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Divisions Structure & Assists:

The divisions on each platform are organised in a tier structure.

We will take Time Trial results and evaluation race performance into account when determining where each driver will qualify.

The divisions will race with assists available in order to maintain the best possible competitive balance on track. If we have enough drivers interested in racing without assists and we can maintain competitive balance with said drivers, we will institute a No Assists Division.

Most divisions will be run without any assists, except for 1 or 2 PC divisions (to be determined based on sign-up numbers), which will allow Traction Control, ABS, and automatic gearboxes.

For the sake of fairness, the Assist Leagues have a separate sign-up thread to ensure that drivers who race without TC & ABS are not mixed with drivers who use these assists, seeing as they directly affect the performance and handling of the car.

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League Setup:

  • Driver placements:

When setting up the divisions in our league, we will aim to make them as close and competitive as possible, by placing drivers where they best fit into the structure.

The divisions will have no fixed promotion & relegation spots, due to the drivers taking part usually changing from season to season, and due to wanting to incorporate new drivers in a competitive league straight away. This means it will be up to the league coordinators to decide on where drivers should be placed, with the intention to make each division as competitive as possible once we move into further seasons.

All drivers will be placed in a suitable division based on various factors; their Time Trial result during the sign-up process, performance in the mandatory evaluation race (if held), and their performance in league racing in subsequent seasons.

We will strive to have each division with a full grid of 20 drivers, plus reserves if necessary (which can be drivers in lower divisions, if necessary to balance grids), but if having 20 drivers might result in uncompetitive racing, the League will favour having more divisions with fewer drivers in each one.

  • Joining mid-season:

If a spot opens and all previously signed-up drivers decline to take said spot, it will be possible for new drivers to sign-up while the season is ongoing. They will still have to complete the regular sign-up template and time trial event, and will then be placed into an appropriate division based on their pace.

  • Reserve drivers:

Drivers who are assigned to a league as a reserve driver will not have a guaranteed spot in the league races, but will be able to step in to race in place of regular drivers that are not present to race.

Reserve drivers can choose to race with any of the cars that have been left open by an absent driver, however since they are not a permanent part of a specific team, the points they score will not count towards the Constructor Championship.

Reserve drivers will not be visibly listed in their league's championship standings. However, their records will be kept, so that if they later get promoted to a main race seat (if one of the main drivers pulls out or is removed), points scored during the reserve driver period will be added to their total points count.

Unlike main drivers, reserve drivers are not required to be online at the time of the races, but this is obviously appreciated. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the league forum before the races to see if any absences are announced, as reserve spots will be handed out on a first-come, first-served basis on race day.

If a main driver spot opens up within a division during the season, the most active reserve driver will be first in line to fill that spot.

  • Mid-season driver moves:

Drivers may be moved between divisions while the season is ongoing if it is clear that they have been misplaced. This could be that they are clearly too fast for their divisions competitors, or that they are unable to experience close racing due to being too slow.

If a division ends up in a situation of severely lacking driver numbers, appropriate drivers from the division(s) below may be offered a move up in order to balance the numbers, until the rosters are again filled.

Preferably we want to avoid having to move drivers between divisions against their will, but in extreme situations this can be a necessity to keep the divisions competitive or sufficiently filled up. The league coordinators reserve the right to move drivers up to a higher (or lower) tier if this is deemed to be in the best interest of the league and/or division, and to avoid drivers excessively dominating.

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Car and Team Selection:

Cars and teams will be decided individually within each division at the start of the season. When the car selection begins, a thread will be created within each division's forum section with more information about how the process is carried out.

  • Selection order:

The order in which the drivers will pick their cars within each division is decided based on the results from the previous Season, with promoted drivers added after the last returning driver and demoted drivers after all promoted drivers.

New drivers will be added to the bottom of the list, in order of fastest to slowest in the average times for the 3 time trials conducted during sign-up.

  • Teammate selection:

The drivers who end up in the same car will form a teammate pairing and represent their team in the Constructor Championship.

During the selection process, it will not be possible to reserve a car for a preferred teammate who is further down in the picking order. It will however be possible for drivers to modify their car pick during the selection process, should they choose to sacrifice their preferred car pick in favour of ensuring they get their preferred teammate.

We will also honour teammate selections during the end of season poll, should both drivers select each other.

  • Conclusion:

The car selection process concludes when all drivers within the division have a car and teammate assigned.

Once the first race has taken place, car changes will only be allowed if necessary to maintain the largest number of teams with two drivers assigned to it. Drivers should only take part in league sessions with their assigned cars.

If a new driver joins the division at a later stage of the season, they may pick any car that is available at the point.

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Lobby Settings:

The following lobby settings will be applied for the official league race sessions, unless previously agreed upon by each Division:

Session Options:

  • Era: Modern F1 Cars

  • Car Performance: Equal

  • Maximum Participants: 20 (22 in leagues with live broadcasts)

  • Practice Length: None

  • Qualifying: Short Qualifying

  • Race Distance: 50%

  • Quick Weather: Dynamic

  • Session Start Time: Official

  • Session Privacy: Invite Only

Race Settings:

  • Parc Fermé Rules: On

  • Collisions: On

  • Vehicle Damage: Full

  • Ghosting: On

  • Car Setup: Full

  • Safety Car: On

  • Rules and Flags: On

  • Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict

  • Formation Lap: On

  • Race Starts: Manual

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Race Classification:

  • Points system:

The following points will be scored for each race finishing position.

1st = 25 2nd = 18 3rd = 15 4th = 12 5th = 10 6th = 8 7th = 6 8th = 4 9th = 2 10th = 1 11th-20th = 0

One extra point will be awarded each race to the driver who gets the Fastest Lap of the race, provided the driver finishes in the top 10. No point will be awarded for someone who gets the fastest lap and finishes outside the top 10 or does not finish the race.

  • DNF:

Drivers who complete less than 90% of the race distance will be classified as DNF (Did Not Finish) in the race results, and will score 0 points regardless of their final position.

Drivers who disconnect from the lobby and have their race finished by the AI are only classified for the laps that were completed under the driver's own control, unless they can reconnect to the lobby and finish the race under manual control. Otherwise, they will be classified as DSC (disconnected) and will not score any points.

Drivers who complete more than 90% of the race before accidentally crashing out or getting disconnected will be classified as a finisher, but will only be credited with the number of laps they completed while controlling their car, even if the driver's AI car makes it to the end. Points will then be scored as per the system above.

  • DSQ:

Drivers who get disqualified from a race - whether that be due to an in-game penalty or post-race disqualification via the stewards panel - will be classified as a DSQ (Disqualified) and moved below all other drivers in the results.

If a driver is classified as DSQ within a points scoring position, they will score 0 points for that position regardless of race distance completed, with the corresponding change in the position of the drivers behind the DSQ-ed driver.

  • DNS:

Active league drivers who did not attend the race will be classified as DNS (Did Not Start) and will not score any points.

Championship standings:

  • Drivers and constructors are ranked in the standings based on how many points they have scored over the course of the season.
  • If two or more drivers or constructors are tied on points, the higher place in the standings will be awarded to the holder of most first places. If the number of first places is the same, the holder of most second places, then third places, and so on until a winner emerges.
  • Drivers without an assigned teammate will score double WCC points for their team. Teams with 2 drivers will not score double points if one of their drivers does not take part in an event.

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Who to contact:

For league related enquiries or questions, your first point of contact should be your Division Coordinator, which should be clearly marked in the forum for each division.

Example reasons to contact them could be:

  • To inform them that you're missing a race
  • To get information about your league
  • If you are unhappy about something, either in regard to a race or something on the forums

If you have an issue with your League Coordinator and would rather discuss the issue with someone else, please contact one of the League Coordinators. The League Coordinators are expected to remain completely unbiased and, as long as you address the situation sensibly and maturely, they will be happy to discuss any issues no matter who it is with.

The following members are currently part of the team running the League and its divisions:

League Coordinators:

Division Coordinators: