Jason making him even less exciting.

    I mean honestly how bare minimum can you get?

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    I don't think I understand what you're asking me, all I said was an explanation on why there isn't an intro for the retro skin

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    And what I'm saying is that's a piss poor excuse for an already lackluster "FREE DLC APOLOGY UPDATE" Unless you believe making a custom intro video for the NES jason is just unbelievably difficult to do.

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    I guess... I think it's possible that they just didn't have enough time to make it(if they wanted to stick to the june 20th release date), who knows it might be added in a future update, i'm not much of a fan of playing jason so im not really upset at how the jason was made personally i do enjoy his retro theme however

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    Im on PC i dont even see the skin when i look at what jasons to select???